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On Saturday 21st April, Bensons for Beds’ newly-reopened Wednesbury store played host to a very special afternoon. Arriving in her gigantic storytelling skirt, Teletubbies actress Nikky Smedley settled down to share her favourite bedtime stories with an excited audience.

The wonderful world of reading

Most parents will agree that getting our children to pick up a book instead of an iPad can be a real challenge in today’s tech-focused world. This is especially problematic just before bedtime, when the stark light emitted from most devices has been proven to disrupt natural sleep patterns and keep minds active.

Reading, on the other hand, gets our little ones using their imaginations. It can be wonderfully educational, helping to expand their vocabulary and open their minds to new thoughts and ideas – with the added bonus that it’s likely to make them drop off sooner rather than later.

A magical afternoon

It’s because we’re all about getting great sleep that we invited Nikky to join us in store for a truly special storytime. She’s particularly passionate about inspiring kids to be creative and to express themselves – having worked with children for over three decades, and staring as LaaLaa in tots’ television favourite The Teletubbies.

Taking place in our specially designed kids area of the store, children and parents gathered around to hear an eclectic selection of stories. Among those in attendance was blogger Gail of and her son Finley. Gail said Nikky’s soothing and inspiring voice captured his attention immediately, and that she loved how Nikky got all the children involved by acting along to her stories.

Fellow blogger Emma (MrsShilts) said her two boys couldn’t wait to hear Nikky’s tales, while Holly (Little Pickle’s Mom) absolutely loved the new design of the store, and managed to pick up some home interiors inspiration in between stories. Lucy from also dropped in with her two kids, and gathered around Nikky’s storytelling skirt for an hour of interactive fun.

Throughout the afternoon, Nikky shared a range of stories including favourites like Crikey Eyes, The Monster Tree and What Shall We Take? While the kids were busy getting interactive and using their imaginations, parents dropped in at our designated coffee zone for a chat, before browsing the store’s extensive range of furniture.

Reflecting on the day, Paul Simpson, store manager at the Wednesbury Bensons for Beds said: “We’re delighted with how well the event went today – Nikky was fantastic at keeping the children engaged and they loved the storytelling.”

With young minds inspired and plenty of fun had, the day was a fantastic way to introduce our new-look Bensons for Beds Wednesbury store.

Bensons for Beds

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