What does your bedroom colour say about you?

Did you know that colour is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when designing your bedroom? Colour affects the psyche, your mood and, more importantly, your sleep and wellbeing. Below we take a look at a series of popular colours and try and give some clues as to what those colours say about you and your bedroom.

White – This can be a perfect colour for any bedroom, especially when complemented with a few well-placed colourful accessories. But what kind of person would choose white walls for their bedroom? An extremely tidy person apparently, who likes order and precision. In short, it’s someone who feels like they’re in total control of their life. They’re focused on their goals and values and won’t be distracted by other things. However, it has also been said that white walls can signify that you’re in a transitional period and are waiting for a significant event to take place in your life.

Blue – The colour of the sea and the sky produces a sense of serenity. It has a calming effect, making it ideal for the bedroom. People who choose this colour value their bedroom and see it as a haven and a place to unwind from your day. It also emphasises your sophisticated taste and says that you like order in your life. Interestingly, it’s also claimed that this colour can prevent hunger and delay nightmares.

Red – The colour that screams passion and shows you to be a person full of life and vigor. A person with a red bedroom is said to be forward, brash, compulsive and courageous. It also says that you’re incredibly friendly and love being out and about socialising. It reflects your ambition and love of surprises too, as well as that little bit of a temper everyone knows you carry.

Green – Green, like blue, is calming. It’s a colour that soothes and mellows out the owner of the room, making it great for bringing on sleep. Green also signifies a person with a calm demeanor and, unlike red, shows you’re a person who’d prefer a night in with friends than a crazy night out on the town.

Brown – A colour found everywhere in nature, people who are drawn to this colour tend to love the great outdoors and are just as happy camping than being in their bedrooms. Brown, like green, says you’re a calm person. However, there is another side to you that’s more intense, there are rare occasions when you get angry and, when it happens, it takes you a while to let it go.

Yellow – The colour of sunshine… yellow makes your bedroom bright and happy all year round. Lean towards this colour and you’re supposedly a positive, energetic and cheerful person who has no trouble concentrating on tasks. But be warned, such positive attributes can also be a little overpowering for the people around you.

Know the meaning of any other colours and what they say about people who add them to their bedroom? Share them with us today

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