Which bedding type is right for you?

Bed sheets are an important investment that can make your bed much more cosy. However, that all depends on the type of bedding you choose. Get it wrong and you could be itching and scratching into the early hours, but get it right and you’re most likely to fall soundly asleep night after night.

Here are some tips from us here at Bensons to help you choose the right bedding.

Bedding materials

100% cotton

This bedding is more breathable than many other bedding options. 100% cotton can help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. The material lasts for years and, due to its manufacturing process, is easy to wash and care for. You can find 100% cotton bed sheets within our bedding range.


This material is usually an equal mix of polyester and cotton. This type of bedding is well known for being available in a huge assortment of colours, plus it’s easy to wash and requires little to no ironing. Bonus!

Genuisa cotton

Grown for longer than traditional cotton, geniusa cotton has a longer and finer thread that create luxurious, smooth bedding that feels similar to silk.

Egyptian cotton

Famed for its softness and durability, Egyptian Cotton was introduced to that country in the 19th century, though its plants were native to the Americas.  With high-quality fibres and a high thread count, it’s a supremely comfortable choice.


Derived from the flax plant, whose blue flowers signal fine cotton, and white ones promise a coarser material, linen feels cool in the summer and gets softer over the years. A linen-cotton blend is more affordable and generally easier to care for than 100% linen bedding.


Sounds strange doesn’t it? But bamboo is actually a great bedding option as it regulates your body temperature while you sleep. When blended with organic cotton it’s also naturally resistant to bacteria.
We’d love to know what bedding you use.  Are you loving linen, or backing bamboo – or perhaps looking to change materials?  Leave a reply below, and let us know!

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