Why we can’t resist that doughnut when we’re sleep deprived

Can't resist that doughnut?

Can’t resist that doughnut?

A poor night’s sleep leaves you far more vulnerable to temptation, researchers say.

Those who fail to get enough shut-eye are more likely to opt for sweet treats like doughnuts and also gain more pleasure from them as well.

A team from Columbia University in New York found the brain’s reward centre was more likely to light up in a study participant who was looking at unhealthy food if they were sleep deprived.

Study leader Dr Marie-Pierre St-Onge said: ‘The same brain regions activated when unhealthy foods were presented were not involved when we presented healthy foods.

‘The unhealthy food response was a neuronal pattern specific to restricted sleep. This may suggest greater propensity to succumb to unhealthy foods when one is sleep restricted.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2158628/Why-resist-doughnut-sleep-deprived.html#ixzz1xkj4IOpc

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