Keep Your Family Healthy Through Winter

When Winter bites and temperatures fall, it’s common to suffer a drop in family health and well-being too. We all try our hardest to keep our loved ones feeling well but mittens can be lost, warming soups can be forgotten and sometimes it isn’t always easy so here at Bensons for Beds, we want to help.

Recent research demonstrates that sleeping less than 5 hours nightly increased the risk of developing a common cold by 4.5 times compared to those getting more than 7 hours of shut-eye each night. This suggests that sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system in a number of ways and our resident sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows is here to explain how.

‘Less sleep reduces the number of white cells in the blood, and so lowers our defence against bacterial infections. It also increases the number of inflammatory cells that determine the levels of inflammation and infection within the body.’

So, by reaching your nightly sleep quota you can give your body its best chance at fighting off those winter nasties.

But how else can we give our family the best defence? We asked three family bloggers to give us their best tips on keeping your brood healthy through the cold months.


First up, Uju from the blog Babes About Town gave us her secret to these two sleeping beauties!


‘When it comes to staying healthier in winter, I’m a big one for layering the kids up in vests, thermal tops and jumpers. I’m also obsessed with making sure we’ve all had enough Vitamin C and zinc to look after our immune systems.’


Adventure loving Kara from blog Chelsea Mamma gave us a pointer that your kids will love…


‘I am a big believer in getting the kids outdoors for at least an hour every day – whatever the weather! Not only can cool air help their temperature if they’re feeling under the weather, but being outside – building dens, jumping in muddy puddles, having stick sword fights – gives them lots of exercise and fuels their imaginations, which in turn helps them sleep. A win-win for children and parents!’


Finally, wife and mummy Becky from the Spirited Puddle Jumper blog gives us her secret to a healthy husband and little ones.


‘It can often be tempting for all of the family to burn the candle at both ends, but we usually all try to stick to usual bedtimes as much as possible. Our early risers wake at 6am whatever time they’ve hit the hay and less sleep equals run down, grumpy little ones! Whatever is going on at home, we go upstairs half an hour before bedtime for a warm shower and milk every night which makes things quieter and easier to wind down.’


Whatever the weather, getting a good nights’ sleep this season could be the best way to ward off illness and we have a great range of beds and mattresses to support good quality kip!

If you’d like some tips on getting your children to sleep, check out our Guide to Toddlers Sleep and if you have any secrets to keeping your family healthy in the winter then we’d love to hear them – join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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