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The Adaptor
The Energy Obsessed

The Energy Obsessed


This person wakes up and needs caffeine to feel normal. You might find yourself jittery and anxious. You’re under the illusion that you “need” caffeine to keep you going. You feel like you cannot function without caffeine. You find getting to sleep/staying asleep difficult, and feel generally fatigued throughout the day.

Your Sleep Diet

  1. Be mindful that there is caffeine in fizzy drinks and chocolate as well as tea and coffee. If you cannot function without caffeine – well, just think about how that sounds when you replace the word ‘caffeine’ with ‘alcohol’. Doesn’t sound so healthy, does it?

  2. Try reducing your caffeine amount, especially after 3pm, and see if this has any impact. Don’t be tempted by the coffee run! Everyone is different and our sensitivities to caffeine vary. Therefore, comparing yourself to others is unhelpful. Caffeine can stay in your system for longer that you realise (varying from person to person) so as a general rule, you want to be reducing it in the second part of the day

  3. If caffeine is there to compensate for how you feel, you need to be looking at the bigger picture. Have a look at the other profiles and look at your other sleep behaviours ie improving your fatigue through other means such as regulating your wake time, rather than needing caffeine – once you start doing these things, you shouldn’t need to rely on caffeine so much


If you’re planning to cut your caffeine, it can feel uncomfortable in the first weeks – this doesn’t mean it’s going wrong. Be consistent, as this may just be a sign of how addicted your body was to the stuff. Do this more often than not, rather than going cold turkey - the more restrictive, the less likely you’ll stick to the behaviour. It’s fine to have caffeine every now and again – it’s not the enemy, but it shouldn’t be used as a ‘way of life’