Posted by Bensons for Beds on 1st Jan 2020

5 Bedroom Decluttering Tips | Sleep Hub

There’s nothing more relaxing than collapsing into bed in a clean and tidy bedroom after a long day. But bedroom decluttering is rarely at the top of our to-do lists.

To banish the mess for good and bring a feeling of zen to your space, try these tips on how to declutter your bedroom and stash away all that ‘stuff’ with our great selection of furniture.

1. Make Your Bedside Work Harder

A bedside cabinet or table can be more than just somewhere to set your book down before you fall asleep. Choose one with drawers underneath for some extra bedroom storage, or, if you’re short on space, use a chest of drawers instead. It’ll give you more surface space (and hidden storage) beside your bed.

Top tip: An ottoman box is another great piece for banishing clutter. Place one at the end of your bed for a boutique hotel vibe, or beneath a window as a makeshift seat.

2. Divide and Conquer Your Drawers

Keeping your drawers organised can feel like a lifelong challenge. The solution? Invest in some drawer dividers or boxes to help group similar items together. That way, there’s a place for everything and you’ll be able to find your favourite socks much more easily.

3. Head Under the Bed

If you struggle to find room for everything, make use of the area under your bed. Our divan and ottoman beds come with built-in drawers for easy extra space. Got a bed frame instead? Just slide some boxes underneath. Hey presto – hidden bedroom storage.

Top tip: Layer your clothing when folding and packing bits away, so that each item can be seen and you don’t have to rummage through the whole pile in search of your favourite black T-shirt.

4. Aim High

Once you’ve exhausted the space under your bed, look up. You may have reached the limit of how many clothes you can fit in your wardrobe, but why not store some seasonal bits that you won’t be wearing for a few months on top of it, instead?

Pop them in a nice vintage suitcase or a couple of baskets, for a stylish and practical bedroom storage solution that’ll stop your wardrobes from bulging and keep your floors clear. Alternatively, use vacuum pack bags so they take up less room and can be stored away out of sight.

Top tip: Add a row of hooks to the back of your bedroom door or the inside of your wardrobe and you’ll avoid the dreaded floordrobe.

5. Make Use of Awkward Spaces

Awkward nooks and crannies don’t need to go to waste – even sloping ceilings can be worked around with some clever furniture. Try slim, one-door wardrobes, nifty top boxes and wall shelving to make use of any small gaps that would otherwise go unused. Just be sure to measure your available space and any furniture before you buy, to double check it’ll fit.

Top tip: A coat stand is a great way to make use of an awkward corner and free up room in your wardrobe. Zip your jackets away in an airtight bag and pop them under the bed when coat season is over and you’ve freed up the stand for bags and accessories, instead.

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