Posted by Rhys Edmondson on 24th Mar 2020

5 Iconic Bedrooms From the World of Film | Sleep Hub

The bedrooms in our favourite films are carefully created to reflect the tastes and traits of its characters, giving insight into their stories and often leaving a lasting impression on us viewers. To celebrate this, here's 5 of the most iconic bedrooms from the world of film.

Regina George’s bedroom in Mean Girls (2004)

What 16-year old girl persuades their parents to trade bedrooms with them and get away with it? Regina George, that’s who. From the opulent four-poster bed, to the private en suite with jacuzzi, everything about Regina’s pink palace screams iconic. If that doesn’t impress you, just look at those French doors leading to the outdoor balcony. So fetch.

Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs in the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

While not technically a bedroom, there’s no denying the notoriety of Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs. Dusty, cramped and claustrophobic, Harry often found himself confined to the cupboard for accidently unleashing his magic on the Dursleys. It’s not until Harry receives a letter from Hogwarts does his Aunt and Uncle finally allow him to move into Dudley’s second bedroom.

Frenchy’s bedroom in Grease (1978)

With pictures of Elvis Presley hanging proudly on the wall, Frenchie’s bedroom embodies teenage girls 1950s America. Rydell High’s beauty school dropout has a bedroom stuffed with souvenirs – and we love it. From the soft stuffed panda, to the Hollywood light bulb mirror, Frenchy’s bedroom sets the perfect scene for the Pink Ladies’ sleepover, where they talk about boys, give makeovers and sing about Sandra-Dee.

Jay Gatsby’s bedroom in The Great Gatsby (2013)

If you’re looking for inspiration for you own art-deco-inspired home, look no further than Baz Luhrman’s interpretation of The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby’s bedroom is an ode to the roaring twenties, an era characterized by its glamour and exuberance. Think rich shiny hardwoods, bold geometric shapes and decadent detail.

Kevin McCallister’s parents’ bedroom in Home Alone (1990)

Who can forget the bedroom in Home Alone? When Kevin McCallister wakes up in his parents’ bed in their suburban mansion, you can’t help but wonder what his Mum and Dad do to afford such a swanky set-up.

Fun fact: to promote a stronger Christmas feel, red and green is used consistently throughout the film, appearing in everything from the character’s clothing, to their furniture and food containers.

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