Posted by Bensons For Beds on 16th Oct 2020

5 Space-Saving Bedroom Ideas | Sleep Hub

In need of some hacks to make the most of your space? Whether it’s a child’s bedroom, a spare bedroom or you’re simply just limited on space – we’ve got all the top tips to help make your space feel less cave-like? No matter the size of your bedroom, there is always a way to optimise every inch of the room to make it work to your advantage. Whether that’s adding a storage saving divan bed to rid the need for wardrobes, or opting for a handy sofa bed rather than a guest bed, to make sure your visitors have a luxury place to stay – we’re here to help you maximise every room to its full potential.

1.Make a plan

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just want to make better use of your existing space, its important to make sure you prepare. Don’t purchase any new furniture or accessories until you have measured every inch of your space. Grab a tape measure to work out exactly how much room you have to play with, so there are no nasty surprises later when something doesn’t fit.

Do a rough sketch of your bedroom to give you an idea of where everything will fit. Don’t forget to show where immovable objects like radiators, windows and doors are so that you know how much space they take up. This sketch doesn’t have to be artistic, but give yourself an idea of where you’ll place everything.

2.Go natural

For smaller rooms it’s best to keep things simple and go for neutral tones where possible. If you’re having a total revamp, consider opting for a lighter colour of flooring too – or adding a neutral rug. Lighter colours tend to brighten up spaces, which will make your bedroom feel larger, while darker walls will make your space feel much smaller.

When you’re shopping for bedroom furniture consider lighter shades such as oak or simple white. If you’re adding wardrobes and chest of drawers to your space, opting for a matching lighter shade will help make your space feel larger.

3.Mirror, mirror

Choose mirrored pieces or accessories. Mirrored pieces are perfect for smaller bedrooms, mirrors bounce light around your space and make it appear bigger and brighter. Try placing a freestanding mirror close to a window or other light source like a lamp. This will help maximise every bit of light and make your space feel warmer and more welcoming.

4.Choose the right furniture

Think very carefully about what furniture will work best for your space. In smaller rooms piece in simple shapes will stop your bedroom feeling too busy and crowded – in this case, less is more. For a small bedroom which will be used as a children’s room you may want to consider a storage saving bed such as a divan or an ottoman. With plenty of storage beneath the base of the bed a storage bed will give a great space to store old toys and clothes. This will alleviate the need for a larger wardrobe or other bulky furniture items.

For small box rooms you may want to consider a sofa bed. Opting to add a sofa bed too your small bedroom will make the most of every inch of space. Transforming your space from a small bedroom to a luxury dressing room. Add a sofa bed alongside a wardrobe and dressing table, to give you a beautiful space to get ready in the morning – whilst the sofa bed folds out to easily accommodate guests whenever they stop by.

5.Think about storage

Choosing the right type of storage is key for smaller bedrooms. Storage beds are a great addition to any guest rooms, offering plenty of storage and removing the need for a large wardrobe. With standard bed frames you may want to consider underbed storage boxes. This will help you keep organised whilst keeping everything out of sight – keeping on top of mess will help your bedroom to appear larger.

If you opt for a sofa bed you’ll have a little bit of extra floor space left over. Furnish your space with a chest of drawers and a beautiful dressing table, giving you back the storage space which you would loose with a sofa bed. You may also want to consider a blanket box or an ottoman box, to hide away bulky items which aren’t used on a regular basis.