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Posted by Bensons For Beds on 24th Mar 2020

Introducing SleepPRO Exclusive Sleep Technology | Sleep Hub

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our lifestyle, whether that’s making sure we get enough exercise during the day or cutting certain foods out of our diet. But with so many different bits of advice coming our way, it’s easy to forget just how important sleep can be for our health.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital towards staying healthy, while the opposite will leave you feeling groggy and unwell. Just ask anyone who’s worked a full-day’s shift after sleeping just six hours at night – it can be hard to focus. Getting enough sleep is proven to boost immunity and wellbeing and having a good bed can be a great place to start.

Taking this into consideration, we’ve decided to relaunch our SleepPRO™ technology to all our stores. This exclusive, free-to-use sleep system is designed to help people find the best mattress for them. Bensons staff can help build a personalised sleep profile for each customer and help give a new lease of life to a nation of poor sleepers.

How does SleepPRO™ work?

The unique SleepPRO™ system allows people to lie on a dedicated mattress, where firmness is adjusted from a scale of 1-5 (1 being softest, 5 being orthopaedic grade), depending on their preference. An in-built pressure sensing system will then locate where exactly they need support most.

Following this process, a bespoke sleep profile is then created for the customer so staff can help them choose a mattress best suited to them, from the substantial range offered at Bensons for Beds.

Rachel Marshall, Brand Manager at Bensons for Beds said:

“Sleep wellness is at the heart of what we do, and we want to really drive this message with the relaunch of our SleepPRO™ system.

We know how getting a good night’s sleep is vital for making our day to day lives the best they can be. Our SleepPRO™ technology makes it as easy as possible for people to find the right mattress for them – so they can sleep like a pro and live like a pro in everyday life.”

At Bensons for Beds, our goal is to ensure you get the perfect night’s sleep every single time. If you’re struggling to get the rest that your body craves, then let us help you by finding a mattress that’s right for you. Browse our full range today and start enjoying exceptional comfort at fantastic prices.

The Bensons for Beds SleepPRO™ system is available in all Bensons for Beds stores. More information can be found on the SleepPRO™ page.