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From building a new sleep pattern to decluttering your bedroom, Dr Guy Meadows has a wealth of hints and tips to help you get the quality sleep you deserve.

When it comes to a healthy sleep routine, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. A subtle change in your diet, exercise regime or pre-bed routine can transform a restless night into a restful one. In our range of Sleep Guides, Dr Guy offers practical, effective advice to help you enjoy better quality sleep, step by step.

Our Latest Sleep Guide

On last Sunday of March, time jumps forward as the clocks move on one hour - this means we lose one hour of our precious sleep. Dr Guy Meadows from the Sleep School in conjunction with Bensons for Beds look at ways to prepare your body for spring time.

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Baby and Toddle Sleep Guide

Dr Guy Meadows' Baby and Toddler guide covers the essentials of sleep knowledge and habits necessary to establish strong sleeping patterns for life. From new born babies to toddlers, the guide looks at the importance of setting a routine and how in doing such, you will reap many benefits not just now, but also later in life.

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