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  • Our new iGel™ Pegasus, with highly conductive ceramic, is our best yet. Reserached and developed in America, its patented formula works wtth your body’s natural temperatuture, so that you don’t get too hot or too cold at night. That’s because phase change crystals inside iGel™ respond to your body temperature to absorb excess heat when you are too hot or release stored heat when you are too cold – to keep you at a comfortable temperature. Just right.

    • With 5cm of new formula iGel™ for that just right comfort feeling.
    • iGel™ works with your body’s natural temperature so that you do not sleep too hot, or too cold – you sleep just right.
    • The patented phase change gel crystal formula, with highly conductive ceramic was developed in America to absorb excess heat when you are too hot and release heat when you are too cold.
    • iGel™ crystals provide advanced body support by clustering in areas of body pressure, while the Memory Technology in iGel™ relieve aches, pains and pressure points.
    • 1800 pocket springs encased inside a protective foam wall, provide you with advanced body support.
    • Breathable strong and stretchy mattress fabric provides lasting softness.
    • Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic friendly. 29cm mattress depth
  • Mattress Depth 29cm

    Mattress Size Guide

    Helping you choose the right size for you.

    Bed SizeFeet & InchesInchesCentimeters
    Small Single2'6" x 6'3"29.5" x 75"75 x 190cm
    Single3' x 6'3"36" x 75"90 x 190cm
    Small Double4' x 6'3"48" x 75"120 x 190cm
    Double4'6" x 6'3"54" x 75"135 x 190cm
    King5' x 6'6"60" x 78"150 x 200cm
    Super King6' x 6'6"71" x 78"180 x 200cm

Customer Reviews

Average customer rating

Reviewer: Dave
"Excellent service, outstanding quality. Took my partner a week settle into the new mattress. As cool, if not cooler than our previous latex mattress. Would recommend to all my family and friends."
Reviewer: brian
"superb comfort, took a few nights to get used to our new mattress and for it to soften as we were advised in the shop. Really notice the cooler nature of the gel in the bed versus our furnace of an old mattress. great service, great bed. "
Reviewer: Ray
"In the showroom, this appeared to be the most comfortable of the beds available and the appeal of a 'gel' that prevents the heat building up was a huge selling point. The disappointment of the final product is therefore immense.
The top surface stitching of the mattress actually makes it feel very lumpy, far worse than the 15 year old mattress that it replaced.
The smell still lingers after 4 weeks such that we leave the bed stripped and the windows open whenever possible and you still get a nose full every time you enter the house.
Then the gel, or not! In 4 weeks, I have yet to require a duvet as the heat retention is so bad that I sweat within minutes of being in contact with it. As long as I turn over frequently to heat up the other side of my body I don't get cold which of course means a very restless night. The old mattress was much better in this respect and it still sits in the room waiting for me to reinstate it to its rightful place.
Having said that, the wife complained about feeling the buttons on our old mattress and sleeps in a fleece under the duvet in the same bed so it appears to be a very individual thing. For me it is very negative though. Warm blooded people please avoid!"
Reviewer: Megan
"having suffered with a bad shoulder due to car accident I needed a better mattress. this is the best thing I could have brought. it doesn't get hot at all. its very comfortable. but bear in mind it will take some getting used to as would any mattress. theyre all hard when they come new as its not compressed. takes a few weeks but I feel so refreshed in the mornings now! would recommend this to anyone!!"
Reviewer: Ro
"This mattress is amazing, I've never slept as well. I was waking up several times during the night feeling hot and very uncomfortable. Not anymore!! My husband and I love this mattress, it's like getting into a bed in expensive hotels. We love it and would highly recommend."
Reviewer: Sheila
"We have had this bed for a month now. We bought it without reading these reviews and we were dreading the bed being delivered but took comfort from the 40 day return offer. Well we must say that we are very, very happy. It took about three nights to get used to it but now we are really pleased. We are neither too hot or too cold which makes us think that the temperature control works well for us. We have different back troubles but both have not had any problems since. As each bed is made to order all I can say is maybe we were lucky with the manufacture of our bed. I really can't understand the bad reviews. "
Reviewer: Roger
"Had the mattress 3 days and it's the worst thing I've ever bought.
The gel smells so bad even after a full day uncovered with all windows open...clothes, bedding etc all smell of this disgusting gel chemical.
It also regulated temperature...yes, if you are use to sleeping in a furnace....it heats up and stays there...boiling hot and most uncomfortable. A real bad choice.
Benson's were superb in 'post purchase' problem solving. now on something much better"
Reviewer: Peter
"I absolutely love the temperature regulation on this bed and so does my wife so cannot understand the last review unless that was faulty and of course you need to spend time with it"
Reviewer: Catherine
"One night on this and I am a walking zombie and my husband has had 1 hours sleep. We were both sweating like pigs in sandwich bags and extremely uncomfortable. This was supposed to solve our back problems and we are both stiff and achey. The igel concept was supposed to prevent the temperature issue. It is an absolute joke. A complete waste of money. I wish we had read the reviews before being conned by this in the store. "
Reviewer: Michaella C
"We tried this mattress in the shop and it felt extremely comfortable. We were also taken by the idea of a mattress which regulates body temperature (thinking about the summer months). Having now had the mattress four days my advice is "don't be taken in by the sales pitch". Every night we have struggled with overheating which has never been an issue before. Both myself and my husband ache all over, and we are exhausted having struggled to sleep on such an uncomfortable bed. We have therefore decided to send the mattress back. However be warned as when I called to arrange for the mattress to be returned Bensons told me they deduct 10% of the mattress value if we choose a new mattress through them (and no refund of difference if the mattress is cheaper than the original) or 20% if we request a refund. All in all a terrible shopping experience with Bensons and we shan't be using them again."
Reviewer: Vanessa
"I bought this bed 2 months ago as the bed we had originally was far to warm my husband and I were waking up in sweats. So we decided to buy the igel bed as this was "suppose" to work with your temperature? "NOT TRUE" please don't be fooled by what the sales people say in the shop. I spend a lot of money on Egyptian cotton bed linen to stop the bed been hot! Don't buy such a waste of money!"
Reviewer: TERRY
"Iv had it now for 3 months and its the best memory foam iv ever had. A lot cooler than the cheap memory foams iv had before. its very supportive as well as being nice and soft on the top. The best mattress iv ever slept on."
Reviewer: Maidhead
Reviewer: ALLY
"BOUGHT THIS AND ITS FANTASTIC read the reviews above and they are not my bed,
the mattress feels so comfy, have never slept so well now had it for 4 month
reviews on the mat are only bad on this page. people need to remember the company sell thousands of these a week "
Reviewer: Kelly
"Well where do i start. What a load of rubish. The size of this matterss is not the true size. If you could imagine an upside down dinner plate and you slept in the middle youd be ok,but if you slept anywhere near the edge you'd roll off THERE IS THAT MUCH PADDING IN THE CENTER AND NONE AROUND THE EDGE. Therefore you lose a good 3 inches all round the matteress. No good for 2 adults. As for the roll to roll you do just that roll together in the middle. As for the tempreture it would be good in the winter but no good for summer. Alll the reviews above are all correct. Only reason i gave a 1 star is because that was the lowest i could do. PLEASE BE AWARE WHEN TRYING MATTERESS IN THE STORE MOST OF THEM ARE KING SIZE SO YOU DO NOT GET THE TRUE FEEL OF THE SIZE OF THE BED. "
Reviewer: Charlie
"Most disappointed with our purchase. If you though i-gel was the solution to hot, sweaty memory foam, then I can assure you it's definitely not! This mattress makes us unbearably over-heated at night, even with a light-weight duvet and no heating in the bedroom. Added to this, the springs do not offer the support I would expect from pocket springs. I note that the website says 1800 pocket springs whereas the sign in the store merely says 1800 springs... does this hint that they are not pocket springs? The mattress is certainly "saggy". We did not experience the misery of "roll-together" on our previous 20 year old pocket sprung mattress. Come on, this is an awful lot of money for a mediocre mattress."
Reviewer: Mrs f
"Have just spent 4 nights on this mattress feels totally different to what the number 4 level felt in the shop. The mattress is so hard there's no movement , it feels like you are laying on the floor. I suffer with my back, that's why we bought it, now I'm feeling pain in the back again. It was supposed to have helped the problem. "
Reviewer: Mrs Fusspot
"We're rather disappointed in this expensive mattress. Our immediate impression was comfort, with the gel layer on top, but we dislike the way we sink into this mattress. We question the quality of the springs underneath the gel as the ROLL-TOGETHER factor is AWFUL. We always seem to end up in a hot sweaty dip in the centre of the bed and it's a real effort to get up and out! Maybe we should have gone for the more expensive version but that might have been an even bigger waste of money. Such a disappointment when we thought we were treating ourselves. I wish we'd stuck with an ordinary quality pocket sprung mattress with no roll-together and a lot more support."

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