Smart technology for a great night's sleep

Made with sustainable latex harvested from the sap of the rubber tree, Clima Latex combines both natural and synthetic latex for support that bounces back every time.

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Introducing Clima Control Latex by Slumberland

Say hello to Clima Control Latex, the latex mattress that adapts to your body’s contours time after time. In fact, the more weight applied, the greater support provided. Antibacterial and antifungal too, this collection is made with both natural and synthetic latex for increased durability and stability. Natural latex is known for its hypoallergenic properties and is harvested from the sap of the rubber tree, a naturally renewable source grown in south-east Asia and Africa.

Pocket Sprung
Made in UK
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Clima Control Latex Backcare

Ultra-deep Balance Latex top surface layer responds instantly to provide pressure relief and unparalleled re-energising support.
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Clima Control Latex Pocket 2000

2000 Individual Micro pocket springs to offer outstanding support and designed to keep you cool with enhanced air circulation.
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Mattress Technology



The sumptuous high-performance stretch knit fabric for the Clima Control Latex range is treated with SmartTemp - a thermal technology which interacts with your body temperature, to lower your skin temperature when you need it most.

As you get too hot, the treatment is activated to transport heat and moisture away from the body. It deactivates when not required ensuring the sleeper is kept cool, dry and comfortable.



Balance Latex

Natural Latex is harvested from the sap of the Rubber tree, grown around the world including South-east Asia and Africa. These trees have a life span of up to 25 years and have a positive impact on the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce emissions. This sustainable & renewable resource offers outstanding resilience and when blended with synthetic Latex, is perfect to provide increased durability and stability.


Balance Latex offers a more natural resilience, meaning it offers resistance to the sleepers’ weight and always returns to its original shape. The more weight which is applied to it – the greater support Balance Latex provides. Adapting perfectly to each body contour.


Now with twice the depth as the previous mattress range this Ultra deep latex layer responds instantly to offer pressure relief in areas such as hips and the shoulders and therefore providing:

Now with twice the depth as the previous mattress range this Ultra deep latex layer responds instantly to offer pressure relief in areas such as hips and the shoulders and therefore providing:

  • Unparallel body support
  • Maximum pressure distribution
  • Healthy microclimate
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Feel refreshed & energised
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Micro Pocket 2000
Spring Layer*

Our Slumberland Micro pocket springs, a total of 2000 micro springs with fine wire technology perfectly react to body contours, offering a more personalised feel and level of comfort. This micro pocket layer provides enhanced air circulation, responsive support and extra durability. (*in Pocket version only)


High Density
Support Core

The high density support core of the Clima Control Latex mattresses have a strong cell structure, are highly durable and offer the ultimate in firmness for those who prefer an orthopaedic support.


Quilted Sleeping

Both Clima Control Latex mattresses use a Truecomfort filling layer in the top sleeping surface. This Truecomfort layer is made from recycled plastic bottles, an environmentally sustainable effort to reduce plastic waste reaching landfill & and oceans.


ProBio fabric

Both the Clima Control Latex Backcare and Clima Control Pocket 2000 mattresses includes our Pro-Bio protection, a 100% natural fabric treatment, proven protection against bacteria, fungi, and ddust mite allergies.

Storage options

Complete your sleep experience with a Slumberland divan base. Available in a choice of six storage options, our divan bases also come in a range of colours and fabrics, helping create your perfect place to relax and unwind..


No Drawers

2 Draw

2 Drawers

2+2 Draw

2+2 Drawers

4 Draw

4 Drawers


Full Opening Ottoman

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Headboard options

Don't forget your matching headboard. Choose from 12 different styles to create your full divan bed set.

French Blue


Marshmallow Pink


Camel Beige


Paradise Plum


Pastel Grey




Stone Grey


Caramel Beige


Nordic Green


Linen Beige


Camel Beige


Pastel Grey


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I’m Green™ Polythene packaging

Benson’s manufacturing were one of the first mattress producers to make the change over to new Green polythene in 2020.

Developed to minimise the impact packaging has on the environment, this polythene is obtained from a renewable source,
using a mix of 40% natural sugarcane ethanol + 60% Recycled polythene (from our own factory too) for a
Carbon Neutral packaging footprint.


*Please be aware that the soap used in the spring manufacturing process (before it reaches Bensons) does not meet strict vegan requirements, and we’re working hard to find an alternative.