Sofa Beds

Our sofa bed range offers practical solutions in beautiful designs. So whether you're entertaining during the day or you accommodating overnight, you can keep your guests comfy - and your décor stylish.

Why should I buy a sofa bed?

In need of more space? Sofa beds offer a sound solution. Combining two pieces of functional furniture, the humble sofa bed transforms from a sofa into a bed in a matter of seconds, so you’re always ready for those unexpected guests.

Whether you have it in your living room, guest room or open-plan apartment, sofa beds make a welcome addition to any home. With average house sizes shrinking over the years, sofa beds have seen an increase in popularity due to their multifunctionality. With our sofa beds coming in a range of different styles and colours, you’ll be able to create an interior design that works for you. What’s more, many of our sofa beds are discreet and compact so guests will never know they are sitting on a sofa bed.

Types of Sofa Beds

Clic-clac frames

The majority of our sofa beds are of the clic-clac variety and are incredibly easy to use. Simply drop the back down to make a bed in a matter of seconds. 


Another popular mechanism is the A-Frame. The A-Frame works by pulling out the front of the sofa, with the sofa back folding out to create a ‘mattress’ to sleep on. 

For more information on sofa beds, visit your local store or call Bensons for Beds on 0808 144 6160.

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