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Adjustable Beds

Whether you struggle with back pain, poor circulation or just prefer comfort, the additional support that an adjustable bed brings is second to none.

What is an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds come with a motorised mechanism, allowing you to raise and lower the mattress. Some adjustable beds come with two separate motors, allowing you to adjust both sides of the bed independently, while some contain just one.

Why should I buy an adjustable bed?

If you struggle with back pain, poor circulation or decreased mobility, a super king adjustable bed may be ideal for you. Made up of up two separate mattresses, the adjustable bed offers customised support by allowing each side of the bed to be controlled independently – perfect for couples who share a bed. If you need help sitting up or getting out of bed, simply press a button and the bed will adjust accordingly, helping you get up without having to push yourself up.

What’s more, adjustable beds encourage you to sleep on a slight incline with the knees elevated, helping relax your muscles and relieve pressure points. They also come with a range of mattress options, including different comfort ratings and spring counts so you can tailor a bed according to your needs.

For more information about adjustable beds, visit your local store or call Bensons for Beds on 0808 144 6160.