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Double Headboards

A great headboard can be the starting point to a new bedroom design or an affordable way to update your current décor. Go classic with a wooden headboard or discover our upholstered headboards for a luxurious feel.

What size is a double headboard?

A double headboard measures 4 ft 6 inches wide, making it the same width of a double bed.

Types of Double Headboards


Strutted headboards come with two plywood struts which are attached to the back of your divan bed at the desired height. Versatile and low maintenance, strutted headboards are popular as they allow you to move your bed around your room if you wish. Strutted headboards come in a range of types including fabric, metal and wood.


As the name suggests, floor-standing headboards stand directly on the floor. They are also attached to the divan base but are usually screwed in place, making them more robust than strutted headboards. Glamorous and elegant, floor-standing headboards are usually more expensive than standard headboards due to their luxury padding and attention to detail. Not only a striking statement piece, floor-standing headboards are ideal for resting against as you sit up in bed.

For more information about double headboards, visit your local store or call Bensons for Beds on 0808 144 6160.