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A striking headboard can be the starting point to a new bedroom design or an affordable way to update your current décor. Go classic with an upholstered buttoned design or discover our range of upholstered hotel height headboards for a luxurious hotel room feel. With their plush padding and grand stature, floor standing headboards will transform your bedroom into a boudoir in minutes while strutted headboards can be easily adjusted and fitted anywhere, while faux leather headboards create a retro charm.

Headboards To Suit All Styles

Our divan beds can be coupled with any one of our striking headboard designs to complete any bedroom style. Add a bit of luxury with our Winged Headboards or minimalism with the Miami or Orleans Headboard. Complete your divan bed set with a matching fabric headboard or go bold with a floor-standing faux leather design

Does a bed need a headboard?

No, a bed does not actually need a headboard in order to function as a bed.

However, headboards do serve a practical purpose, as well as making a great style statement in your bedroom. If your bedroom is cool, a headboard can provide a barrier in between you and the cold wall, adding extra cosiness to your bed.

Headboards also offer extra support while you’re sitting up in bed. If you like to read in your bed or watch television then you can prop your pillows up against your headboard and relax in comfort.

Can you buy a headboard on its own?

Yes, you can buy a headboard on its own without needing to buy a new bed or mattress.

This means that you can easily switch up the look of your bedroom, without needing to fork out for a whole new bed.

Does a headboard need to be against a wall?

Technically no, a headboard doesn’t need to be against a wall. It’s completely up to you where you position your bed in your bedroom. If you want to put your bed in the middle of the room then go right ahead!

However, the most common place to put a headboard is against a wall. This is because a wall gives a bit of extra support to a headboard, providing a solid back rest for sitting up in bed.

Place your headboard at the centre of your wall to give your bedroom a symmetrical look as well as plenty of space to walk around your bed.

Should your bed match your headboard?

It’s completely up to you whether you match your headboard to your bed or not. Your headboard doesn’t necessarily need to blend in with the rest of your bedroom décor – so mix and match or choose a colour that really stands out.

The material of your headboard will probably be the biggest factor in choosing the right one for you. A metal headboard will give your bedroom classic vibes whereas an upholstered headboard will bring a luxurious hotel room feel. A wood headboard brings a timeless, cosy feeling to your bedroom.

Do headboards come with bed frames?

Yes, some bed frames and headboards can be purchased together.

However, both can also be bought separately. We stock a range of headboards for sale both online and in store.

What size headboard can I buy?

The sizes of headboards we stock correspond to the standard UK bed sizes.

Headboards come in small single, single, small double, double, king and super king sizes.

The sizes for these are as follows:

  • Small single headboard: 2 feet 6 inches (79cm)
  • Single headboard: 3 feet (90cm)
  • Small double headboard: 4 feet (122cm)
  • Double headboard: 4 feet 6 inches (137cm)
  • King size headboard: 5 feet (152cm)
  • Super king size headboard: 6 feet (183cm)

Headboards also come in a range of different heights. Choose a tall headboard to make a big statement in your bedroom or go for a shorter one for more understated chic.

How do you fit a headboard on a bed?

Fitting your headboard will depend on which type of headboard you choose. Select from strutted headboards, wall mounted or freestanding headboards.

Freestanding headboards don’t need to be mounted to a wall or fitted to a bed frame - they stand on their own, resting between the bed and the wall.

You will need to fit a strutted headboard to your bed yourself but don’t worry, this is simple and straightforward to do. First thing’s first, before you buy your headboard, you’ll need to measure the distance between the struts on the bed headboard and the pre-drilled holes in your bed to make sure that they’ll be a good fit.

Next, you’ll need to align the struts and the pre-drilled holes and slot the struts in. Screw the bolt into the holes slightly and then slot the struts into this gap between the bed frame and the bolt. When the struts are in the right place, tighten the bolts to secure the headboard.

Wall-mounted headboards will need to be attached to the wall. Mounting a headboard on your wall is a little more complicated and will require interlocking hardware such as mount brackets.

For the best fit, be sure to follow the assembly instructions that come with your headboard.

How should I clean a fabric headboard?

You should clean your headboard once a month to keep it looking fresh and free from dust and bacteria.

Simply vacuum the headboard gently to pick up light dirt and dust. Read the care label on your headboard to check which cleaning products and tools can be used on it.