Does it Matter What Type of Headboard You Buy?

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 11th Apr 2022

Does it Matter What Type of Headboard You Buy?

A divan bed without a headboard can look a little “under-dressed” but is there more to headboards than just the way they look?

Find out why the type of headboard you buy is so important and how headboards can enhance your bedroom in so many different ways in our fact-filled guide to headboards.

Headboards - how it all began

Headboards are by no means a modern feature of the bedroom, and bed headers, as headboards are also sometimes known, appeared in early Egyptian drawings.

Images of ornately carved headboards made from ebony, gold, and silver were found on ancient Egyptian artefacts, and revealed that headboards were enjoyed by Pharaohs rather than their subjects.

In fact, to be in possession of a bed at all you would have to be a very wealthy and esteemed individual.

Fortunately, these days you don’t have to be a Pharaoh to have your very own impressive headboard.

Sealy Tranquility Headboard in Breeze

Sealy Tranquility Headboard in Breeze

What’s the point of a headboard?

Headboards come in all sorts of wonderful shapes, sizes and designs but there’s more to headboards than merely providing a final flourish of style to your bed.

Headboards provide support

When you sit up in bed, reading a book or watching TV, do you want to be doing so against a hard, cold wall? Do you find yourself using mounds of pillows that need constant rearranging before you’re even vaguely comfortable? The right headboard should make you more comfortable to lean against than a bare wall.

Why not just buy a bed frame?

Rather than buying a bed frame, which already has a headboard incorporated, you may prefer to buy a divan and purchase the headboard separately for the following reasons:

  • To take advantage of all the potential storage options provided by a divan bed base. Bensons for Beds has an excellent range of beds with storage options. For example, our Staples base offers a choice of storage and comes in a wide range of styles and colours too. Other divan bases with storage include beds from Slumberland, iGel, and Silentnight.
  • To be able to select the style of headboard you like and team it with the divan base you prefer.
  • To be able to change the design of your headboard whenever you like without needing to buy an entirely different bed.


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Perfecting your pillow placement

If you don’t yet have a headboard, you may have noticed that your pillows end up sliding between the wall and the bed. A headboard can put a stop to this and ensure that your pillows remain propped in position to give your head the support it needs as you sit up or as you sleep.

Prevent marks appearing on your wall

Yet another benefit of having a headboard is that it can prevent your bedroom wall being scuffed or marked by you leaning against it as you sit up in bed. An easily cleaned headboard is preferable to a wall that may need to be repainted because it’s been used as support.

Staples Kensington Full Length Headboard in Castello Ink

Staples Kensington Full Length Headboard in Castello Ink

What type of headboard should I choose?

When choosing a new headboard you’ll want to consider style, comfort and size.

So, although you may be mainly focused on the style of headboard you want, it’s also important to make sure the headboard will provide sufficient support as you sit up in bed and also be an appropriate size for your bed and bedroom.

Below is a selection of the types of headboards you may want to consider:

Floor standing headboards

Floor standing headboards are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason! These majestic headboards not only make a bold style statement but can also provide the additional support you’ve been searching for.

Also sometimes referred to as hotel height headboards, floor standing headboards, as the name suggests, stand on the floor and rise to a considerable height. The stature of these headboards makes them a sturdy choice as well as a stylish option for those looking for a grand statement piece. Some floor standing headboards can be placed unsupported behind your bed, but others, like the Franklin Headboard and the Slumberland Felicia Headboard also attach to your bed base to combine the support achieved from the headboard standing on the floor.

Larger beds such as King Size and Super King Size beds often suit floor standing headboards because of the grandeur they evoke.

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Strutted Headboards

Miami Headboard

Miami Headboard 

The term, strutted headboard, simply means that the headboard is attached to the bed base via two wooden struts. Strutted headboards tend to be shorter headboards, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be just as stylish as their larger counterparts.

The luxuriously padded Miami Headboard is a fantastic example of a stylish strutted headboard and is available in 28 different colours and a choice of six sizes.

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Does it matter what material I choose for my headboard?

The material you choose for your headboard could depend on the following factors:

  • Practicality - Will this headboard be easy to clean and maintain?
  • Style - Do you prefer current trends, or do you want a traditional style?
  • Other bedroom furniture - Is it important for the headboard to match your other furniture?
  • Budget - How much do you want to invest in a headboard?
  • Sensory preference - some people may prefer the sumptuous touch of a velvet headboard, while others enjoy the natural aesthetic and feel of a wooden headboard.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of different types of materials so you can choose the ideal headboard for you.

Fabric and upholstered headboards

A fabric or upholstered headboard can provide you and your bed with additional comfort and support. Bensons for Beds has many different styles of fabric and upholstered headboards to provide the perfect finishing touch to your bed.

Staples Waterloo Headboard in Bespoke Mulberry

Staples Waterloo Headboard in Bespoke Mulberry

Why choose a fabric headboard?

Fabric headboards are appealing as they can offer cushioned support when sitting up in bed and are often available in a variety of styles and colours.

The types of fabrics available are also numerous - whether you like the sensation of a plush velvet headboard or the smooth, soft feel of an upholstered headboard, you can find your perfect headboard among the collection of fabric headboards at Bensons for Beds.

How do I keep a fabric headboard or upholstered bed head clean?

One thing that may make you reluctant to purchase a fabric or upholstered headboard or bed frame, rather than a metal, wood, or leather headboard, is the thought of keeping it clean.

Fortunately, Bensons for Beds provides a range of bed frames with bed heads that can be spot cleaned or have been treated with an easy-care stain resistant finish. This treatment helps to prevent stains should any spills occur and can be found on the Fitzgerald upholstered ottoman bed, the Emelia upholstered bed frame, and the Hemingway upholstered ottoman bed.

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Wooden headboards

When your style leans towards more natural designs you may want a wooden headboard. These types of headboards can be very appealing, especially when the other furniture in your bedroom shares the same textures and colours.

It could be that you want a material that can be wiped clean easily, and this can certainly be the case with certain wooden headboards. If you’d prefer the entire bed to reflect a natural vibe, take a look at our selection of wooden bed frames.

Metal headboards and bed heads

A metal headboard could look out of place when teamed with a divan or ottoman but this doesn’t mean you should forget about achieving the look you want in your bedroom.

Should you like the appearance of a metal headboard, consider a metal bed frame to achieve a uniform look to your new bed.

Be happy with your headboard

What truly matters about the type of headboard you buy is that you are happy with it. This means, being satisfied with the support it gives, the style you’ve chosen and the way its size and shape looks in your bedroom.

Take a closer look at our entire collection of headboards to find a headboard to suit your budget and your style.

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Should you need any help deciding which type of headboard is best for you, our friendly team of experts will be delighted to help. Simply give us a call on 0808 144 6160 today for more information about our headboards or to place an order.



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