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When it comes to creating a welcoming sleep space your little ones will look forward to at the end of the day, Bensons is on hand to help. Explore storage-savvy beds and bedroom furniture solutions kids will love below. 

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With four comfort options to choose from each core is boosted with the addition of micro e-Pocket™ springs, allowing the mattress to respond to the gentlest of movements giving continuous huggable support and comfort throughout the night.

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How to get your children to sleep
Simple things like bathing your children, reading them a bedtime story and making sure the room is a comfortable temperature, are all key to getting a good night's sleep. Here we explain why these are all integral to a good bedtime routine.
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Why is sleep so important to toddlers
From how it boosts their social development, to why their immune systems can be affected, here we explain why plenty of sleep is crucial and how you can ensure your toddler is getting the right amount.

Where can I buy kids beds?

If you’re looking to buy new beds for your children then you’re in luck, as here at Bensons for Beds, we have a wide range of children’s beds for sale, including bunk beds, single beds and sleeper beds.

As well as our kids’ beds, we’ve also got bedroom furniture fit for a little prince or princess plus all kinds of mattresses which will give them a great night’s sleep.

What age do kids sleep in a big bed?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to milestones for children. The same is true when it comes to making the transition for your little one from their cot to a bed.

As a general guideline, toddlers are usually ready to move to their “big bed” sometime between 18 months and two years old.

There are a few signs which can help you tell whether you toddler is ready to make the move. If they’ve outgrown their cot or you find that they are climbing out of it and suddenly appearing by the side of your bed in the middle of the night, then it’s probably time to switch to a bigger bed!

What types of kids’ beds are available at Bensons for Beds?

We have several different types of kiddies’ beds available to choose from so you’re bound to find something to suit your child.

Bunk beds are a great option for siblings who share a bedroom. Not only will both kids be able to get a great night’s sleep but the benefit of one bed stacked on top of another is that it leaves plenty of floor space for the kids to spread out and play.

If you’re looking for children’s beds with built in storage, then an ottoman or a divan single bed might be a good option. Both of these bed types offer concealed storage underneath the mattress in the bed frame itself. It’s the perfect place to tidy away toys and clutter, keeping your little one’s bedroom mess free.

Alternatively, trundle beds have a hidden mattress stored just underneath the bed. This can be pulled out in moments – perfect for last minute sleepovers!

What size is a kids’ bed?

Children’s beds come in a range of different sizes. Toddler beds are a great choice for children between the ages of two and three who have outgrown their cot but aren’t quite ready for the transition into a single bed. Toddler beds typically also come with safety rails which are usually around 44cm from the floor and have a little gap for your child to get in and out of bed. The safety rails are in place to prevent your toddler from falling in and out of bed so that you can sleep soundly knowing your little one is sleeping soundly too.

For bigger children, we have a range of small single beds which measure 2 feet 6 inches wide by 6 feet 3 inches long (75cm by 190cm) as well as children’s single beds which are 3 feet wide by 6 feet 3 inches long (90cm by 190cm).

Small single and single beds are some of the most popular sized of children’s beds. These small child’s beds come in a variety of designs to suit your little one’s bedroom.

Of course, you don’t need to stick to small sizes for your child’s bed. If you have the floor space, you could go for a children’s small double bed or a larger bed size instead.

What age can kids go in bunk beds?

Children’s bunk beds are suitable for kids from ages 6 upwards. Save on arguments and let the eldest child have the top bunk, as they are likely to understand the need to be careful on their bunk beds.

Children love bunk beds as they are sociable and great for making dens and playing games. But to keep your little ones safe and sound you should always bear in mind our bunk bed safety guidelines.

What do I need to consider when choosing a bed for a child?

As well as considering the décor of your child’s bedroom, you’ll also need to consider your child’s age when choosing their bed. For younger children, a bed which is lower to the ground or has safety rails is a good option.

If space is a concern, you can go for a high sleeper cabin bed or a children’s mid sleeper which has space for storage, or a piece of furniture like a desk underneath it. Bunk beds are also a good option for when two siblings are sharing a room. Burt don’t forget to check the height of your ceiling if you’re looking for a high bed!

Is a pocket spring mattress suitable for children?

Yes, a pocket sprung mattress is suitable for children of all ages. If you are buying a mattress for a baby or a young child then you will need a firmer mattress.

At Bensons for Beds, everyone receives a minimum 5 year guarantee on all beds, sofa beds, bedroom furniture, and mattresses, which provides extra peace of mind when making important decisions about what goes into your child’s bedroom.