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Bunk and Sleeper Beds

Perfect for two children who share a bedroom or to give your child extra room to play, bunk beds and sleeper beds are an excellent space saving option for your little one’s bedroom. Explore our collection of kids bunk beds & sleeper beds today, the ultimate finishing touch to create the bedroom of their dreams.

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Sleep Smart with Jay-Be

To give your child the best possible night sleep, explore Jay-Be’s collection of kids mattresses. Designed with the environment and your child’s physical and mental development in mind, choose their mattress with confidence from this comprehensive collection.

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How to get your children to sleep
Simple things like bathing your children, reading them a bedtime story and making sure the room is a comfortable temperature, are all key to getting a good night's sleep. Here we explain why these are all integral to a good bedtime routine.
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Why is sleep so important to toddlers
From how it boosts their social development, to why their immune systems can be affected, here we explain why plenty of sleep is crucial and how you can ensure your toddler is getting the right amount.

What types of kids beds are available?

We know it can be hard to find kids bedroom ideas, with so much to consider from theme to furnishings designing the perfect bedroom can feel like a huge task. Luckily, we’re here to help make the process that bit easier.

At Bensons for Beds we have an excellent range of kids beds to choose from. Bunk beds are an ideal option for siblings who want to share a bedroom. Bunk beds are a great way of giving both kids a great night’s sleep, whilst still leaving plenty of floor space for them to play.

A trundle bed is a great addition to any children’s bedroom. With a hidden mattress stored beneath the bed, you’ll always be prepared for last minute sleepovers. Complete your nursery with one of our reliable cot beds, to provide a secure and comforting place for your baby to sleep every night. All our kids beds are designed with safety in mind, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your little one is doing the same.

What are the different sizes of kids beds and mattresses available?

Our children’s beds are available in a few different sizes. We have cot beds, carefully designed to effortlessly blend in with any nursery with safety an absolute priority. We also have a huge array of toddler beds to choose from. Toddler beds are a great choice for children between 2 and 3 who have outgrown their cot bed but aren’t ready to transition into a single bed just yet. Cot & Toddler bed mattresses are 70cm in width and 140cm in length.

For bigger children, choose from a collection of kids single beds. Single beds are one of the most popular sizes of children’s beds. Suitable for children ages 4 and older single beds come in a variety of designs. Single mattresses are 90cm in width and 190cm in length – plus, choose from a variety of comfort ratings and designs.

What to consider when choosing a kids bed?

Aside from brainstorming all your favourite kids bedroom ideas, when it comes to children’s bedrooms there are a lot of safety considerations to think about. Firstly, it’s important you choose the right bed for your child’s age group. You should also consider whether your bed needs safety rails. Safety rails should be made a priority for young children to reduce their chances of falling out of bed. We’d also suggest choosing a bed that is lower to the ground in this case.

You should also consider which design of bed is best for your child’s bedroom. For older children consider a single divan bed – this will provide plenty of extra storage to help them keep their room tidy as they grow. Bunk beds and high sleepers are a popular option to maximise larger spaces. Don’t forget to consider ceiling hight when opting for an elevated bed.

It's also essential that you consider the delivery and installation of your bed. If your child’s bedroom is difficult to get to you may wish to opt for a smaller bed or a flatback bed frame – this way you can be sure that the bed will fit through tight hallways and narrow staircases.

Kids Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Once you’ve selected the right bed, it’s time to consider furniture. Choose from spacious wardrobes which will see your little one right through to adulthood or a set of handy chest of drawers to store clothes easily and conveniently. Complete any nursery with a chair or stool, a great addition for breastfeeding mums or for a bedtime story. If you’re still looking for more kids bedroom ideas, why not invest in some underbed storage? An easy solution to keep on top of mess and give make sure all their toys have a place.

If you’re still not sure and you need more kids bedroom ideas feel free to call our friendly team on 0808 144 6160 for inspiration.

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