Home Measuring Guide

Bed Size & Home Measuring Guide - Will it fit?

Nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your new bed. When it comes to creating the perfect sleeping space, you first need to know how big you can go. Here’s a basic chart to the UK standard mattress and divan bed sizes to help you make the most of your bedroom

Bed Size Feet & Inches Inches CentimetresDouble

Small Single

2'6" x 6'3"

29.5" x 75"

75cm x 190cm


3' x 6'3"

36" x 75"

90cm x 190cm

Small Double

4' x 6'3"

48" x 75"

120cm x 190cm


4'6" x 6'3"

54" x 75"

135cm x 190cm


5' x 6'6"

60" x 78"

150cm x 200cm

Super King

6' x 6'6"
60" x 78"
180cm x 200cm

Please Note
• metric and imperial sizes are not exact equivalents
• There can be a tolerence of +/-2cm(+/-0.8ins) with all quoted measurements

Due to the vast range of bed frames - all with unique design features - bed frames are always described using the size of the mattress it takes. For example, a double (135cm) bed frame will take a standard UK double sized mattress (135cm width x 190cm length) but the outer frame itself can be bigger. Although most bed frames are flat packed, check the dimensions section of your new bed for the exact measurements to make sure your bedroom is big enough.

Home Measuring Guide

One of the most common problems we face when delivering divan beds and mattresses is making sure there is enough space to carry your new bed or mattress through your home to the room of your choice. We know everyone’s home is different and not all stairs are the same. That’s why making sure your chosen bed fits through your doorways and up your stairs could prevent a lot of problems and disappointment on the day of your delivery. Here is a handy guide to make sure your bed will fit into your home.

Step 1:Check the Dimensions

Take the widest dimensions of the bed you want to buy and check it will fit comfortably in the space you'd like to put it. Ideally, you'll want at least 24 ins (or 60cm) wide of walking around space on either side of the bed and at its foot.

Tip: Using masking tape, mark out the dimensions of the bed you’d like to buy to see how much space it will take up and how easily you can move around it.

Step 2: Check The Surroundings

Make sure you allow enough space around your bed - don't forget to take doors, wardrobes and drawers into consideration to ensure your new bed isn't going to block any of them when they're fully open.

If you’re ordering a bed with storage drawers, you’ll need to allow a minimum of 55cm on either side for the drawers to be pulled out.

Step 3: Check Your Home

Using the bed's widest dimensions, check it will fit comfortably through all your doorways, hallways and up any stairs without damaging paintwork, ornaments, picture frames or windows. Remember, most premium and firm mattresses (not included boxed mattresses) can also be quite deep and should not be bent or folded.

For stairs, all you need to do is measure the shortest distance from the bulkhead A to the nearest step B as shown by the arrow in the diagram. It’s the shortest distance X that’s important.

Even if your staircase or doorways aren’t big enough, we can still help:

Zip And Link Beds and Mattresses

Zip and link beds allows you to easily split both the mattress (and divan base) in two so it can be delivered to your bedroom without any hassle.

sturdy zippers are situated at the top and the bottom of the mattress to enable the mattress to be joined together securely and safely

Rolled Up/Boxed Mattresses

Rolled up mattress are gently compressed, vacuum sealed and smartly packaged, making it a breeze to get into your bedroom.

Simply unwrap it and it'll expand to its full size and be ready to sleep on within a few hours