Medford Upholstered TV Bed Frame


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Medford Upholstered TV Bed Frame 4.0 out of 5 based on 20 ratings.
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    • High-quality grey upholstered bed
    • Padded headboard to prop up comfortably
    • Built-in headphone socket and USB
    • Built-in speakers for surround sound effect
    • Includes 40” Toshiba HD digital TV with Freeview
    • Connects to all game devices
    • Under-bed storage compartment for media devices
    • All-in-one remote control
    • Available in double, king and super king sizes

    How’s this for the ultimate in relaxation? Lie back against the padded headboard and enjoy your own HD bedroom cinema, with our luxurious, upholstered TV bed. Simply press a button to see your TV lift silently into full view, hear the crisp sound through the built-in speakers and even plug your phone into the USB port so you can text your friends your thoughts on the movie. With a discreet drawer for all your media devices, it even connects to your game station, too. The Medford really is the best bed for the perfect night in – just don’t drop your popcorn.

    *when you purchase the Medford TV Bed. Toshiba TV is subject to availability and may be substituted for a similar make and model of the same value. TV includes a 12 month guarantee.

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    • Headend Height: 123cm
    • Footend Height: 85cm
    • Width: 171.5cm
    • Length: 223cm

    Mattress Size Guide

    Helping you choose the right size for you.

    Bed SizeFeet & InchesInchesCentimeters
    Small Single2'6" x 6'3"29.5" x 75"75 x 190cm
    Single3' x 6'3"36" x 75"90 x 190cm
    Small Double4' x 6'3"48" x 75"120 x 190cm
    Double4'6" x 6'3"54" x 75"135 x 190cm
    King5' x 6'6"60" x 78"150 x 200cm
    Super King6' x 6'6"71" x 78"180 x 200cm

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    We recommend that 2 people assemble this bed frame

Customer Reviews

Average customer rating

Reviewer: brilliant
"Really like this bed. The remote does need to be held to turn on and off, and can be a little frustrating, but other than that can't complain. Sound is ok, not amazing, but for the price we love it.

It is ridiculously heavy!"
Reviewer: Raife
"Sorry but this bed does no come up to expectations.
The sound from the TV buzzes loudly all the time.
The bedside remote will not turn off the system, so unless you want to lift you mattress to turn if from the subwoofer then its on all the time.
The headphones jack for the hub is awful.
The lid for the top of the TV does not fully retract. It has so many issues, its not a new design, you would have hoped these problems would have been ironed out by now.
If you purchase this product expecting to perform like they say in the promotional video or like it does in the shop, like me you are going to be sadly disappointed.
PS I am on my second subwoofer system and still it does not work"
Reviewer: Emmy King
"Great looking and expensive bed, but with poor Bluetooth

The delivery was first class. The delivery guys woke me up from sleep. Very cheerful they were.
It took me about two hours to assemble the bed. Connected the TV and Sound system.

1. The Toshiba TV: Mine came with a Toshiba 40 inches Tv, which is LED but not smart TV. I had to buy amazon fire stick to make it smart. TV isn't that great.
2. The sound system doesn't sound too loud even when the volume is turned high. (I want to sometimes do party in the bedroom).

The Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and does not re-connect back even after restarting the system and the phone (iPhone 6s+).

The only nightmare I have is the Bluetooth connectivity. I hope someone from the tech team could reach out and resolve this. The connections were done according to the video on youtube and the accompanying literature.

I will give 5star if the Bluetooth issue is resolved."
Reviewer: Jim F
"Bed is great, but like other reviewers, the sound let me down. The product description promises cinema like sound, but it simply does not deliver.

For those that experienced echo sound, and buzzing, I have worked out a fix. Purchase a £10 RCA to Toslink adapter from amazon (make sure that you get the one that has two usb ends to plug into the TV's USB port for power). Then plug the L/R RCA cables from the under-bed amp into the adaptor, and connect to TV's optical port. Then, switch the sound menu to PCM. Remove the headphone jack, and lower TV sound to 0 while only using the bed's remote for volume control. No more tinny sound, no more buzzing.

It would have been nice if the manufacturer had detailed this, and you still will never get true surround sound from the setup as the amp only outputs one set of L/R RCA outputs. I'm thinking of replacing the amp / subwoofer to see if I can get this as that's what I really wanted.

The bed is otherwise very nice, and the lift mechanism is good. Three stars for poor / outdated audio equipment and older TV model. For the price, Benson's should have done better."
Reviewer: PATRIK M
"bed it self is great and looks great ,as the sound ,well that's why only 3 stars..could be much better and the remote is not working or I can't work it out?after while the bed switch the sound off by it self..."
Reviewer: Paul
"Very good quality frame well built. I bought the bed mainly for the sound system and the capability to take a large size TV which this bed does. I had a problem with a buzzing sub woofer initially like some of the other reviewers to the point I thought I might have to return the bed as defective. The technique I found to resolve this was if you switch the audio out of your TV to headphones coupled with the important part to turn the volume of the bed media system down to quite low about 25-30%. Turn the volume of the TV itself up to between about 30 to 60 the sound quality is immense and no buzzing from the sub woofer. Overall and I am delighted with this bed and sound system has real impact. "
Reviewer: Scott
"Bed falls woefully short of our expectations. The quality of the bed is good (well it's heavy). However, many things don't make it worth it or, even, fit for purpose.
For the price I would have expected the centre pole to have strengthening/supporting legs, but it doesn't - this will be susceptible to bending in the middle. The flap for the TV doesn't close properly.

We were sold this bed as a 'Surround sound' TV bed - it isn't, in fact it isn't even 2.1, it's only stereo. Yes it comes with two speakers in the headboard and a soundbar and a sub, but you have to connect it all up via the headphone socket of the TV - unacceptable in this day and age

And the humming/buzzing from the sub is incessant and overpowering. It doesn't matter where the cables are placed, whether you separate the power outlets to different sockets or switch the AC power cords around (yes, I've done some research), it's monotonous!! It even hums when the TV is turned off!! You couldn't sleep with it, it's that overbearing.

It's such a shame as the bed is stylish and looks great. Looks, as they say, can be deceiving."
Reviewer: Shaunie
"Bed quality is great. We also bought a decent mattress at the same time. Bed was simple to put together. I found the the side panel was damaged so rang them. They said I could still use it and would send a replacement out. I explained that I work away and was due to go back to work so they said they would send someone to do it.
They sent the wrong side panel so my wife rang. they sent the correct panel and my wife arranged for them to come fit. Only problem is now I have a left and right side spare as they didn't take them away...

As already said its not sure surround so I feel a little cheated here but haven't spoken to the store about this yet.

Also Im getting a very bad hum from the sub. Haven't had time to investigate but think this is electrical interference though when installing I tried to keep the electrical wires away from the speaker wires."
Reviewer: Terry
"Like the previous reviewer we were worried about spending so much on a bed, it comes with a free mattress though and we thought that it would be good enough to last us a year or so.

The bed is great although it needed modification.. the wooden slats and plastic clips are flimsy and once pushed in can't be removed without breaking. Also the central beam wasn't aligned correctly, I had to remove the screws and plate to move them into the centre of the bed for it to fit the slats.

The free Fiji mattress lasted about 2 days (it was awful), it offers no support and the blue lights on my DVD player actually shone through the mattress turning it into a big blue glowing bed!. I went out and bought a separate mattress straight after.. now the bed is great.

Lastly.. the speaker system they have supplied isn't true 5.1 surround sound but a 2.1 system with tweaking.. it works but don't expect it to route your sound from the DVD player thought the TV via hdmi to the speakers as it won't do it.. you will need to connect the TV and the DVD player up to the system separately.. I just let the TV play through its own speakers and use the DVD player for the bed speakers.

Overall I thought this bed was poorly designed and the mattress cheap but once the bed has been repaired and the mattress replaced it works fairly well.

I would have liked true 5.1 for the price and no mattress rather than the waste of money they supplied us with."
Reviewer: carol
"had this bed for about 6 weeks and we are finding it amazing! was worried at first about spending so much money but it is well worth it. We actually had a flat pack team come in and put it together for us as it is so heavy was not expensive and was done in about hour. would definitely recommend."
Reviewer: Linda Thomas
"Bought the TV bed as it was the only solution for our shape room, fantastic buy, easy to assemble, we bought our own tv, now the only issue is not wanting to get out of bed on the weekend!"
Reviewer: George
"FANTASTIC!!!! But reviewer 'Powerline Network Adaptord' so what are you sleeping on at the moment then? if it's the bed then it's not completely useless is it. Anyway fantastic frame! THE SOUND IS EXCEPTIONAL! Speakers in base by feet and by head absolutely immense thank you bensons you've made my day!!!!"
Reviewer: Ukpg
"As with other reviewers, took the plunge to buy one of these. Was delivered today, although the very apologetic driver forgot to drop off the TV. He left it at a local store for me though. No harm, no foul. The hardest part was unpacking the bed - some of the bits are huge! However, managed to put the thing together unaided, so this can actually be done by one person.
The media shelf can be mounted on either side of the bed. Not sure if this was mentioned in the sales info but it's quite handy to know. TV was easy to install and the shelf for that is infinitely adjustable. Mine was tilted but easily resolved. Movement is very smooth. Using a sensaform 9000 mattress - epic comfort!
I have a raspberry pi, PlayStation and of course the TV's own network port connected. Not sure what the other reviewer was talking about in his review but I'm using a powerline adapter just fine (netgear, but others work) however mine is plugged in to the wall rather than under the bed. Not sure why anyone would think connecting it to the sub power/under bed power would be a good idea but I suppose it takes all sorts... Anyway, cheap 5 port hub connected up, all good. Kodi streams all my media from downstairs in full HD. PlayStation plays fine on line (Wi-Fi or Ethernet, both OK).
Sturdy bed frame, weighty too. Nice shelf underneath. Bluetooth works fine, good quality sound.
All in all very happy with the purchase. Only down side now is I'll not want to get up for work at all!"
Reviewer: The Robsons Scunthorpe
"We saved up our hard earned cash for this piece of luxury, and were amazed! Im not the greatest DIY person, so was very happy at how simple this was to put together - I used the YouTube video which helped me lots. The quality of the wood and material used on the bed is very good and everything connects so well together. We purchased our own TV - LG 42" which is perfect, had to jiggle some wires about at back to avoid catching aerial cable when closing, but nothing major. Could not get surround sound at first then realised you have to switch to headphone on TV, then put volume up! maybe this might help others work it out too. The sound is very good, and sounds amazing when playing games consoles too! Deep bass from the subwoofer under the bed along with clear top end treble too.. sounds great using bluetooth through iPhone! Were very impressed with the bed, rate it full 10/10, took me just over half a day to build, but I did take my time with it (and had lunch along the way).. only problem now is we don't want to get out the bed!"
Reviewer: Jake D.
"Just received and assembled this. The quality is outstanding, not to difficult to put together, took me 2.5 hours and the sound is exceptional. Very happy."
Reviewer: rich p
"bed and system just great 10\10 "
Reviewer: Lee
"Got this bed a week ago and imo is fantastic, Very smooth tv motion and pretty quiet. Very very well built but also very heavy (just over 100kgs) Have ran PS4 through it via WiFi and had no issues what so ever, sound quality is very good. Imo the best looking TV bed around."
Reviewer: JOHN
"got this for Christmas is amazing the sound is great and is so comfy the surround sound when watching movies is great!"
Reviewer: Powerline Network adaptord
"When you switch on the amp/sub, it causes interface with any network powerline adapters you might have (i tried loads of them). the beds for me has ended up being useless.

We all have playstaions, xboxes, tv boxes and if you switch the sub on, which you have to, to get the soundbard and side speakers to work, it all useless"
Reviewer: Michael Graves
"Bed quality is brilliant, superb idea. Motor is quiet, nice and smooth operation. Surround sound is brilliant, having a little trouble with at the moment, keeps skipping to bluetooth or aux setting rather than staying on TV. Hoping this is going to be easily resolved somehow. Overall very impressed, pretty simple assembly aswell if you understand DIY basics."

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