Find the Best Mattress For You With sleeppro® : Instore & Online

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 16th Mar 2022

Find the Best Mattress For You With sleeppro® : Instore & Online

Discover how to select the ideal mattress for your specific needs with our sleeppro® guide. In this helpful how-to guide we’ll show you how our innovative technology works in store and help you apply this science when buying a mattress online.

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Find the right mattress comfort rating for you

We reveal how sleeppro® know-how can help you choose the right firmness rating, to ensure you receive the right support for a good night’s sleep.

Choosing the right firmness rating can be determined by all manner of factors, including the position in which you sleep, your height and weight, and how often you toss and turn at night.

Sleeppro® technology can take all these things into account to help you find the right new mattress for your needs.

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What is sleeppro®?

How sleeppro® works in store 

We understand that choosing a new mattress from the huge range available can be a little overwhelming. However, sleeppro® aims to help make the process so much easier. Our exclusive technology assesses your individual requirements to help you find the right mattress for you.

sleeppro® has been created to establish which firmness rating is going to be the most comfortable and supportive for your individual needs, also providing optimum pressure relief, important for a restorative and refreshing nights’ sleep.

When using the sleeppro® instore, the firmness level is adapted as you lie on the mattress. The technology is so precise that you’ll feel the difference as one of our instore experts changes the firmness ratings.

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Top Tip

Try using the sleeppro® with a pillow, like the one you sleep on at home, or even a new one you want to buy. The depth of your pillow can make a difference to your pressure points, so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re profiled with the correct pillow.

Whilst you’re on the sleeppro®, try different pillows in store and see how they can help with pressure points – you'll be amazed at the difference the humble pillow can make!

What should I do when using sleeppro®?

One of our helpful store colleagues will be on hand to guide you through the sleeppro® process.

While using sleeppro®, make sure you:

Lie as you would while sleeping

Do you find yourself moving positions during the night? Take this into consideration when using sleeppro® as you may initially think that a soft mattress is ideal, only to find that when you shift from your back onto your side, that a firmer mattress is needed.

Establish the comfort ratings for both you and your partner

If you’re sharing a bed, it’s useful for you both to use sleeppro® to discover the best comfort ratings for each of you.

View the mattress rating results on screen

As well as allowing you to feel the difference between mattress firmness ratings in real-time, the sleeppro® graphics screen reveals the areas where you are well supported, and the areas in which you aren’t.

Once you discover which areas are actually supported, you’ll realise just how much support you’ve been missing out on all this time!


How long does using sleeppro® take?

Using sleeppro®

is a quick process and it can take just five minutes to complete the assessment and to receive your personalised results.


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Try different types of mattresses

Once you’ve received your printed out results and know which firmness rating suits you best, make sure you try different types of mattresses.

By trying assorted mattresses in store, you’ll have a better idea of what type of mattresses will be most comfortable for you.


Our pick of mattresses to try:


Orthpaedic mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses offer firm or extra firm support. These types of mattresses encourage healthy spine alignment and can therefore be extremely helpful for people suffering with back or joint pain.


Memory foam mattresses:

These types of mattresses are designed to mould to your body’s contours, to provide excellent support as you sleep. Bensons for Beds has a fantastic collection of memory foam mattresses, including mattresses with a hypoallergenic layer.

Vegan mattresses:

If you prefer your mattress to be free from animal derivatives, then consider a vegan mattress. Vegan mattresses such as the Slumberland Natural Solutions collection are available in assorted firmness ratings and contain natural fibres such as flax and organic cotton.

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses are designed so that the springs move independently of each other. This allows support to be provided as you move across the mattress. The more pocket springs contained within the mattress, the further support provided.

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How to apply the science behind sleeppro® to your mattress research online

Buying a mattress online is bound to be different from the in-store sleeppro® experience.

However, it’s absolutely possible to use elements of sleeppro® know-how when buying a mattress online.

Here's how:

Establish the firmness of your current mattress

Once you know the firmness of your current mattress you can determine if this is the same firmness you want from your new mattress. It’s important to take into account how long you’ve had the mattress or if it’s been damaged during the time you’ve had it. These factors could alter the initial firmness rating.

Have a lie down

Next, strip your current mattress of any sheets, duvets, mattress toppers or mattress protectors.

Try to experience the mattress as if lying down on it for the first time.

When lying down, note the following:

      • Where do you feel supported? Do you need more support in certain areas than your mattress currently gives?
      • Do areas like your back and shoulders receive adequate support from your current mattress or should your mattress be firmer in order to provide that support?
      • Is the surface hard but not actually particularly supportive as there is no “give” at all? You may need a softer comfort rating to provide that much-needed support.

How do you sleep at night?

Or at any other time for that matter?

You could find that you favour one sleeping positon over another, and this can affect the type of support you need from a mattress.

Close up of a woman sleeping on her side with hands tucked beneath her cheek.

Side sleeper

The bad news for side sleepers is that this position causes pressure on your spine. The good news is that there are mattresses that can mould to your body shape and position to help give you the support needed. Memory foam mattresses would be advisable for those that sleep on their sides.

Woman lies asleep on her back asleep on a bed in a darkened room.

Back sleeper

It’s advisable to opt for a medium firmness mattress if you sleep on your back. A medium comfort rating can give your lower back the support needed when you sleep in this position.

Man sleeps on his front on a bed in the daytime. An out of focus plant is in the background.


Front sleeper

It has long been thought that sleeping on your front is not advisable. This is because this position can place strain on your back and spine.(1)

A firmer mattress could help to give you the additional support you need when sleeping on your front.

Other things to consider when choosing a mattress:

Can you go into a store to try sleeppro®?

Actually experiencing our sleeppro® in-store can give you the confidence that you’re selecting the right mattress for your needs.

Do you share your bed?

Even more factors need to be considered if you’re sharing your bed. What’s right for you may not be right for your other half. Consider an adjustable bed which can have two separate mattresses of different firmness ratings. Our adjustable beds also benefit from two sets of independent controls that allow you to adjust your side of the bed to your preferred position.

Is something specific causing you pain?

It’s extremely important to rule out any medical problems that may be causing your aches and pains. If you’re experiencing any long-lasting, or concerning pains, contact your GP or other appropriate medical professional.

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Questions to ask yourself when choosing a mattress online:

Are you uncomfortable on your current mattress?

You may well need a different level of support from your mattress. Review important factors such as sleeping position and your own height and weight before selecting a mattress.

Are you replacing a current mattress and just going for the same rating as last time?

Consider how long you’ve had your existing mattress - has anything changed since then? If your weight has changed, this could affect the firmness of the mattress you need. You could find that certain areas are no longer supported and this lack of support is the reason you’re waking with aches and pains in the morning. Before buying a new mattress, it’s worth considering how things have changed before buying the same type of mattress yet again.

Are you relying on the advice of someone else and their experiences?

A friend or relative may be raving about their mattress and suggesting you get the same. However, if you rely on the advice of others rather than establish your own specific needs, you could be investing in completely the wrong type of mattress.

Is your bed the problem and not the mattress?

Sometimes it’s the bed itself that can be causing problems. Check that your bed isn’t damaged as this could be affecting the support being provided.

You should also consider:


  • Are all the bed slats level?
  • Are any slats missing?
  • Are the slats correctly spaced or are there gaps that could be causing your mattress to sag?
  • Has your bed been damaged or is it suffering from any wear and tear that could affect the placement of the mattress?
  • Do you have the right sized mattress for your base?


Do you have the right type of bed frame for the mattress firmness you’re choosing?

A heavier mattress will require a more robust bed frame and if your current bed isn’t the best quality, or is faulty in some way, it may not be able to support your new mattress.

Consider whether you also need to purchase a new bed at the same time as buying a new mattress.

Many people prefer to buy a new bed and mattress at the same time. At Bensons for Beds we can recommend a suitable bed base for the mattress you want to buy.


Speak to our sales team for more sleeppro® advice


Who better to help you with your mattress choice than one of our trained team of mattress experts?


Our sales team can advise you about specific products and firmness ratings based on the information you provide during your call.

We’re here to help you find the right type of mattress so you enjoy a great night’s sleep.


Simply give us a call on 0808 144 6160 and let us help you find the right type of mattress for your needs.

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Choosing the best mattress online


If you don’t want to go into a Bensons for Beds store or to speak with one of our helpful advisers over the phone, our tips can help you decide which mattress is best for you.


Before buying a mattress online, we recommend you:

  • Use this guide to assess your firmness rating needs
  • Check out our In-Depth Guide to Mattresses to understand the benefits of certain types of mattresses
  • Browse our wide collection of mattresses to discover the individual benefits of certain types of mattresses.