Make Your Bedroom Like Your Favourite Hotel for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Amelia, Lifestyle Creator on 2nd Feb 2023

Make Your Bedroom Like Your Favourite Hotel for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day - a day of love that divides the nation!

Are you over having to pay for expensive meals in crowded restaurants? Fed-up of frantically sifting through the shelves of pink chocolates and rifling through buckets of decaying roses? Not to mention being disappointed by displays of vastly over-priced Valentine decorations? Then these Valentine's at home ideas could be just what you need this Valentine's Day.

Romantic Valentine at home ideas

So how exactly do you turn your bedroom into your favourite hotel on Valentine's Day?

Think about those simply sumptuous sink-into hotel pillows, and comfy cosy hotel duvets that wrap you in a cotton cloud of pure luxury. Consider big beds and made-for-you mattresses; chocolates on your pillow, and perhaps best of all - breakfast in bed.

And what's truly great about transforming your bedroom to be like one of your favourite hotel rooms is that you never have to check out!

Here's some tips for making your Valentine's Day at home all you dreamed it could be:

Up your bed game!

Think hotel pillows, big beds, hotel duvets and comfy mattresses to sleep on every night, not just for that special weekend away! We spend a lot of hours lying on our beds so it's time you brought the luxury home.

Two pillows are propped up against a wooden bed frame with a slatted headboard. A lit candle and a lamp on a set of bedside drawers are in the foreground.

Hotel level attention to detail

Besides providing a luxuriously lavish night's sleep, a lot of hotels are conscious of making sure guests' allergies are taken into consideration too. Bring home the idea of  hotel duvets that are hypoallergenic by carefully choosing the bedding you include in your Valentine's Day at home celebrations. 

Don’t get out of bed to turn off the TV

If you've ever had the luxury of staying at a hotel with a surround sound TV bed with ambient lighting you'll probably have been hankering to take one home with you ever since! TV beds are perfect for watching a rom-com together, snuggled up with a glass of wine after a DIY date-night meal. Simply press a button and have your flat screen rise up at the base of your bed ready for movie night and then slide it back down when you're done. They're great for saving space too. 

Shop TV Beds

A bed with pillows and a chocolate placed on a pillow are in foreground. Hexagonal shelves are above the bed laden with assorted trinkets.

Make your bedroom extra welcoming

Here's some Valentine's at home ideas that are sure to get you both in the mood for love:

  • Pop some chocolates on your pillows
  • Light a candle for subtle Valentine's Day romance
  • Crank up the heating to be toasty and warm
  • Spritz your pillows a calming lavender pillow spray
  • Lay out a vase of freshly cut flowers
  • Prepare fluffy robes - warm, straight from the dryer
  • Run a bubble bath with some aromatherapy oils
  • Rest and relax on your super soft bedding - absolute bliss.
  • Shop Bedding

Breakfast in bed

Oh, and don't forget breakfast in bed the next day too. Sit up against lots of pillows or go one step further than your favourite hotel with an adjustable bed - raising it at the top is perfect for eating breakfast on a tray with juice, coffee and your favourite flower...heart-shaped fried eggs optional!

A wide shot of the bedroom that includes the bed, shelves, and bedside table. Hats are hung decoratively  upon the wall.

I'll take a personalised, luxury hotel room at home over a bunch of petrol station roses any year!

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