Make Your Bedroom Like Your Favourite Hotel for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Amelia, Lifestyle Creator on 11th Feb 2022

Make Your Bedroom Like Your Favourite Hotel for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day - a day of love that divides the nation! If you're not up for an overpriced meal in a crowded restaurant or frantically sifting through the shelves of pink chocolates and roses then you might like this little idea.

What if we tried to recreate the feel of the best hotel rooms around the home!

Think about those sink-into hotel pillows, those comforting hotel duvets that wrap around you with that luxurious feel. Big beds and comfy mattresses, chocolates on your pillow and TV's that rise up from the end! And the best part is if you turn your bedroom into one of those hotel never have to check out!

Here's some tips for making your Valentine's Day at home one of the best this year...

Up Your Bed Game!

Think hotel pillows, big beds, hotel duvets and comfy mattresses to sleep on every night, not just for that special weekend away! We spend a lot of hours lying on our beds so it's time you brought the luxury home.

Hotel level attention to detail

There’s more to benefit from than luxury too, a lot of hotel duvets are anti-allergy too for extra comfort - ideal if you're an allergy sufferer. And why not choose a mattress to suit your sleeping style, making it all personalised just for you.

Don’t get out of bed to turn off the TV

Did you know you can get those fancy TV beds at home too? Perfect for watching a rom-com together with a glass of wine snuggled up under those sheets after a DIY date night meal. Simply press a button and have your flat screen rise up at the base of your bed ready for movie night and then slide back down when you're done. Great for saving space too.

Make our bedroom extra welcoming

Pop some chocolates on your pillows, light a nice candle, and crank up the heating for a cosy and romantic night in. Why not try spritzing a calming lavender pillow spray and laying out a vase of freshly cut flowers and a fluffy robe warm from the dryer. Run a bubble bath with some aromatherapy oils and afterwards slide straight into those fresh high thread-count sheets absolute bliss.

Breakfast in bed

Oh, and don't forget breakfast in bed the next day too. Sit up against lots of pillows or go one step further than your favourite hotel with an adjustable bed - raising it at the top is perfect for eating breakfast on a tray with juice, coffee and your favourite flower...heart-shaped fried eggs optional!

I'll take a personalised, luxury hotel room at home over a bunch of petrol station roses any year!

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