Colour Trend: Best colours for a summer bedroom refresh

With the promise of sun, long light days and vivid tones, summer brings with it the desire to transform our homes to bright, airy and colourful places. And nowhere more so than in the bedroom.

Gone will be the same old magnolia, cream or white. To truly transform your bedroom with a stylish summer refresh, these are the hottest colours to incorporate into your interior.

Bedroom ideas – the four hottest colours of the season

Apricot Orange

Last year it was all about Millennial Pink, and it’s still not letting go of the spotlight. For 2018, it’s just been subdued slightly and softened.

This new softer version has embraced orange tinted hues making it a little more energetic and bright.

Incorporating it into bedroom design is easy whether you opt for your walls or décor – also try styling it with dark browns and blacks to really emphasise the contrasts and truly make it pop.

Pigmented Terracotta

Rich browns have been a staple in interiors for a long time, but they’re now set to be joined by rich terracotta, encompassing raw clay tones and sun-baked pinks.

By absorbing these pigments, the terracotta exhibits a warm, soothing feeling making it the ideal colour to bring some summer vibe to your walls. Contrast with light greys and greens to create an earthy atmosphere in your bedroom.

Acid Olive


For a vintage touch to your bedroom decoration, Acid Olive is a soothing, calming and stylish addition.

Evolving from 2017’s showstopper – green moss – Acid Olive appears more on the eclectic side, closer to pistachio. It simply screams vintage styling.

This is one to use to bring classic tones into your bedroom through your furniture or accessory choices. Vintage chairs are perfect, as are curtains and bed linen. Combine with brighter yellows for the perfect look.

Golden Yellow

This is a huge colour trend for 2018. Drawn directly from gold, this yellow is rich, bright and opulent, promising to bring a little energy to your summer bedroom styling. It’s best applied to soft furnishings and accessories, whether cushions, curtains or bed linen.

You want to feel the soft touch and be drawn into the rich tones. Combine with whites, greys and softer hues to let it sing and showcase its lively style.

By bringing one of 2018’s most celebrated and desired colours into your bedroom you can transform it into a stylish, soothing and chic space.

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