10 Space-Saving Bedroom Ideas

Posted by Bensons For Beds on 16th Oct 2020

10 Space-Saving Bedroom Ideas

In need of some helpful hacks to make the most of your small bedroom? Whether it’s a child’s bedroom, a spare bedroom or you’re just limited on space in your own bedroom, we’ve got ten top small room ideas to help you to box clever with your space.

No matter how small your bedroom is, there is always something you can do to optimise every square inch of the space you have to make it work for you while still remaining stylish.

1. Make a plan

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First up on our list of space saving bedroom ideas – it helps to be organised. Whether you’re moving into a new home or you want to make better use of your existing space, preparation is key.

Avoid purchasing anything new until you have measured up your space and you can be sure that everything will fit. This will save you wasting money and time on bedroom furniture that isn’t quite right for your space.

Grab your tape measure, a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to work out how much room you’ve got to play with. Draw out a rough sketch of your bedroom to give you a good idea of where everything will fit.

We recommend a pencil so that you can rub out and start again if you make a mistake!

Don’t forget to add in the objects which absolutely can’t be moved, such as radiators, windows and doors, as you won’t be able to place furniture in front of these. Don’t worry if you’re not Picasso - you don’t need to be good at drawing, it’s just to give you a better idea of where things might fit.

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2. Choose the best colours for a small bedroom

If you’re thinking of painting your bijou space, choose your colours carefully. Light and neutral colours are the best way to go for when decorating a small bedroom.

These colours tend to brighten up spaces, making them seem bigger. Think light greys, whites, beiges, and creams.

Consider choosing a lighter colour for your flooring too, whether that’s a cream carpet or a bleached wood-effect floor. You can introduce colour through accessories such as throw cushions and blankets. Choose from chalky pastels, jewel tones or vibrant shades.

However, don’t shy away from dark colours in your bedroom décor if you prefer them. Dark colours can make it seem deeper, disguising how small it is. Try rich blue tones or deep greys. [1]

Sticking to a single colour will create a feeling of space as there are no contrasts to interrupt the shades.

When it comes to choosing your furniture for a small bedroom, consider pieces in light shades and materials. Oak and simple whites tend to work well. If you’re adding wardrobes and a chest of drawers, matching pieces will make the space seem bigger.

Adding metallic accessories to your bedroom is not only super chic but it will help to make the space look bigger. Metallic finishes help to reflect light which gives a more spacious feel.

3. The best way to arrange a small bedroom

Arrangement is everything when it comes to making the most of a small space. Of course, you can move things around to better suit your tastes and the shape of your room but our layout tips will give you a good starting point.

Start with your bed, as it’s the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. Placing your bed in the centre of the wall opposite the door will give the room some symmetry so that you can make the most of the space you have available.

Make sure there’s enough space either side of the bed if you share it, so that you can both get in and out of it easily! If you need more room either side, then ditch the bedside tables and find another solution for lighting and somewhere to put drinks, your glasses, etc.

You’ll need to use the floor space carefully here so try going upwards instead of just adding more furniture side by side. How about mounting your TV on a wall or add shelving for storage?

4. Make use of hidden storage

Penelope Ottoman Blanket Box

Next up on our list of modern small bedroom ideas is storage. Choosing the right type of storage is key for smaller bedrooms. Without adequate storage space for all your things, small bedrooms can tend to look cluttered quickly.

Consider a blanket box or an ottoman box to hide away bulky items which you don’t use all the time. This can go at the bottom of the bed, without taking up too much space.

Do you have an alcove in your room that you’re not making use of? Add shelving here for books, ornaments and other items and you can make use of that unutilised space.

Try to think outside the box. Some headboards come with storage built in, above the bed or shelves on either side.

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5. Make the most of bedroom corners

Using the corners in your bedroom is a great way to maximise space. You could fit your bedside tables into the corners or you can even buy corner wardrobes which offer you more space for your clothes by fitting perfectly into the corner.

6. Use window space

When you’ve run out of floorspace, have a look at your windowsill to see if you can use this too. If it’s deep enough, you can use it as a shelf for books or magazines. If it’s very deep, you may be able to create a stylish window seat, complete with scatter cushions and throws.

7. Choose the best bedroom furniture

Before you purchase any furniture, it can really help to think carefully about what will work best in your space. In smaller rooms, pieces in simple shapes will help to stop your bedroom from feeling too busy and crowded.

When it comes to wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms, choose shallow and tall wardrobes. This will save floorspace but will use the height of your bedroom well.

Opt for sliding doors rather than ones which open out, as this means that you won’t need as space in front of your wardrobe to access it. Fitted wardrobes with overhead storage can be particularly helpful when floor space is at a premium.

8. Beds with storage

Penelope Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

As we mentioned before, beds are the important item of furniture in your room but did you know that beds can also provide a hidden storage space? Storage beds are a great addition to any guest room, or your own room.

They offer plenty of space within the bed frame for storage which means you might not need as big a wardrobe – depending on how many clothes you have of course!

Divan beds have drawers on either side where you can store linens and towels or seasonal clothing.

Ottoman beds also offer additional storage as you can lift the bed base up and use the whole of the space in the bed frame for your things.

If you’re not looking to upgrade your bed and you have a bed frame which doesn’t offer storage, don’t panic – you may still be able to use the space underneath the bed. Try some  underbed storage boxes.

They help to keep everything organised while also keeping your things out of sight.

For a child’s bedroom, you may want to choose a high sleeper, or a bunk bed if there are two siblings sharing a room.

A high sleeper is a bed which has space underneath it for a desk or additional storage so it’s an excellent space saver. A high sleeper is also a good option for a guest bedroom.

9. Bedroom mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent optical illusion for making your space seem more spacious that it perhaps is. Mirrors bounce light around your room and make it appear brighter and bigger. Mirrored pieces of furniture and accessories are the way to go when your bedroom is small.

Mix and match your mirrors, choosing wall mounted mirrors, vanity table mirrors and free standing mirrors. The more the merrier. Well, within reason – you don’t want your bedroom to end up resembling a fairground!

Try placing a freestanding mirror close to a window or other light source like a lamp. This makes your space seem warmer and more welcoming and maximises every bit of light.

While we’re talking about light, let’s talk about, well, lights. Floor standing lamps can take up valuable floorspace so ditch these and use wall mounted lamps instead. Reading lights about the bed can work really well if you like to indulge in a book before bed.

10. Choose a sofa bed for guest rooms

Skyla Sofa Bed

If your guest room is petite then you may want to consider a sofa bed, rather than a permanent double bed. Adding a sofa bed to your small bedroom will make the most of every inch of space, which means that you’ll be able to use this room for something else when you don’t have anyone staying over.

A home office, a dressing room, a playroom, the options are endless! When the sofa bed is folded up there will be plenty of room for a dressing table or a desk and maybe even additional storage like a chest of drawers.

The sofa bed will fold out easily to accommodate guests whenever they stop by and turn back into a sofa again once they’ve gone. A sofa bed is also a great option if you live in a studio flat where your living space and your bedroom are one room.

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