10 Summer Sleep Hacks: How to Sleep in a Heatwave | Sleep Hub

Posted by Bensons for Beds on 2nd Jun 2021

10 Summer Sleep Hacks: How to Sleep in a Heatwave | Sleep Hub

In the UK, we spend so much of our time wishing it was summer. But when we do get finally a spell of hot weather, we love to complain.

The commute is stifling, stuffy, and unbearable. Our houses aren't made for the heat, and it’s just too hot to sleep. If you suffer from sleep problems when the warm weather rolls around, here are 10 essential hacks for summer sleeping.

1.Stay hydrated

A glass of cold water by your bed will keep you cool and hydrated, as well as stopping your body temperature rising too much. Simple, yet effective.

2.Stay away from heavy meals

A heavy, carb-loaded meal before bed will see you generating more metabolic heat as your body works hard to digest it. A light, summer salad will not only be refreshing and apt for the season, it’ll also help you sleep.

3.Ditch that soft, comfy pillow

Your head is the hottest part of your body, making it so important to keep it cool at night. In summer, we often focus on what we wear to bed, pack the room with fans and open the window, but we neglect this most important element. Get rid of your usual soft, comfy winter pillow as this surrounds your head trapping in the heat. A harder, smaller pillow is a better option.

4.Think about your bedtime attire

Tight clothing is your enemy when it comes to summer sleeping. Opt for flowing, loose cotton clothing as it will let your skin breathe properly. It’s actually a better option than nothing at all.

5.Keep it dark

Investing in blackout blinds or curtains will certainly help on light summer mornings, or if you choose to go to bed early and struggle to sleep when it’s still light. However, you should also think about keeping things dark throughout the day too. The sun’s rays are much more powerful during the summer months meaning letting them flood in all day will only heat up your room.

6.Think about your night time accessories

Switch up your usual favourite hot water bottle and fill with cold water. Soak a towel or sheet in cold water and drape it over yourself when the heat gets unbearable. Sleeping in summer is all about changing things up and negating your usual sleep routine. Hot weather calls for drastic measures.

7.Cool your feet

Just like keeping your head sufficiently cool, working on your feet can work wonders, due to the pulse points in your feet and ankles. Dip your feet into cool water just before bed and you’ll feel the benefit when you slide between the sheets.

8.Switch off before bed

You should know by now that screen time before bed isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep but keeping electronic appliances on all night or right up until you sleep can also increase the heat in your room; particularly TVs and laptops. Switch off, drop in, and doze off.

9.Mix up your sleeping routine

If sleep is your priority when it’s hot, you should be prepared to make some sacrifices in the name of a cool eight hours. Sleeping alone will drastically reduce the body heat in the bed, taking your mattress downstairs will avoid the rising hot air, and trying out a hammock could work wonders.

10.Ban the booze

Yes, we know as soon as the sun comes out the temptation is there but increasing your alcohol intake (especially when it’s hot) will lead to dehydration. You might think the booze will knock you out, but you’ll wake as your body struggles to metabolise it resulting in broken sleep – not ideal when it’s hot.