A Timeline of Kids' Beds

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 8th Feb 2022

A Timeline of Kids' Beds

In my role as Head of Buying, I want to share with you the importance of buying the right kids' bed for your child as they grow.

As children grow from tots to teens, their needs will change, both physically and mentally. One of the ways you can help support your child as they grow is to ensure they have the right environment in which to get enough sleep.

Why is sleep so important to a growing child?

You’ve undoubtedly encountered the grumpiness of a tired toddler and are therefore already aware of how lack of sleep can affect your child.

However, low mood and toddler tantrums aren't the only problems children experience through lack of sleep.

Did you know?

Lack of sleep can affect your child’s mental health

According to  Place2Be, the organisers of Children’s Mental Health Week, 1 in 6 children and young people experience a diagnosable mental health issue(1). Many more can suffer from other challenges that can affect their mental health.

Research published by The Sleep Foundation(2) reveals that lack of sleep can have an impact on children’s mood and mental well-being.

Children grow as they sleep

Uninterrupted sleep is so important for children. Research suggests that one reason for this is that children between the ages of 5 and 8, during the first stages of deep sleep, release a higher amount of growth hormone than they do during the day. The same research has revealed that interrupted sleep can also affect the growth, and immune system, of children in this same age range(3.) An uncomfortable, or unsuitable kids’ bed may have an impact on sleep, which is why it’s essential to make sure your child has the right bed for their needs.

Children need different amounts of sleep as they grow

As your child grows from a baby to a teenager, they’ll experience different stages of growth. This will also lead to a difference in the hours of sleep they need each night.(4) A toddler’s sleep requirements will differ from those of a teenager, as will the needs of your child at the stages in between.

During your journey through our timeline of kids’ beds, you’ll see that we’ve highlighted the recommended number of hours of sleep needed at each stage.

When you realise just how much time your child spends in bed, you’ll undoubtedly understand the importance of buying the right kids bed for your growing child.

Age 3 - 5 years - Low kids' beds and toddler beds

Approx. hours of sleep needed: 10-13 including naps

If your child has reached the Houdini stage and is successfully escaping from their cot, then perhaps it’s time to look at upgrading to a Child's bed. Toddler beds with safety sides can be a great way to allow your child to feel a little more independent. These types of beds ensure they can still sleep safely without rolling out of bed.

As they grow, you may want to help your child unleash their imagination with a fun kid's bed like the  Wig Wam X bed frame

This low bed will make your little one feel like they’re on a camping adventure indoors while still providing the comfort and support they require for a great night’s sleep.

It's important to note that the Wig Wam X Bed is not suitable for children below the age of 4. 

Mattress to match:  Jay-Be Simply Kids’ Open Coil Anti-Allergy Mattress

Age 6 - 12 years - Bigger beds and bunk beds

Approx. hours of sleep needed: 9-12

Sometimes it’s not just a child that grows, but the entire family, and when there’s more than one child to consider, but little space to spare, bunk beds can prove to be very convenient kids’ beds. Bunk beds are suitable for children aged six and over and can make sharing a room with a sibling so much fun.

If you’re looking for kids' beds with storage space, a mid sleeper or high sleeper should be considered. These types of beds have space beneath them where belongings can be neatly stashed away.

Mattress to matchSilentnight Healthy Growth Bunk Mattress

Age 13 - 18 years - Beds for teens

Approx. hours of sleep needed: 8 to 10 hours

As a child ages, their needs change, and their bedroom becomes not only the place they rest, but also their own private sanctuary. It’s also likely to turn into their preferred place to hang out at home with friends. Many teenagers would be delighted with a more mature approach to their bedroom and the furniture in it, which is why the  Bergamo 2 in 1 USB Charging Trundle Bed Frame is worth a look. This stylish bed has a USB port built into the headboard, making it easy for your teen to charge their phone at night.

The slide-out single bed underneath is also a fantastic addition which will make sleepovers a doddle and can be hidden away when not in use.

Mattress to matchSimply Bensons Nevada Memory Mattress

Beds for young adults

Older teens will almost certainly appreciate being upgraded to a  double bed or king size bed, especially if they require more room than most. A larger bed is a great investment, not only for a growing older child, but also for your home. For example, once your child has flown the nest, you may want to convert their bedroom into a guest room and the new larger kids’ bed will be perfect for overnight guests.

Mattress to match: Product of the Year 2022* Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 6000 mattress

Kids' beds at Bensons for Beds

To find out more about our kids’ beds, take a look at our  complete collection. You can also speak with one of our friendly customer service advisers who will be delighted to help you choose the best kids' beds for your home. To place an order, give us a call on 0808 144 6160 and find the ideal children's bed and mattress for your little (or not so little) one today.


*Product of The Year 2022 is the UK’s Largest consumer survey of product innovation with over 10,000 voting participants.


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(3).The connection between sleep and growth (ages 5 to 8) | BabyCenter

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