​Best 2023 Black Friday Mattress Deals at Bensons

Posted by Gemma Henry - Content Lead on 17th Nov 2023

​Best 2023 Black Friday Mattress Deals at Bensons

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday collide to form what is widely considered to be one of the biggest shopping events of the year, we’ve been busy prepping. And our Black Friday mattress deals this year are bigger and better than ever before.

So, if you’ve been dreaming about buying a new sleep solution during this year’s Black Friday event, you’re in luck! We’ve slashed the prices of our best-selling mattresses for this very occasion. Yep, you read that right! We’re not discounting our old stock in a bid to create space for new lines. Instead, we’re offering Bensons for Beds customers an unmissable discount on a collection of our some of our top selling products.

Without further ado, here’s a look at the different mattresses we’re discounting during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale event. Scroll on to unveil all.

Best Black Friday mattress deals

This Black Friday, Bensons is pulling out all the stops and offering 25% off a diverse selection of our best-selling mattresses. Scroll on to see which models are included and find out which deal could be an ideal fit for your sleep preferences, budget and needs.

Black Friday deal on Silentnight 2000 Eco Dual Supreme Comfort Tufted Divan Bed and mattress Set

25% off Slumberland Duo mattresses

If you’ve been considering purchasing a new mattress during the Black Friday sales, this deal could be ideal for you. Our Slumberland Duo 2200 2-in-1 mattress delivers great value for money. This unique mattress boasts a dual-sided mattress that can be flipped in line with the seasons to ensure that your sleep surface stays effective at optimising your body temperature.

The spring/summer side of the mattress features a cool-touch fabric (SensICE) that effectively draws heat away from the body to keep you cool on those balmy evenings. The autumn/winter side of the mattress features a snuggly "teddy bear" like fabric that helps to keep you warm and snuggly during cooler nights.

Our award-winning Slumberland Duo 2200 2-in-1 mattress is available in both medium and firm comfort levels which makes choosing the right mattress firmness easier. Plus, this Black Friday deal applies to every mattress size too. So, whether you’re looking for a single, small double, standard double, king size, or super king mattress this Black Friday, this model could fit the bill.

25% off Staples & Co Artisan mattresses

If you’re looking to save on a luxurious mattress during the 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we’re offering k you 25% off the RRP on a selection of our Staples & Co Artisan mattresses. Included in the sale are:

Both models feature a combination of full-size individually wrapped pocket springs and an additional layer of mini pocket springs in their core. This results in an extremely supportive, comfortable and durable sleep surface. A pillow top layer, featuring yet more mini pocket springs, provides enhanced comfort.

Again, both the Artisan Superior and the Deluxe are available in your preference of three comfort ratings: soft, medium, or firm. Plus our 25% off Black Friday deal extends to mattresses of all sizes including single, small double, double, king size, and super king.

Tailor your Black Friday mattress purchase to your individual preferences and needs at Bensons.

25% off Staples & Co Eco Latex mattresses

Another best-seller that’s having its price slashed in celebration of the Black Friday event is the Staples & Co Refresh Eco Latex Pocket 3000 Mattress. If you’ve been considering investing in a Latex mattress and would love to know more about them, check out our Latex Mattress Buying Guide.

Tencel™ fabric, which is produced by environmentally responsible processes, delivers improved breathability and anti-allergy protection. The mattress’ fabric has also been Temperature+ treated too. This helps to keep your body at the optimal temperature for sleep during the night by allowing air to circulate through the mattress.

Whether you sleep hot, are looking for a more sustainable mattress type, or suffer from allergies, this Black Friday deal is too good to miss.

25% off iGel mattresses

Our intuitive temperature-regulating mattresses are also being discounted by a generous 25% off throughout the Black Friday sale. The models you can nab a tidy saving on are:

The iGel Advance 2050i model features a total of 2050 individual pocket springs. These are then topped with a 5cm layer of iGel™ Advance boasting graphene technology for intelligent temperature regulation. If you’re considering this Black Friday deal, you’ll be able to choose between Medium or Firm comfort ratings to ensure the mattress adheres to your personal preferences too.

The iGel Advance 3500i plush top model delivers optimum levels of comfort with its indulgent plush top. 3500 pocket springs are utilised to create an impressively responsive base layer and this is topped with a 7.5cm layer of iGel™. Delivering pressure relief and temperature regulation, all types of sleepers can benefit from this mattress.

25% off Sealy Posturepedic mattresses

Customers can also unlock a 25% discount off the RRP on the Sealy Newton Posturepedic mattress model at Bensons this Black Friday. This mattress features AlignSupport® spring technology, responsive UniCased® edge support, and a latex ComfortCore™. And so, you can expect a responsive, maximised sleep surface that delivers pressure relief as and when you need it.

The Sealy Newton mattress has even been endorsed by Allergy UK thanks to its ProShield® fibres which help keeping pesky allergens and dust mites at bay.

Shop now to unlock 25% off the usual price and tailor your mattress to your sleep preferences with a choice of medium or firm comfort ratings.

25% off Slumberland Flip mattresses

Also included in our mattress Black Friday deals is the award-winning Flip which has been specifically designed with the needs of growing teens in mind.

This clever mattress, designed for growing bodies, is approved by Good Housekeeping Institute. Its variable support spring system allows it to deliver unique support on both sides of the mattress, which makes it ideal for the changing height and weight of adolescents.

The softer side of the mattress provides comfort and support for lighter bodies, while the firmer side provides the enhanced support heavier bodies need. So, as soon as your teen reaches the age of 15 or weighs in 55kg (whichever comes first), simply ‘flip’ the mattress to improve the support your child receives.

Score 25% off your choice of mattress size, be it single, small double or double, in the Bensons Black Friday sale.

25% off eve mattresses

It wouldn’t be Black Friday without a discount off our exclusive best-selling eve sleep mattresses! And so, to mark the occasion, we’re offering the below eve mattress deals:

This exciting news means there’s a discount to suit all fans of eve ahead of Christmas.

The Hybrid Duo is a Good Housekeeping Institute award winning mattress. With its 1900 dual layer pocket springs, it’s ideal for sleepers of all different weights while being able to adapt to individual body movement to delivered continued support all night long.

And as for the eve Pure Memory mattress with its actively cooling and breathable memory foam, you can enjoy pressure relieving support as you sleep. Act fast to secure 25% of your ideal eve sleep solution.

25% off Slumberland Natural Solutions mattresses

You can also bag 25% off the price of the Slumberland Natural Solutions 2000 mattressthis Black Friday. This mattress utilises 2000 premium pocket springs to deliver unique support for each sleeper. Plus, the springs are made from recycled steel!

Our Slumberland Natural Solutions mattress is also vegan-approved as none of the components used in its makeup have been tested on animals and all fibres are plant-based.

It even comes with a free 8-year guarantee to grant you peace of mind too. So, if this deal sounds too good to miss, explore our medium and firm Slumberland Natural Solutions mattresses today. Available sizes range from single up to super king too to ensure that finding the right fit for your bedroom is a breeze.

25% off Slumberland Air mattresses

A selection of our brand new – and exclusive to Bensons – Slumberland Air mattresses are also being offered with a 25% reduction off the previous price too. The two models featured below are the options benefitting from our Black Friday discount:

Both of these Slumberland mattress models benefit from the use of breathable memory foam – perfect for those who love the comforting embrace of memory foam but tend to run hot when they sleep.

So, for those who prefer the support of a firm or extra-firm sleep surface, this Bensons’ Black Friday deal is one of the best.

25% off Silentnight Supreme Comfort mattresses

This brand-new Silentnight mattress range is all poised to become an instant best-seller. And as such, we’re extending our 25% off mattresses Black Friday offering to include the top two premium mattress tiers of this range too. Enjoy the below discounts throughout our ongoing sale:

Silentnight’s Supreme Comfort mattress collection boasts a myriad of mattress technologies. For a start, the entire range of mattresses is double-sided. This means that it’s expected to be longer-lasting and thus offer you improved value for money.

The range also features Silentnight’s high performance breathable comfort fibres to ensure that even the hottest of sleepers can enjoy a cooler, fresher night’s sleep night after night.

The main difference between the two premium options featuring in our Black Friday mattress event is the number of individually wrapped pocket springs. The 2000 Eco Dual Supreme Comfort model boasts 2000 individually wrapped springs while the 2500 Eco Dual Supreme Comfort option features an impressive 2500 individual pocket springs.

Given that the Silentnight Supreme Comfort mattress range is hypoallergenic, breathable and delivers zoned support, it’s a great choice for all types of sleepers. The 2000 Eco Dual Supreme Comfort Tufted mattress is available in both medium and firm comfort which means that you can tailor your mattress firmness to your preferred sleep position. The 2500 Eco Dual Supreme Comfort mattress in this collection is available in a medium firmness which is suited to side sleepers and back sleepers but may be a little too soft for those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs.

Black Friday FAQs

Black Friday Silentnight 2500 Eco Dual Supreme Comfort Divan Bed and Mattress Set

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday follows the US holiday of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday that falls on the fourth Thursday in November each year. And so, it stands to reason that Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday in November.

This year, the official date of Black Friday is 24th November and Cyber Monday lands on 27th November. But, the Bensons Black Friday sale is already in full swing.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a mattress?

Absolutely. If you’ve been considering investing in a new mattress for a while but have been patiently waiting for a good deal, there’s no time quite like Black Friday. And while some retailers choose to sell off their old stock during the sales, at Bensons we prefer to do things a little differently. So, this year, we’re offering customers 25% off a collection of our absolute best-selling mattresses! There’s something for every type of sleeper and every budget on the table.

When do the Black Friday sales end?

What started out as a limited 24-hour sale event has quickly evolved into something much more enticing for pre-Christmas bargain hunters. Scroll back to five or so years ago and Black Friday would commence online at the stroke of midnight as Thanksgiving Thursday gave way to Black Friday. In-store shoppers would have to wait for their local stores to open their doors on Friday morning which led to many people preferring to shop the sales online given that they would get to see the discounts and deals long before those choosing to shop in-store.

Given the popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers started to stretch their sale period to bridge the two dates. But fast forward to today and the Black Friday sales landscape looks completely different. Store launch their Black Friday discounts earlier and earlier and the sales end later and later. Our Black Friday sale event is scheduled to come to a close as Cyber Monday ends giving way to Tuesday 28th November at the stroke of midnight.  

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