Best Places To Sleep Under The Stars

Posted by Rachel Marshall - Brand Manager on 24th Jun 2022

Best Places To Sleep Under The Stars

Along with clear blue skies during the day, summer brings with it cloud-free nights. To make the most of the picturesque night sky, we’ve analysed the best places in the UK where you can sleep under the stars.

If you’re envisioning wild sleeping or tents, don’t worry, you no longer have to be a camping guru to enjoy the natural beauty of the world around you. Glamping domes allow you to appreciate the wonders surrounding you from the comfort of a double mattress. So, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep under the stars, instead.

What Is A Geodome?

A geodome is a glamping dome. These are dome-shaped tents with clear windows that offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and night sky. The best thing about geodomes is they are kitted out with proper double beds, so you can enjoy all home comforts for a night under the constellations.

Top 10 Geodome Locations To Sleep Under The Stars

To help you decide where best to try out a geodome, we’ve combined TripAdvisor reviews with data on light pollution levels and annual amounts of sunshine to find the ultimate glamping experience.

1. Ekopod, St Clether, Cornwall

Earning the top spot, Ekopod scored 96% in our rating system with top marks for TripAdvisor reviews and sky darkness rating. Located on five acres of wildflower meadow in Cornwall, the pod allows you to soak in the beauty of the countryside in a spectacular way. It’s no surprise this has topped the list, with Bodin Moor having European Dark Skies status, providing stunning views of the skies on clear nights.

2. Big Barn Camping, Laugharne, Carmarthenshire

Also scoring top marks for sky darkness rating and TripAdvisor reviews, Big Barn Camping in Carmarthen have introduced stargazing glamping domes for 2022. These pods offer 360 views of the night sky, situated a stone's throw away from campsite facilities that help them feel like a home away from home. Decorated with a comfy bed, the location is a wildlife haven in the Welsh countryside.

3. Chalke Valley Camping, Bowerchalke, Wiltshire

Scoring 93% in our data analysis, Chalke Valley campsite hit top marks for its sky darkness rating. This family-run site offers an idyllic rural setting, allowing you to fall off the grid in the most comfortable way possible. Sheltered from the hustle and bustle of city life, the geodomes here provide a warm ambience of tea lights and lanterns whilst you soak in the stunning views of the night sky.

4. Wild Wellington’s Glamping, Glynarthen, Ceredigion

At 93%, with top marks for both TripAdvisor reviews and sky darkness rating, Wild Wellington’s is another fantastic location to observe the sky above. Situated ten minutes away from the West Wales coast, these furnished luxury glamping pods offer a peaceful hidden gem filled with modern facilities where you can take in the breathtaking beauty of nature.

5. Luna Domes, Chiddingstone Heath, Kent

Another top favourite on TripAdvisor, Luna Domes also scored 93% on our scoring system. Offering a cosy night under the stars, these unique domes provide panoramic views where you can take in the clear, night sky of its West Kent location. Complete with burning wood fires and soft furnishings, this setting has everything you need for a luxury night.

6. Ling’s Meadow, Hepworth, Suffolk

A four-acre meadow in rural Suffolk, Ling’s Meadow came sixth on our list. A little bit different, the StarDome here is a canvas-covered hemisphere somewhere between a yurt and a typical geodome. With a central opening to view the night sky through, this dome sleeps up to five people making it a go-to location for groups to soak in the surroundings together.

7. Top of the Woods, Capel Coleman, Pembrokeshire

Achieving top marks for sky darkness rating in our analysis, Top of the Woods offer geodomes located on The Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales. Enwreathed in wildflowers, farmland and nature, accommodation here makes full use of the surrounding nature to offer a remote escape that offers exciting daytime fun as well as full views of the night sky.

8. Beavers Retreat, Manorbier, Pembrokeshire

Scoring highest on our cloud-free skies rating, Beavers Retreat is also in Pembrokeshire and provides visitors with snapshots of the night skies free of light pollution. Promoting a simpler way of life, this site offers stargazer domes which have a clear window to gaze at the stars. Equipped with a double bed and fresh cotton sheets, there’s no worry of comfort at Beavers Retreat.

9. Elysian Fields Campsite, Ashton, Cornwall

Another top scorer for cloud-free skies, Elysian Fields Campsite may be ninth on the list but can still offer a remote Cornish paradise perfect for stargazers. Whilst they may not offer their own geodome, this is a spot perfect for those more rehearsed campers who aren’t afraid of providing their own home comforts in exchange for a night under a blanket of stars.

10. Atlantic Horizons, Bude, Cornwall

Last, but certainly not least, Atlantic Horizons scored 85% on our analysis, with full marks for the sky darkness rating. Set in the natural surroundings of the North Cornwall coast, they have everything you need for a comfortable glamping experience. Choose the Stowe Stargaze tent for 360-degree views of the clear Cornish skies and watch with loved ones from a canvas-protected space where you can stay snug all night.

Whichever of these locations you choose, you’ll be able to relax, unwind and take in the breathtaking views the British countryside has to offer. Make the most of your time this summer and choose a staycation with style.

Data methodology:

  • The TripAdvisor rating for glamping domes featured on was determined by looking at the ratio of ‘Excellent’ reviews as a proportion of all reviews for the venue, and then normalising this ratio on a score of 1-9 to match the scale of the other two metrics in our analysis. Sites that were not reviewed on TripAdvisor, or where the TripAdvisor rating is not specifically about the accommodation, were discounted from the analysis.
  • Sky darkness was determined using a map of UK light pollution produced by the countryside charity CPRE. As the map has nine sky brightness levels, the maximum points awarded for a glamping dome venue with the darkest skies was nine.
  • Met Office data on sunshine duration annual average (1971-2000) for the UK was used as a proxy for cloud cover. Locations were manually located on the Met Office map by sight. As the map has nine levels for the number of sunshine hours, the maximum points awarded for a glamping dome venue with the most cloud-free skies was nine.
  • Since several venues were tied for tenth place, the venues were sorted first by total score and then by darkness of the site.

Data collected on 8-8 June 2022.

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