​Colour Trends in the Bedroom

Posted by Gemma Henry - Content Lead on 24th Apr 2024

​Colour Trends in the Bedroom

Green or yellow, pink or orange, blue or gold. Helping to bring personality into your bedroom, a touch of colour is an easy way to make a change, whether that’s through a complete décor overhaul or by adding a few colourful touches to a room crying out for an update. The scheme you choose isn’t just a feast for your eyes either. According to colour psychology (yes, that’s a real thing) your choice of colour can even change the way you feel. We’re not kidding, experts say that while some colours may encourage calm restfulness, others could have you jumping out of bed with joy (1). Some tones might even encourage concentration and creativity, making them a great choice if your bedroom doubles as a workspace.

Whatever your personal taste and whether your home is old or new, modern or traditional, large or small, there’s a colour scheme to suit. Read on for our summary of the best colours for a bedroom, the most exciting colour scheme trends for this year and our top tips for bringing a splash of colour into the boudoir.

Bedroom Colour Ideas for 2024

Slumberland Air 2.0 Memory Divan Bed Set in graphite grey

Each year the interior fashionistas and trend forecasters scrabble to be first off the block with their predictions for up and coming colour trends. Here are a few that we think are set to stick.

Peach fuzz for an on-trend bedroom

Nobody knows colour quite like the guys at Pantone and their colour of the year for 2024 is the cutely named Peach Fuzz. A peachy-orange that blends Gen Z fun with a timeless appeal that’ll keep you geriatric millennials happy, Peach Fuzz is ideal for the bedroom. While this fresh tone has a near-neutral lightness that ensures it doesn’t overwhelm the senses, its zestiness is bound to put a bright and breezy morning smile on your face. This makes Peach Fuzz and other peach-adjacent colours ideal for bedroom walls.

Calm the bedroom with shades of blue

Everyone loves a bit of blue and in 2024 that adoration shows no sign of slowing down. From serious French navy to light and airy baby blues, paint manufacturers across the globe are choosing blue, blue and more blue as their colour of year. Always popular in kitchens and bathrooms, blue tones are also ideal for the bedroom, offering a calming mood in a broad range of shades. While blue looks great on bedroom walls, whether it’s a blue and white wallpaper print or a navy-painted statement wall, we love to see deep blue velvet used in bedroom furniture.

Bold neutrals make a statement change

It sounds like a contradiction in terms but interior designers are dead set on the idea of bold neutrals for 2024. Think deep greens, marigold yellows and plummy purples used in place of classic whites and beiges and you get the idea. Letting these bolder tones take the lead in the bedroom allows you to create the feeling of encompassing warmth that you really want from a bedroom while also providing a smattering of glamour too. To enjoy the very best of the trend layer your colours tone-on-tone, using complementary shades across décor and furnishings for an on-trend look that won’t overwhelm.

Shades of black for moody style

Feeling confident in colour? If so you might be brave enough to embrace one of the biggest current trends in home décor – black. It might seem a daunting choice but black in a home can look wildly sophisticated and in a bedroom brings a wonderful sense of calm and comfort too. Unexpectedly, black is available in a wide variety of shades so there’s no need to fear living in a deep black hole. Choose a nearly-black matte paint for walls and pair with pale wood furnishings and beige-white touches for a sophisticated bedroom that’s oh-so-now.

Bedroom Wall Colour Ideas For Every Bedroom

Felicity sofa bed in neutral oyster/beige

No two bedrooms are ever the same. Translate those on-trend colour crazes in a way that will suit your space.

Master bedroom colour ideas

Lucky enough to sleep in a large size master suite? There’s no end to the options open to you. With a larger space you’re open to experimenting with deeper tones, such as jewel purple and deep blue. Prefer to keep things light and airy? Your bedroom will feel spacious and bright in neutral tones, just be sure to layer up with soft furnishings, artworks and accessories to keep things from looking cold and sparse.

The 2024 trend for your room: embrace the moody blues with a statement blue-tinged wallpaper. Be inspired by Delft pottery, French toiles or Riviera stripes, blending bold pattern with complementary paint colours and blue and white bedding.

Small bedroom colour ideas

Just because your guest bedroom is short on space doesn’t mean it has to lack personality. While white and its sisters will certainly improve the feeling of space in a small room, when it comes to creating a guest room that feels cosy and warm we love the idea of all enveloping colour. If the coloured wall trend is a step too far, inject personality with bright bedding, florid furnishings and colourful cushions.

The 2024 trend for your room: layered bold neutrals are great in a small space, letting you play with colour without the issue of clashing. Opt for a warm, earthy theme and keep woodwork, accessories and furnishings within one or two shades of your chosen wall colour.

Kids’ bedroom colour ideas

Blue for boys, pink for girls and nice gender neutral pale yellow - kids bedroom colour trends don’t seem to have changed in forever. Baby, toddler, tween or teen, your child deserves a room that’s fun to be in and that suits their personality, especially when their tastes change year on year. That’s why we think a child’s bedroom is the ideal space in which to delve into the changing world of colour trends.

The 2024 trend for your room: Pantone’s Peach Fuzz is ideal for a young person’s room, capturing the current zeitgeist for cool candied tones. Peach shades on the walls are complemented perfectly with statement accessories in pistachio green, ube purple and primrose yellow.

Bedroom Colour Ideas: Beyond Trends

Tempur Arc™ Luxury Upholstered Bed Frame in vibrant, warm copper

Following bedroom décor trends to the letter can be tempting but if you make a change every time the zeitgeist flips you can end up bankrupting yourself and developing decorators wrist (is that a thing? Experience tells us it must be). Don’t want to let trends dictate your life? Keep reading…

Timeless tones for a bedroom you’ll love forever

It’s all too easy to be led by home interior magazines and social media influencers, but don’t forget that what you see on those pages, print or digital, is carefully curated to inspire. The reality of living with a colour fad is that you risk falling out of love with it quick smart. We’re not telling you to play it safe but there’s a lot to be said for keeping it classic. In the bedroom, simple antique lace and barley tones never lose their lustre, giving you a long life of enjoyment. Prefer something with a bit more pizzazz? 2024 favourites navy blue and pepper black never go out of style and can be accessorised to suit any taste.

Using colour psychology to decorate

We think that there’s a lot to be said for colour psychology, especially when it comes to decorating a home. Just think about the associations you make with colour; think red and you think energy, passion. Blue and green? Calm and serene. Yellow is sunny and cheerful and as for brown, it’s warm and earthy. Consider how you want to feel when you’re in a bedroom and let that guide you in your decorating efforts. Feeling stressed in your daily life? Blue is thought to lower blood pressure and the heart rate (2). If your bedroom is a place for romance look no further than pink, the colour of love. And if you’re trying for a baby green’s your colour. Associated with fertility (3), leafy tones are also soothing and relaxing.

Tap into trends on a smaller scale

While we’re the first to tell you to plough your own furrow we also really, really love to keep things fashionable. That’s why we like to keep plugged in with home décor fads as they come and go. If you’re like us and think that a change is as good as a rest you might be best served by bringing colour crazes into a room on a smaller, changeable scale. Pick up postcards and prints in shades of blue. A couple of fluffy cushions in Peach Fuzz nod to the colour of the year without breaking the bank. Painting a single wall in almost-black or choosing a bold neutral removeable wallpaper are both simple ways to tap into a trend with no requirement to go the whole hog.

New Bedroom Colour Ideas In Store and Online

Mansfield Ortho Divan Bed and Mattress Set in cool grey

Once the decorating job is done tap into colour trends with some of our favourite Bensons for Beds bedroom pieces.

Bring the blue…

with this Slumberland Air 2.0 memory divan bed set. Not only does this complete bed design come with a frame upholstered in 2024 trendsetting Ink Blue fabric, it also promises you a great night’s sleep with more than 1000 pocket springs neatly tucked under a unique seven pressure zone relieving memory foam, ideal for those experiencing joint pain and trouble sleeping.

Embrace bold neutrals…

in your guest room with the space saving and super stylish Felicity sofa bed. A full size three-seater, this comfortable settee converts into a guest-friendly double bed via a simple click-clack mechanism. Available in a sleek Oyster and a sophisticated Rose Pink, the velvet Felicity leans right into the contemporary bold neutrals look.

No need to fear black…

with the Plush Carbon upholstered frame of the Bensons for Beds Tech Latex Motion plush top adjustable divan set. The attractive on-trend bed frame of this set is combined with a high-tech adjustable bed, meaning that there’s no need to compromise on modern style when pain or discomfort leads you to seek out a practical bed set-up. Alternative colourways include blue shades Bespoke Prussian and Bespoke Mineral and neutrals such as Castello Silver Grey and Bespoke Portobello.

Embrace colour…

by bringing the Tempur Arc quilted upholstered bed frame into your bedroom. Available in four bold, colourful shades; copper, dark green, dark grey and gold this brilliant bed frame is upholstered in touchable velvet. A great statement piece, this bed frame is available with a variety of foot options, helping it to blend seamlessly into your chosen bedroom décor. The Arco design is also available in a stand-out luxury version and in a similar design as the Ergo adjustable bed frame.

Feel peachy…

…by bringing the Peach Fuzz trend home to stay. Not an easy colour to find when it comes to bedroom upholstery, peach décor is well complemented by the shades of grey you’ll find donned by our Mansfield Ortho divan bed set. It’ll also look absolutely fab as a backdrop to the brilliant Julian Bowen Wild bunk bed in any young adventurer’s bedroom or as a backdrop to the Bexley hinged wardrobe in a fashion-forward teen’s hang out space.

Shop Bedroom Colour Trends at Bensons for Beds

Tech Latex Motion Plushtop Adjustable Divan Set in bespoke jet black

While we can’t don our overalls and brandish our paintbrushes to help you redecorate your bedroom, we can help you to furnish your beautiful new boudoir. Pay a visit to your nearest showroom to check out our complete range of beds, available in just about every colour under the sun (within reason) and the bedroom furniture, from wardrobes to bedside tables and even storage ottomans, that will suit almost any decorative scheme, whether it’s a timeless classic or a trend-driven new look. In addition, we can help you to select your perfect mattress using our sleeppro® system and, as if that weren’t enough, we’ll figure out delivery and taking away old furniture and mattresses too.

Questions? Queries? Just want to talk redecoration with the bedroom experts? Give us a call on 0808 144 6160.


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