​Disney Bedroom Ideas from Bensons

Posted by Megan Thompson - Junior Buyer on 23rd Aug 2023

​Disney Bedroom Ideas from Bensons

If you want to make your little one’s dreams come true, a Disney bedroom is a great place to start. Incorporating their favourite Disney characters into their bedroom décor is a great way to create an inviting space your little one will be excited to sleep in each and every night too. That’s a win-win scenario in our books.

And so, our brand new and exclusive to Bensons Disney bedroom furniture is sure to spark some fabulous ideas among parents everywhere. With a choice between the most popular children’s superhero (Spiderman, of course) and a Disney princesses design, our new bedroom furniture range is sure to be a big hit. It can also be the centre point of your child’s Disney bedroom idea from which you can take the inspiration you need to create a magical sleep space.

Want to learn how to turn their childhood dreams into a reality? Read on to learn more.

Top Disney bedroom furniture ideas at Bensons

And so, without further ado, here’s an introduction to the Disney bedroom furniture collection at Bensons. Scroll on to unveil all.

Disney beds at Bensons

Three different Disney bed frames have landed in our children’s bedroom furniture category. Choose between the Spiderman single bedframe, the Disney princess single bedframe, and the Spiderman single tent bedframe.

All of these Disney-inspired designs are a great starting point around which building your child’s dream bedroom will be an easier task.

Let’s take a closer look at the different bed frames on offer in our Disney collection.

Disney Spiderman bedframe

Disney Spider-man single bed frame

This full-size single bedframe features a gloss finish Spiderman printed design. The main colour of this bedframe is a vibrant blue that is sure to appeal to children of all ages. Disney’s Spiderman is featured swinging into action while shooting his webs at the foot of the bed. Another Spiderman image also dominates the headboard, where your little own little superhero will lay their head to rest after each busy day. This one features in a simple but contrasting yellow rectangular background.

There’s even a series of comic book-inspired Spiderman prints on the side of the bedframe too. This additional detailing is sure to spark joy in Spiderman fans young and older alike.

The use of the three primary colours (red, blue and yellow) in this Disney bedframe is striking and will add some excitement to even the plainest of bedrooms. So, even if you choose to paint your child’s bedroom walls a classic white, this bed frame is sure to stand out.

There’s even safety sides featured on both sides of the bed frame. The sides help to keep your child safe while they sleep and reduce the risk of them rolling out of bed as they move through the night. This makes the bedframe a great option for parents looking for that transitional sleep solution that will take your child on a journey from their cot to a bed, or from their toddler bed onto a big bed.

Note: If your child is a real wriggler in their sleep, falling out of bed can be a cause for concern. But additional safety guard rails are readily available from a number of retailers both online and on UK high streets.

Measuring in at 95cm x 95cm x 193 cm (H x L x W), this Disney Spiderman bedframe has been perfectly designed to work with a child’s single mattress. The recommended maximum mattress depth for frame is 19cm which means you’ll have plenty of options here at Bensons. And it’s worth noting that the depth recommendation is to ensure that the safety sides work as they should.

Whether your budding superhero is a side, front or back-sleeper, finding the right support and comfort levels they need is easy. Simply head to our dedicated kids’ mattresses page and use the handy filters to ensure all the options displayed fit your criteria.

Disney princess bedframe

Disney princess bed frame

And for those dreaming of becoming a Disney princess when they grow up, the Disney princess bedframe is sure to make their childhood magical. The main colour for this bedframe is pink – perfect for the princess in your life. Plus the gloss finish Disney princess printed design is sure to brighten their day for years to come.

The Disney princess bed at Bensons features three classic princesses and one more contemporary. Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle feature on both the headboard and at the foot of the bed frame. And so, your little one’s dreams are sure to be filled with magic and wonder as they drift off to sleep with these images dancing in their sleepy minds.

Moana adorns the side of the bedframe surrounded by a collection of palm trees, flowers, and other Disney-inspired prints. This model also features the safety sides which can make this bedframe the perfect pick for little ones transitioning from a cot to a bed.

This bedframe also measures in at 95cm x 95cm x 193 cm (H x L x W). And so, the Bensons Disney princess bed has been perfectly designed to work with a standard single mattress too. The recommended maximum mattress depth for this frame is also 19cm which means you’ll have all the same options as those suited to the Spiderman bedframe here at Bensons. So, assess your little princess’ preferred sleeping position and choose an option tailored to their personal support and comfort needs. Our dedicated kids’ mattresses page features handy filters to ensure that you can find the right fit for both your child’s sleep needs and their new bed.

Disney Spiderman tent bedframe

Disney Spider-man tent bed frame

Take the magic a step further with this Disney Spiderman tent bedframe. It’s a full-size single design featuring a gloss finish with Spiderman imagery aplenty. The main colour of this bedframe is also a cheerful blue that should appeal at any age. On this bedframe, Disney’s Spiderman is featured in two different poses: swinging into action while shooting his webs; and in a “ready for anything” stance.

A third Spiderman image is also featured at the head of the bed, where your little one will lay their head to rest after their own busy day. This one is featured in a simple yet striking yellow starburst. And the base (or support structure) of the bedframe features a graphic inspired cityscape. So, your little one can drift off dreaming of what it would feel like to soar through the skies, swinging from building to building just like their favourite superhero.

The tent structure of this Disney bedroom focal piece has easy entrances your child can enjoy climbing into at bedtime on both sides. So, it doesn’t matter how you intend to position the bedframe in their bedroom! As long as the ceiling height allows, the bed can be placed against a wall facing either way or in the centre of their bedroom.

This bedframe measures 117.5cm x 100cm x 193 cm (H x L x W). Given the added height required to create the tent-like sleeping space, you’ll need to factor this in if your child’s bedroom is a dormer or loft room with a sloping ceiling.

Just like the other two bedframes in this collection, the recommended maximum mattress depth is also 19cm. This is in place to ensure that the mattress fits into the A-frame tent design. So, find out your child’s preferred sleeping position and finding the right support and comfort levels they need right here. Head to our kids’ mattresses page and use those handy filters to help you find the ideal fit for your child’s personal sleep needs as well as their new Disney bedframe.

Disney bedroom furniture

Along with our Disney beds, we’ve also added some fun, functional and fabulous Disney bedroom furniture to our line up. From bedside tables to storage solutions, find everything you need to transform your child’s bedroom ideas into a magical reality at Bensons. Read on to learn more about the new Disney furniture pieces.

Disney princess storage unit

It’s fun, funky, functional and incorporates a fifth Disney princess. The Disney princess storage unit at Bensons boasts 6 individual fabric storage boxes – great for organising toys, clothing or a combination of both. What’s great about this piece is, while it perfectly complements the Disney princess bedframe, it would actually also be ideal for a playroom too. Add a pop of colour to any space that’s primarily for your little princess and incorporate their favourite Disney princesses at the same time too.

Disney princess bedroom furniture storage unit

The dark pink, wooden frame of the storage unit features Ariel, Belle and Cinderella on both sides for versatile positioning. And the fabric storage drawers are a combination of the same dark pink and a lighter shade of pink. The three dark pink fabric drawers feature prints of the Disney princesses Rapunzel, Moana, and Cinderella, while the three lighter pink fabric drawers feature a pattern of Disney-inspired images picked out in the darker pink featured on the other drawers. So, the whole design is really cohesive.

Disney Spiderman storage unit

As functional as it is striking, the vibrant blue Disney Spiderman storage unit will also add a pop of colour to any Child’s space be it bedroom or playroom. And this design also features 6 fabric drawers laid out in 3 rows of 2 by 2. These individual drawers make tidying toys easy and fun as your child will be able to organise their own things while tidying them away. And equally these drawer designs are great for clothes – if you haven’t come across Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up series yet, you’re in for a treat.

Disney Spider-Man bedroom furniture storage unit

The bright blue, wooden frame of the storage unit features Spiderman in a “ready for anything” pose. And the fabric storage drawers embrace that same bright blue colour. Three of the fabric drawers feature prints of Spiderman’s head contrasted against a bright yellow starburst graphic and the other three feature a multi-coloured Spiderman lettering graphic design. So, it’s sure to be a winner with fans of this web-shooting Disney superhero.

And with both the Disney princess unit and the Spiderman unit measuring in at just 48cm x 35cm x 30cm (HxWxL), they’re a compact and child-friendly size. Perfect for your child’s Disney themed bedroom!

Disney princess bedside table

And now your little princess has her very own Disney bed and storage unit, all that’s needed is a matching bedside table. Voila:

Disney Princesses bedside table unit cabinet

This matching pink bedside table is the icing on the cake to a picture perfect Disney princess bedroom. It features a compact drawer, perfectly sized for your little one’s current favourite Disney bedtime book; and a cubbyhole, big enough for a pull-out storage box to house their Disney teddies, or to use as a bookshelf to house the rest of their Disney book collection!

Disney Spiderman bedside table

And if a bed and a storage unit weren’t enough for your little Spiderman fan, this bedside table completes the look and the overall Disney bedroom idea. Plus there’s extra storage space for all their Spiderman toys, books and memorabilia.

With both of the bedside tables in this collection measuring in at 60cm x 63.5cm x 25cm (H x W x L) both are compact in size and child friendly. The large drawer handle makes accessing its contents easy for even the smallest hands.

Final thoughts

If your child is a lover of all things Disney, these bedroom ideas from Bensons are sure to delight. And, if you need any further advice while curating your little one’s new bedroom, pop into your local Bensons store or give our customer service team a call on 0333 222 6800. Though, we should point out that Our children’s Disney bedroom collection is only available online. But, we’re always happy to assist however we can. Plus, as sleep experts we’re always on hand to help you pair your child with their perfect mattress solution.