Posted by Bensons for Beds on 1st Jan 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Pillows | Sleep Hub

Choosing the right pillow can make or break your sleep. But how do you make sure you get this all-important decision right? Do you know your anti-snore pillows from your pregnancy pillows? How do you choose between latex, memory foam or down? And what is a housewife pillow?

Well, we’ve got all the essentials and the answers to all your questions.

The best place to start really is with our A – Z of pillow talk.

A – Is for Anti-Snore Pillows

It’s all in the name. And with these specialist pillows, the aim is to improve your breathing and reduce any snoring. According to Which? there’s very little research on their reliability, but we’re sure many partners will try anything to minimise those dreaded snores.

B – Is for Back Sleeper

You’ve guessed it, this means you sleep on your back. It’s important to keep your head flat and not pushed too far forward as that will put strain on your neck – a back sleeper pillow is ideal and memory foam is also a good option.

C – Is for Contour Pillows & Cool Pillows

Contour pillows have a raised edge that fits snugly into your neck – they are ideal if you’re looking for extra support.

Cool pillows are filled with tiny heat absorbent beads that remove any heat, assisting with hot flushes and night sweats. The part of the pillow that touches your skin will remain pleasant throughout the night, enabling a cool eight hours.

Our iGel pillows use this innovation to great effect. Naturally breathable, they’re impenetrable to bed bugs and dust mites, all the while expertly regulating temperature through their use of phase change crystals. These respond to your body temperature and absorb excess heat if you’re too hot, before releasing it when you’re too cold.

D – Is for Down

You might find that down or feather pillows are a little more expensive than those filled with synthetic fibres, but it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice. They stay supportive and comfortable for longer than their synthetic counterparts and you also have the opportunity to mould them to your face and neck. Just watch if they become squashed as you’ll need to reshape to retain their height and shape.

F – Is for Front Sleeper

We know we’re not supposed to do it, but if you’re a front sleeper you probably just can’t resist. If you love lying on your front all night, invest in a specialised front sleeper pillow and consider placing one under your stomach as well to avoid any lower back pain.

H – Is for Housewife Pillowcase

This is just your standard pillowcase, with the name being a relic from the late 19th Century. Either way, it’s your most popular pillowcase with dimensions of 50x75cm.

L – Is for Latex

You might not have heard of latex pillows, but they’re becoming more and more popular. They’re certainly special, however the biggest downside is the cost of around £70 - £100 – though many would argue they’re worth it. If you fancy splashing out on a fancy pillow then these have plenty of benefits, particularly the way they mould around your neck in a similar way to memory foam – before springing back. Unlike memory foam however, you’ll find that latex won’t get too hot, ensuring you stay cool throughout the night.

M – Is for Microfibre and Memory Foam

Microfibre pillows are a very popular choice as they are cheap, as well as being easy to wash and care for. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes meaning you can choose one that fits exactly to your personal needs. They don’t last that long however, and you should really replace them every few years.

Memory foam pillows are a hugely popular choice. They are easy to take care of and will mould exactly to the contours of your face and body. They can get warm though, making them a less ideal choice for summer. 

P – Is for Pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the U-shaped option often the most popular. These can be pulled and pushed and wrapped around to ensure pregnant women can sleep comfortably and find a position on their side that works for them and the baby. 

S – Is for Side Sleeper

You guessed it, side sleepers sleep on their sides. If this is you, you’ll need to invest in a specialised side sleeper pillow to keep your neck and spine aligned. A pillow between the knees is also a good idea, to ensure you don’t get any lower back pain. 

W – Is for Water Pillows

These are pillows filled with water to create density and support. Often, they are recommended by chiropractors.

V – Is for V-Shaped Pillows

It’s a similar concept to the U-shaped pregnancy pillow, but as you might expect, they’re a slightly different shape. If you suffer from shoulder or back pain, this could be the ideal option for you.

Ok, so now you have the basics, we’ve given you a whistle-stop tour of the sleeping essentials, and you’ll be armed with the information to find the perfect pillow for you.

The first stage is to understand what kind of sleeper you are, and which shape of pillow will best assist you and prevent any unwanted back or neck pain. The next stage is to look at your budget and decide on the most appropriate pillow type.

Once you’ve asked yourself these all-important questions, it’s time to make that investment. Find your perfect pillow today