Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Sofa Bed

Posted by Samantha Green - Junior Buyer on 29th Mar 2022

Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Sofa Bed

Sofa beds really are the unsung heroes of the world of furniture.

Conveniently dual-purpose, sofa beds are often used to provide everyday seating in addition to saving the day when unexpected visitors arrive.

Not only do sofa beds provide guests with a comfortable place to sleep at a moment's notice, but they also allow you to free-up space in a spare room so that it can have another use besides being used as a guestroom.

Allow Bensons for Beds to reveal some of the wonderful ways in which a sofa bed can enhance your living space and let us help you choose the ideal sofa bed for your home.

1.Why do I need a sofa bed?

Sofa beds are space-saving

One of the main reasons you may be considering buying a sofa bed is because it's a dual-purpose piece of furniture which helps to utilise the space you have.

It could be that you have a small spare room which will need to serve as both a guest room for when friends and family stay, and as an office for everyday use.

Perhaps you live in a flat or studio apartment and want a sofa for the living area that can also provide a sleeping space for guests when they stay.

Two-seater sofa beds and even three-seater beds can offer the space-saving solutions you've been looking for.

2.What size sofa bed do I need?

It’s important to establish how much space you’ll have to accommodate your new sofa bed so you can determine the size of sofa bed you want to buy.

Alexa single sofa bed in emerald green

Small sofa beds

When you need to make the most of limited space, you may be searching for a small sofa bed, rather than a larger, 3-seater sofa bed. You’ll often find these types of sofa beds in spare rooms that are being used for another purpose day-to-day but are then needed to accommodate guests every now and then.

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Large sofa beds

If you’re searching for a sofa bed that will also be your main settee, then you’ll want to consider a large sofa bed or a 3-seater sofa bed. A 3-seater sofa bed is a great idea for homes without a spare room or guest room as it can feature as the main seating area in your living room. A 3-seater sofa bed can also provide a roomier sleep experience than a 2-seater sofa bed for guests that sleep over.

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The Cassia 3-seater sofa bed in orange

Cassia 3-seater Sofa Bed in Orange

3. How important is style when choosing a sofa bed?

There is absolutely no need to sacrifice style just because you need a practical piece of furniture.

Bensons for Beds' sofa beds are a fantastic example of how style and function can be combined to create practical pieces that add to the overall design of your room.

Sofa beds and current trends

2022 is seeing a move towards tones that reflect nature, with increasing interest in emerald green sofa beds such as the Cassia 3-seater sofa bed and Skyla 3-seater sofa bed in Green or Orange.

In fact, it’s predicted that this year, shades of green and browns will be a popular choice for interior design.

According to Vogue, the colour brown is being used for furniture and home design as it has associations with being calming and can keep us “quite literally grounded”.

If you enjoy keeping up with current trends, you may wish to select your new sofa bed depending on contemporary colours selections and styles. If brown isn’t your cup of tea, you can still keep on trend by opting for autumnal colours and sofa beds in burnt orange or greens.

Each sofa bed in our collection has been designed to be both stylish and practical so you can enjoy selecting a sofa bed that reflects your personal style knowing that it will be a valued piece of functional furniture too.

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Livia Sofa Bed in Teal

Livia 2-seater Sofa Bed in Teal

4. What type of sofa bed do I need - click clack or fold out?

Sofa beds are all about convenience, which is why our sofa beds are easy to transform from a sofa to a bed and back again. Sofa beds can fold out into a bed, or use a click clack mechanism, depending on their design.

Fold out sofa beds

A fold out sofa bed acts in the way you expect, as in it folds out into a bed and can then be folded back to become a sofa. This type of bed will usually fold down at the back or may fold out at both the front and back, depending on the individual design of the bed settee. When folding out a sofa bed of this sort you may also need to release the legs and fold them out into position. 

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Click clack sofa beds

The name of these types of sofa beds comes from the sounds that you may hear when changing the sofa into a bed in two easy actions. Just like fold out sofa beds, click clack sofa beds are easy to assemble - the front of the sofa is pulled forward slightly and the back of the sofa folded down flat before being positioned to meet with the seat of the sofa to form a bed.Shop Click Clack Sofa Beds

It can often be down to personal preference as to which type of sofa bed you select, as both click clack style and fold out sofa beds are considered easy to change from a sofa to a bed.

5.How much should I spend on a sofa bed?

Bensons for Beds has a great range of sofa beds to suit a variety of budgets. If eligible, you can also take advantage of our financing options to help spread the cost of buying a new sofa bed.

For more information about any of our sofa beds, or for further help deciding which sofa bed is best for you, contact our friendly team on 0808 144 6160.

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