Posted by Bensons for Beds on 1st Jan 2020

How to Decorate a Kids' Unisex Bedroom | Sleep Hub

Does the sight of baby boy blue or sweet girly pink make your children cringe? Keep everyone happy and create a stylish kids’ bedroom you can be proud of with these top tips from Bensons for Beds’ senior visual merchandiser, Jess Rotherforth.

1. Think outside the (paint) box

While blues and pinks are the traditional go-to shades for kids’ bedroom décor, don’t feel you need to stick to them. Orange is a great choice and will really lift and liven up a bedroom – perfect for energetic little ones! – while fresh mint green will bring bags of personality and calm to your space. Both colours work for a first child’s bedroom and will keep looking great if a younger brother or sister comes along to share the room later on.

Whatever colour you choose, why not go for bedroom furniture that comes with mix and match colour choices to make your space unique? Experiment with different shades for your linens and wall colour to add personality.

Worried about tastes changing and colour tantrums further down the line? Opt for a neutral base – grey and white work well together – then add your brighter pop of colour using accessories like cushions, bedding and lamps. That way, things can easily be changed in the future.

2. Plan for the long term

Decorating a bedroom for your little one? Choose a bed which can adapt as they grow, so you don’t have to replace it right away. Cot beds are a great place to start for newborns. Then, as your child gets a bit older, go for a multipurpose bed that includes storage, a desk or even a second bed below. It’ll make the most of the available space and you’ll all be grateful of the practical extras further down the line.

To be sure your furniture will stand the test of time, go for well-made, quality pieces. Solid wood or sturdy metal styles are sensible choices that can withstand whatever life (and your little ones) throws at them.

Top tip: Want to be sure your kid’s bedroom can work as a guest room later on? Go for a single bed rather than one that’s child-specific, so it’ll work for whoever stays in it in the future, too.

3. Make the space work for everyone

If you’re decorating a unisex bedroom that will eventually be shared by little ones (or already is), keep all parties happy by splitting the room into themed areas for each child. They can be decorated differently using wall stickers and accessories, or why not hang pictures or drawings by your own artists-in-the-making?

If they’re old enough, involve the kids in the bedroom décor decisions. It’s fun for them and it’ll help you keep everyone happy. Carving out separate ‘territories’ will make sure your little ones feel they have their own space, even in shared bedroom. Plus, it’ll help avoid arguments!

Whether you’re bringing your newborn home for the first time or your children are a little older, find furniture to suit your space and budget here.