How to Sleep with a Partner That Snores

Posted by Rachel Marshall - Brand Manager on 22nd Feb 2022

How to Sleep with a Partner That Snores

Snoring has been recognised as the most annoying bedroom habit a partner can have.

With 41.5% of the UK adult population recognised as snorers, here at Bensons for Beds, we’re hoping to stop the sound of incessant snoring from ruining a good night’s sleep and help you discover the best ways to cope. 

What are the causes of snoring?

There are four main types of snoring that are all caused for different reasons:

Mouth snoring

People tend to snore from their mouths when their nasal passages are blocked. As the breath passes through it vibrates the mouth tissues and causes the snore. To ensure nasal passages aren’t obstructed, and to reduce mouth snoring, try taking a warm shower right before bed.

Nose snoring

When the nose is partially blocked, this can cause nose snoring. This will usually be caused by the common cold or even allergies. A good way to help reduce this issue is to get prepped for allergy season; an anti-allergy pillow prevents the buildup of dust and other allergens to reduce its impact on sleep.

Throat snoring

Throat snoring is often thought of as the loudest snore and is caused by the muscles in the throat becoming too relaxed. Try raising your head on an additional pillow to tackle this.

Tongue-based snoring

As people sleep on their back, it causes the tongue to become too relaxed. This in turn results in snoring as the air that flows to the lungs is blocked. To reduce this, trying to sleep on your side can make a huge difference.

How to sleep with a partner that snores

Despite knowing what causes snoring, there isn’t always a quick fix in silencing the sound. That’s why we’ve researched some of the top ways you can cope with your spouse snoring - to stop it from ruining your sleep.

Sleep sounds

Research has shown that many people are opting for sleep sounds to help them fall asleep, which also work as an effective way to drown out snoring noises.

Top sounds to help you achieve a sound sleep

Ranking Sound Spotify tracks - 
Sleep Sounds
Spotify tracks
- Sleep ASMR
YouTube views
- Sleep Sounds
1 Thunderstorm 562 28 467
2 Rain 417 20 294
3 White noise 106 0 336
4 Whispering 0 268 0
5 Waves/waterfalls 47 0 189
6 Massage sounds 0 154 0
7 Airplane cabin 102 0 32
8 Fans and ventilators 46 0 81
9 Stroking brushes 0 83 0
10 Forest and rainforest 20 0 62



Forget lullabies, apparently, people prefer the crash, bang and clatter of a thunderstorm to the consistent snoring sounds of their partner, with the sound ranking top on both Spotify and Youtube. Followed by rain, white noise and whispering, the results revealed a whole host of alternative sounds you can turn up the volume on to drown the snoring out.

Some even use the sound of their partner’s snoring as an effective sleep sound. Keegan, 29, explained,

“My girlfriend snores but instead of hating it, I use it to help me fall asleep. I follow the rhythm of her snoring, similar to breathing techniques in meditation, and breathe with her snoring, which actually helps me to fall asleep myself.”

Turn your partner on their side

Another way to help reduce the sound of snoring can be to turn your partner on their side. Encouraging them to stop sleeping on their back and instead their side can help open up the air passages that can reduce snoring. Pillows like the iGel Side Sleeper Pillow can help make side sleeping as comfortable as possible - so everyone can have an enjoyable sleep.

Sleep separately to your snoring spouse

It may not sound like the most romantic option, but research has suggested that if all else fails, sleeping separately from your partner is the ideal way to help you both achieve restful sleep.

Forty-year-old Luana Ribeira, an entrepreneur from North Wales, claims that sleeping separately can be a good option for couples who suffer from snoring, as she does with her partner. She says it works because:

●You cannot blame your partner for a bad night’s sleep

●Each person has their own space

●You can be excited about seeing each other in the morning

●Individuals can spread out as much as they want

Bensons For Beds sleep expert, Dr Sophie Bostock, agrees:

“Sleeping in separate bedrooms does not have to be a negative. Many couples find that by spending their nights apart they can get a deeper, more restorative sleep, and may feel like being nicer to each other in the morning.”

Can snoring impact a relationship?

At Bensons, we are determined that snoring does not have to be a deal-breaker for you and your partner.

Sleep expert, Dr Sophie Bostock said,

“Snoring is caused by by the vibration of soft tissue as air is forced through a narrowing in the nasal passages or upper airways. Anything which reduces muscular tone, or adds to the weight of soft tissue will make things worse, such as lack of exercise or weight gain. Other things which make snoring worse include lying on your back, nasal congestion, breathing through your mouth, alcohol and being over-tired. Practicing nasal breathing, and reducing nasal congestion with a warm shower, can be helpful for some people.” 

Why not take a look at our Super King beds to turn that snore into a tranquil, distant hum, whilst staying in the same room.

If you are concerned about health issues regarding your partner’s snoring please ensure they visit your GP for medical guidance and advice.

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