Slumberland Air: The Quest for Ultimate Mattress Breathability

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 30th May 2024

Slumberland Air: The Quest for Ultimate Mattress Breathability

In that relentless pursuit of a perfect night's sleep, choosing the right mattress for your personal sleep peculiarities is a must. While the list of considerations extends to firmness and comfort ratings, material variations, and design features, the breathability of a mattress is often overlooked. 

But in celebration of our collection of Slumberland Air mattresses, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight significance of breathability in mattresses and how this often-underestimated feature can help contribute to improvements in your sleep satisfaction. And it's also is an essential comfort factor. A breathable mattress can help with body temperature regulation which can lead to fewer sleep disruptions during the night.

Scroll on to discover how a breathable mattress might just change your sleep trends for the better.

Regulation of Body Temperature

Slumberland Air 6.0 Memory Foam Mattress and Graphite Grey Divan Bed Set

As our bodies start to wind down and get prepped for rest, they begin to release the heat that has accumulated from the day's activities. In this scenario, a non-breathable mattress would trap the warmth that our bodies give off which could make overheating during the night much more likely. But a mattress that has been designed with breathability as a priority has the opposite effect. Instead, it is fully equipped to release this thermal energy.

Optimal airflow is very much the hallmark of a breathable mattress. Air flow helps to ensure that the warmth our bodies give off is released into the surrounding air. While a fairly simple concept, ventilation helps to dissipate body heat. This, in turn, helps to keep our body temperature better regulated, leading to a reduction in disturbances during the night due to being too warm.

Basically, a mattress with enhanced breathability releases the warmth given off by our bodies during the night and keeps the temperature of our sleep surface ambient. This results in an environment where the pursuit of the elusive perfect sleep temperature can become a nightly reality. 

Moisture Management

While we sleep, perspiration is inevitable. And again, here is where breathability in a mattress plays another important role. 

Without breathability, our sweat becomes trapped within our mattress. And over time, this can result in our bed becoming a breeding ground for discomfort as well as some potential health hazards. 

But a breathable mattress has the ability to absorb the moisture given off by our bodies and channel it away from us while we sleep. Many materials that are selected in the mattress design process thanks to their breathable qualities are often also equipped with moisture wicking properties. These serve to act as conduits, and are great at guiding perspiration away from where our bodies lie and out into the surrounding air.

Moisture control in a mattress helps to enhance comfort while also improving the longevity of the mattress too. Without breathability, accumulated moisture can become a breeding ground for household nasties such as mould and mildew. The development of mould or mildew obviously impacts the hygiene of your mattress. But, it can also have negative impact on the health of the sleeper. A breathable mattress that actively discourages moisture build up, helps to minimise the risk of your mattress ending up as a damp environment that could negatively impact your health.

Aside from the tangible benefits, it's worth nothing the psychological impact of a dry and comfortable sleep surface too. Just being aware that you are sleeping on a mattress capable of managing moisture can put your mind at ease and help you to relax better ahead of succumbing to sleep. 

Allergy Prevention

Slumberland Air 6.0 Breathable Memory Foam Mattress

Non-breathable mattresses have the potential to trap dust mites, pet dander, and other microscopic allergens that could lead to sleep disruptions. And unfortunately, in this confined space these allergens are well equipped to multiply fast. the knock-on effect? Well, with increased numbers of allergens in your mattress, allergic reactions and respiratory distress are more likely to be triggered, especially in those of us who are more susceptible to these types of health issues. 

But a mattress designed to be breathable can help to inhibit the continuation of this cycle. By enabling optimal airflow and moisture management, breathable mattresses reduce the humidity within our sleep space. This makes our beds less hospitable for dust mites and other common allergens.

Our Air mattresses have Pro-bio treated fabric – a natural treatment which reduces harmful bacteria and helps to prevent the effects of dust mite allergens. For individuals prone to allergies, the choice of a breathable mattress is not a matter of comfort. It's actually a necessity for protecting themselves against potential health hazards such as those outlined above. And so here, breathability can act as a shield against the unseen allergens that threaten to disrupt our sleep.

Durability and Longevity

The lifespan of a mattress is an often-underestimated aspect in the pursuit of a good night's sleep. Yet, it is precisely in the longevity of the mattress that the importance of breathability becomes evident. A mattress that breathes is not merely a vessel for immediate comfort but a companion that weathers the test of time.

Traditional non-breathable mattresses may succumb to wear and tear more rapidly due to the cumulative effects of heat retention and moisture build up. The absence of effective airflow can accelerate the breakdown of materials, leading to sagging, lumps, and a compromised structural integrity.

In contrast, a mattress designed with breathability at its core is a fortress against the forces that conspire to erode its durability. Optimal airflow ensures that heat, a potential catalyst for material degradation, is dissipated, preventing the breakdown of essential components. Breathable materials, chosen for their resilience, actively resist the wear and compression that non-breathable alternatives might succumb to over time.

The result is a mattress that not only provides enduring comfort but also sustains its supportive qualities over the years. The conscious investment in a breathable mattress becomes a strategic decision for those seeking a sleep surface that withstands the passage of time. It's a commitment to not just immediate gratification but to a sustained relationship with a mattress that remains steadfast in its duty to deliver comfort and support.

Beyond the tangible benefits, the durability of a breathable mattress translates into a prudent financial decision. While the upfront cost may be slightly higher, the extended lifespan means that the cost per night of restful sleep diminishes over time. It's a long-term investment in quality sleep, where the dividends are paid not just in the initial years but throughout the life cycle of the mattress.

Comfort and Support

Slumberland Air 3.0 Breathable Memory Foam Mattress and Linen Beige Divan Bed Set

Comfort and support are super important when it comes to improving our sleep quality. And the comfort afforded by a breathable mattress is usually quite superior. This is thanks to the materials that are chosen for their breathability. Mattress materials such as pocket springs tend to deliver an improved responsiveness that enables your sleep surface to adapt to your movements while you sleep. 

What's more, breathability helps to secure a sleep surface that is able to remain inviting throughout the night. With the optimal airflow working to stop heat from building up, discomfort and disturbances become less likely. And so we can see breathability as a staple for a better night's sleep.

In addition to the foam featured in our Slumberland Air mattresses being breathable, the design also features air channels that create zoning.

Our 7 Zone Pressure Relieving AIR Memory Foam is 5cm in depth. This zoning cleverly contours to key body areas. And in turn, you’ll benefit from responsive, pressure relieving comfort and support while you sleep. The Sensaform memory foam create breathable air channels to deliver breathability that is 5 times greater than that offered by standard memory foam so that you can sleep cooler.

Sleep Quality and Mental Health

The connection between the quality of sleep and mental health is well documented. Uninterrupted, deep sleep is super important for good mental health. And the breathability of your mattress has the potential to actively contribute to improved amounts of deep sleep by addressing one of those main sleep disruptors — discomfort. A mattress that does not breathe traps heat and moisture. This can often lead to tossing, turning, and even waking throughout the night. But in choosing a breathable mattress, you'll be better equipped to keep those disturbances to a minimum.

Consistent, quality sleep is linked to mood regulation and emotional resilience (1). And the cooling effect of breathable mattress materials will keep us comfortable physically while soothing our minds before we fall asleep. 

On top of all this, the reduction of allergens provided by a mattress equipped with breathability can also play a role in promoting better mental health. Allergic reactions and respiratory discomfort can disrupt our sleep patterns. And disrupted sleep inevitable can lead to irritability and increased stress levels. But in minimising these disruptions, we stand a better chance at experiencing a rejuvenating experience for both our bodies and minds.

Innovations in Breathable Mattress Technology

Slumberland Air Memory Foam Mattress infographic demonstrating the multiple mattress layers and their functionality

The landscape of mattress technology is in a perpetual state of evolution. And within this dynamic realm, innovations in breathability are happening all the time. Manufacturers are now creating sleep experiences that prioritise airflow, temperature regulation, and sleep quality in general.

One leap forward in breathable mattress technology is the use of advanced fabric covers. These covers are specifically designed to enhance airflow. The choice of materials used within mattress covers are often breathable and moisture-wicking to ensure that our sleep surface remains dry and comfortable throughout the night. 

Ventilation systems are also being integrated into mattress designs. These air channels are a key component in breathable technology. By actively facilitating airflow within a mattress, manufacturers are able to minimise the risk of heat and moisture building up by efficiently channelling them away from us while we sleep. By combining advanced materials with mechanical solutions, manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of what breathability means in the context of sleep quality.

Innovations in breathability now extend to the design and construction of mattresses. Open-cell structures, convoluted foams, and strategically placed are channels are all different examples of design elements that help to maximise airflow. By reimagining the makeup of mattresses, manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways to create sleep surfaces that prioritise breathability without compromising on support or comfort.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more sophisticated mattresses that further enhance the breathability features in the future. At Bensons, we aim to be pioneers in this quest. Watch this space.

Achieve a better night’s sleep with Bensons For Beds

If you’re looking for a breathable mattress to enhance your sleep quality, we’re always on hand to help. At Bensons for Beds, our team specialise in sleep solutions and that expertise paired with our intuitive sleeppro® technology makes helping you choose the right mattress for your needs a breeze. And with our 40-night comfort guarantee, you can rest assured you’ll either love your new mattress or choose an alternative.

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