Luxury Bedroom Ideas: Customise Yours with Snooze

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer on 8th Jun 2023

Luxury Bedroom Ideas: Customise Yours with Snooze

If you’re looking for luxury bedroom ideas, you’re sure to love our latest range.

Snooze has officially arrived, and it promises to add an element of grandeur to your boudoir. With a personalizable design, getting the inspiration you need to bring your luxury bedroom ideas to life is now easier than ever.

Our collection of Snooze bed frames enables you to choose between an ottoman base (great if you could use a little more storage) and a standard frame. The bed frame and headboard can also be upholstered according to your preferences with a range of 9 luxurious velvet and woven fabrics to choose from. You can even personalise your headboard according to your preference too with 6 eye-catching, luxury designs to choose from.

Luxury bed frame options with Snooze

The first point of personalisation offered by this luxury bed frame collection is to ottoman or not to ottoman. And that’s entirely up to you. When choosing which is the right fit for your luxury bedroom vision, consider whether additional storage may come in handy. Nine times out of ten the answer is a resounding yes.

Luxury headboard designs: choose your favourite with Snooze

Next, it’s time to choose your headboard. And with 6 different luxury designs to choose from, the sky’s the limit while you’re curating your bedroom ideas.

First up it’s the modern fluted headboard that makes a statement on the Nocturne bed frame. This luxury focal point features a slightly winged design and will look great when paired with a wide range of different interior design ideas.

modern fluted luxury headboard and bed frame

Next, we have the chesterfield-inspired, deep-buttoned, scrolled headboard as seen on the Nightfall bed frame. This headboard is definitely a grand design feature that will elevate your bedroom to that luxury status you’re wanting to achieve.

modern fluted luxury headboard and bed frame

And if you’re looking to invest in a timeless luxury design, the classic-yet-modern deep-buttoned headboard that’s part and parcel of the Lunar bed frame could be ideal for you. It offers just the right balance of elegance and statement.

classic-yet-modern deep-buttoned luxury headboard and bed frame

Moving on, the classic-yet-modern, deep-buttoned, winged headboard featured on the Star bed frame is another option to think about. It’s similar in its elegant, statement aesthetics and yet, the winged design gives it a little extra grandeur.

classic-yet-modern, deep-buttoned, winged luxury headboard and bed frame

Fancy something a little more of-the-moment while collating your luxury bedroom ideas? The design offered by the Moonshine bed frame might be the right fit for your sanctuary. It’s height and scrolled top make this design very easy on the eyes.

modern and contemporary scrolled luxury headboard and bed frame

Our final contender for your dream luxury bedroom is the impressive curved-top, winged headboard. If you like the idea of your opulent bed giving you snuggles while you slumber, the Sunset bed frame is a great option for you.

impressive curved-top, winged luxury headboard and bed frame

Luxury bedroom ideas with Snooze: what upholstery can I choose from?

The ultimate in customisable bed frames has arrived and there are 9 luxurious fabrics to choose from. Which one will bring your luxury bedroom ideas to life? Choose from:

Opulence midnight: A strikingly decadent deep blue velvet upholstery that is sure to be the focal point of any bedroom.

Snooze opulence midnight luxury bed frame upholstery

Opulence olive: A luxurious green velvet fabric that’s a great pick for anyone channelling their inner bohemian.

Snooze opulence olive luxury bed frame upholstery

Opulence mink: If your dream luxury bedroom is romance-inspired, this oyster-coloured velvet finish complete with pink undertones will definitely appeal.

Snooze opulence mink luxury bed frame upholstery

Opulence platinum: A contemporary platinum-coloured upholstery that offers an air of luxury to shoppers searching for modern bedroom ideas.

Snooze opulence platinum luxury bed frame upholstery

Opulence petrol: Another velvet finish that makes a statement with its deep grey-blue colour. Perfect for bedroom designs that call for moodier vibes.

Snooze opulence petrol luxury bed frame upholstery

Darwin silver: Timeless design that will always be eye-catching. The Darwin silver herringbone textured fabric delivers a light, bright and airy decadence.

Snooze darwin silver luxury bed frame upholstery

Darwin stone: A natural luxurious tone that will make you feel instantly relaxed in your sleep space. This colour option is created using a herringbone textured pattern to add an extra dimension to the fabric.

Snooze darwin stone luxury bed frame upholstery

Topaz grey: Always on trend, this Topaz grey woven fabric finish is cool, calm and collected – everything you’d hope for a luxurious bedroom idea to achieve.

Snooze topaz grey luxury bed frame upholstery

Topaz beige: A cool, earthy tone that will ground you before you retreat into slumber and again when you wake. Be your best self and indulge your desire for a luxury boudoir all the while.

Snooze topaz beige luxury bed frame upholstery

And there you have it, a collection of finishes to finalise your bed, your way.

Other luxury bedroom pieces from the Snooze collection

And the Snooze collection doesn’t stop there. Why not purchase a 2-drawer bedside cabinet and an ottoman blanket box to match? These additional furniture pieces are available in all the finishes discussed above and won’t let you down on your mission to fulfil your luxury bedroom ideas vision board.

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