Seven Suggestions to Help You Sleep in a Heatwave

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 20th May 2022

Seven Suggestions to Help You Sleep in a Heatwave

Whether it’s down to hormones or a heatwave, a hot bed at night can leave you feeling, well, like a hot mess.

Use our Seven Suggestions to Help You Sleep in a Heatwave and discover pillows that can help cool you down, temperature regulating cooling mattresses, and other ways to keep your cool at night.

What is the best temperature for sleep?

Our resident sleep expert, Dr Sophie Bostock explains “Our body temperature cycles naturally every 24 hours, peaking at about 4pm and dipping at about 4am. A fall in body temperature of about 0.5-1C helps us to get into a deep sleep - which is why heatwaves, or keeping the heating on all night in a well insulated room, can cause havoc for sleep.

There is lots of individual variation in preference for temperature at night, but a room temperature around 18C, slightly cooler than usual room temperature, will help the body to cool naturally.”

1. Keep your room cool - close the curtains and windows during the day

Rather than leaving your curtains open on a hot, sunny day, close them to ensure your room isn’t bathed in sweltering heat throughout the day. By keeping your room in the shade you can reduce the temperature in your room for when it comes to bedtime. Invest in thick blinds or curtains to ensure the heat is deflected sufficiently.

You may be tempted to let fresh air into your bedroom during the day to cool it down. However, if your windows are facing the sun, you could be letting hot air into your bedroom.

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2. Choose a temperature regulating mattress

You may not have even realised that your mattress can play a significant part in avoiding being too warm at night. Yet, there are types of mattresses that can help to wick moisture away from you and help to regulate the temperature of your sleeping surface.

Some fibres and materials are better than others when it comes to a mattress that cools:

  • Wool - This natural temperature regulator can both help to contain heat in colder months and help keep you cool during hotter seasons. Wool fibres absorb moisture without feeling wet and release this moisture into the air. (2) This is ideal if you suffer from night sweats as you won’t be left feeling damp and uncomfortable thanks to the presence of wool fibres.
  • Cotton - This is a natural temperature regulating material and the organic cotton featured in our Artisan range of mattresses helps, along with other fibres such as organic silk, to keep you cool in bed.
  • Springs - In addition to providing personalised support, the presence of certain springs in mattresses allows air to circulate freely throughout. Pocket springs aid breathability, meaning air can flow throughout the mattress and moisture won’t be retained within it.
  • Sensaform memory foam layer - This layer is present in mattresses such as the Slumberland Clima Airstream Mattress and has an open cell structure that allows air to circulate throughout the mattress. This helps to keep you cool as you sleep. The Clima Airstream also features Temperature+ which is incorporated into the fabric to help encourage moisture away from the skin’s surface, helping to maintain the optimum temperature for sleep.

Mattresses with cooling technology

In addition to natural fibres and cleverly designed materials, some cooling materials use:

SmartTemp thermal technology - In our Slumberland Clima Control Latex range you’ll find mattresses that have been treated with a clever thermal technology which interacts with your body temperature, transporting heat and moisture away to cool you down, when your body temperature rises. It then deactivates when not required, for a cool, dry, comfortable night’s sleep.

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Mattresses with temperature regulating technology

iGel Advance Graphene Technology - This Nobel Prize Award winning technology provides 7 times faster heat transfer than standard foam and helps to regulate your body temperature. The technology is designed to absorb excess heat when temperatures rise and release stored heat when you feel too cold – giving you that Goldilocks feeling – not too warm, not too cold, but just right!

iGel Advance is available exclusively at Bensons for Beds.

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3. Use cotton Sheets

Cotton is a natural material renowned for being a breathable fabric. This is why so many people wear cotton clothing to remain cool and also choose cotton sheets for their beds. Instead of trapping heat in its fibres, cotton sheets release the heat into the surroundings rather than keeping it insulated in your sheets and bed. (3)

4. Use a climate control duvet

Although warm weather often means flinging off the duvet in favour of a sheet, sometimes you still want the snuggly comforts of a duvet, even in warmer weather. The Premium Climate Control Duvet from Bensons for Beds is available in single, double and King, and uses special temperature control fibres designed to minimise moisture and keep you feeling fresh throughout the night.

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All Seasons Duvet

For a two-in-one duvet that can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, the All Seasons Duvet from Bensons for Beds is a great choice. The set features two separate duvets, one at 9 tog and another at 4.5 tog. Use separately to find your own comfort preference, or combine on chilly winter nights.

The 4.5 tog can be just what you need in hotter weather and can help you feel cosy without the heat of a higher tog duvet.

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5. Pick your perfect pillow

As well as temperature regulating mattresses and sheets, you can also buy climate control pillows that have been designed to keep moisture at bay. Sweaty heads and hairdos could be a thing of the past with these handy pillows.

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6. Use a mattress protector

The clever clogs at iGel have designed a mattress protector that uses temperature regulating technology to create a mattress protector that is “Not too hot, not too cold, just right”. This mattress protector has been created to complement the iGel range which uses Graphene Technology to make you feel fresher as you sleep.(4)

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7. Stay hydrated

Although you don’t want your sleep interrupted with constant trips to the loo, it’s still a good idea to make sure you stay hydrated in a heatwave. Ensure you drink plenty of water during the day, and avoid drinks that dehydrate, such as alcoholic drinks. Stay clear of too much caffeine too as this can stimulate the central nervous system and make you feel more awake.(5)

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