Sleeping Safe & Sound: Ways to stay safe when out alone

Posted by Rachel Marshall - Brand Manager on 29th Jun 2022

Sleeping Safe & Sound: Ways to stay safe when out alone

One of the most common reasons we struggle to sleep is worrying about those we care about most.

Parents worry about their children and vice versa. People worry about theirs’, their families’ and their friends’ safety when someone is out alone. Everything from fun nights out to a simple jog in the park can lead us to worry.

At Bensons for Beds, we have found some resources you might find useful to keep yourself and your nearest and dearest safer when one of you is out alone.

Drink covers

Number of beers and a beer being poured

To protect against drink tampering, if you can, invest in drink covers. Covers such as Night Cap covers look like scrunchies. You can wear the scrunchie on your wrist, pull the drink cover out of the hidden pocket, place it on top of your glass and voila! Your drink is protected. You can get bottle stoppers, too.

Ask for Angela

On a first date and something feels, a bit, off? Simply go to the bar, ask for “Angela”. Without making too much fuss, the trained staff will help you out, whether you need a swift taxi home or (worst case scenario) the police.


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Our mobile phones can be one of the best things we can carry to help keep ourselves safe. Walksafe, Kitestring, Life 360 and The Red Panic Button are just some of the apps that can be downloaded on your phone to give you that extra bit of reassurance when walking alone or if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation. These apps have been designed with specific features that can share your location with loved ones, so someone always knows where you are. If you find yourself in distress, depending on which app you choose, alerting your emergency contacts and the police can be as simple as shaking your phone, pressing a button, or speaking aloud.

SOS Emergency

iPhone users can use the SOS Emergency feature on their mobile phones to call your local emergency services. Once the call is over, your iPhone can alert your emergency contacts of your location with a text message. Android users have a similar SOS feature.

To access the SOS feature on an iPhone, press and hold the side button at the same time as one of the volume buttons and you’ll notice an Emergency SOS slider appear on the screen. Drag the slider to start a call to the emergency services.

To access the SOS feature on an Android phone, go into settings, then safety and emergency SOS. You can then choose your settings and which actions start off the SOS process. Once you have the SOS feature turned on, you can also quickly press the power button 5 times or more, to start a phone call to emergency services.

Strut Safe

Woman talking on a headset

Founded by Rachel Chung and Alice Jackson, Strut Safe is a free phone service where one of their lovely volunteers can stay on the phone with you until you safely reach your destination.

Safety accessories

Staying safe can be stylish! You can buy accessories with built in safety tech that will notify your emergency contacts of your location and will also send a text message with just a couple of clicks. Take a pick of jewellery, key chains, fitness bands and more. You can also buy a safety alarm , a small handheld device that will transmit a loud sound that can alert others of an emergency.

Whether you’re a parent whose child has moved away to university, a child whose parent lives alone or if you’re finally about to meet ‘iLoveKitt3nz176’ from your dating app, we hope that some of these resources will help you sleep that little bit better at night.

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