15 Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Posted by Gemma Henry - Content Lead on 14th Jun 2024

15 Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

For those living in homes with particularly tiny bedrooms, you’ll know just how tricky it can be to not only efficiently fit all your bedroom furniture in but your belongings, too.

From making use of higher ceilings to doubling up your furniture for multiple practical uses, we’ve put together a list of fifteen amazing space saving ideas for smaller bedrooms that will make them feel and look like a cosy haven instead of a cluttered mess.

1. Choose a storage bed

Kennedy Ottoman Grey Upholstered Bed Frame With Underbed Storage

Most beds have so much wasted space sitting underneath them. Maximise all that extra room by opting for either a divan bed that comes with built in draws or an ottoman bed which lifts up to reveal a big storage cavity underneath it.

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2. Put up corner shelves

An indoor space packed with shelving including corner shelves to maximise the space.

If your tiny bedroom has lots of corners and not a lot of wall space to play with, put up a few corner shelves to hold your books and other knickknacks. Corner shelves can also handily serve as bedside tables if your bed is positioned close to the wall.

3. Place furniture at the end of your bed

Snooze dark blue velvet Ottoman Blanket Box

Most people typically tend to place their beds in the middle of the room so there’s a gap either side. While practical for getting in and out of bed, it can leave you with less room for other furniture. One solution is to use that wasted space at the bottom of your bed for a desk or slim table with a stool pushed underneath it that can be adapted as a work space or dressing table.

Alternatively, an  ottoman storage box can provide hidden storage and additional seating within your bedroom.

4. Put up long curtains

A corridor lined with floor to ceiling height, full-length curtains

While not specifically a space saving solution, buying longer curtains is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom as well as give the illusion that it has taller ceilings and, therefore, more spacious dimensions.

5. Double up furniture

Staples and Co Regent Bedding Box come ottoman come somewhere to sit

Most furniture is able to be given more than one purpose, whether it’s a bed with storage draws or a desk that’s also used as a dressing area. You could additionally double up a chest of drawers or a desk as your bedside table if you place it alongside your bed.

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6. Maximise space underneath your furniture

A line of underbed storage boxes helping to keep a smaller bedroom organised

Whether it’s a bed or a chest of drawers with a gap underneath it, don’t let that space go to waste. Purchase some shallow storage boxes that will easily slide underneath them or, for a DIY solution, keep hold of old shoe boxes and decorate them with some cool wrapping paper.

7. Use vertical coat hooks to hang bags and accessories

A wall hanger filled with hooks and hanging from them are various accessories including a handbag and two dog leads

Take advantage of your wall vertically by attaching coat hooks downwards. You can then hang bags, scarves and other accessories in an orderly way without taking up valuable space.

8. Install some high shelves

Some funky high up wall-hanging shelves

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with lovely high ceilings, don’t just admire the extra space, but make use of it for storage! High shelves are perfect for storing things you don’t necessarily use every day such as linen, towels or holiday clothes — you could even put one above your bedroom door!

9. Use a cork wall for hanging jewellery

An AI image of necklaces handing in a row from a velvet covered cork board

For women, instead of having all your jewellery cluttering up a table or chest of drawers, make use of any extra wall space by hanging a cork board and then fixing your jewellery to it with pins. You can even place the board in a nice frame or attach some fairy lights or fabric round the edges to make it look more stylish.

10. Put hooks on the back of doors

AA white dressing gown hanging from a hook fixed to the back of a bedroom door

Whether for coats and jackets or just your dressing gown, hooks on the backs of doors are essential for nifty storage. Either add sticky ones on, drill some in or use a hook rack that hangs over the back of the door. Hooks are also ideal for placing on the inside of wardrobes for extra hanging space.

11. Use a book shelf as a headboard

A bed set against a wall of books posing as an oversized headboard

Most headboards are simply there to look nice. But they are handy at providing a comfortable backrest, preventing your pillow from disappearing down the back of the bed, and protecting your bedroom walls. But if you're short on space, why not pull your bed away from the wall a bit and use a bookcase as your headboard!

12. Give the illusion of a larger room with mirrors

Lorenzo 2 Door Mirrored Corner Wardrobe

If you’re keen to make your room look as bright and airy as possible, make sure you’ve got a big mirror either on the wall or on the outside of your wardrobe. Mirrors truly are magical at making a room appear wider and more spacious.

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13. Use a storage box as a seat

Upholstered ottoman blanket box with cushioned seat and hidden storage

Instead of using a standard chair or stool for your dressing table, purchase a smaller square ottoman that can double up as a storage box for clothes or spare linen.

14. Put in a ledge shelf as your bedside table

Slim line wooden ledge shelf as a space-saving bedside table design

If your bed is positioned right up against a wall or you haven’t quite got enough space for a proper bedside table, consider a ledge shelf instead. These look like floating shelves but they’re much narrower. They provide enough surface space for storing essentials such as your phone, alarm clock, book and a glass of water.

15. Opt for a rail or a space-saving wardrobe

Bergen 2 Door white Sliding mirrored Wardrobe

If you’re really tight on space but you absolutely need somewhere to hang your clothes, a hanging rail rather than a full-size wardrobe is the best solution. You can make them look more attractive by painting the rail a funky colour or even by building some floating shelves above for extra storage.

That said, a  bifold wardrobe or a wardrobe with sliding doors might be a good idea when it comes to creating a bedroom that's clutter-free and optimised for sleep. These types of wardrobes boast doors that don't need to eat into your space any more than the footprint of the wardrobe even during those desperate "what on earth should I wear?!" moments.


What are the main basic principles for saving space in a small bedroom?

The main principles to bear in mind while redesigning a small bedroom include using multifunctional furniture, making the most of the vertical space, and keeping the room clutter-free.

How can I make my small bedroom appear larger?

Using lighter colours on the walls and pairing this with light-coloured and while bedroom furniture can help to make a smaller bedroom look and feel roomier. Try to use mirrors in small bedrooms too as these reflect light and can give the illusion of more space.

What types of beds are best for small bedrooms?
In a small children's bedroom, we'd recommend loft beds (aka  high sleepers or mid-sleepers). If you're redesigning a smaller bedroom that will sleep 2 adults, storage beds such as those with built-in drawers or ottoman storage underneath the bed can help you save space.

Are there specific storage solutions that work well in small bedrooms?

Under-bed storage, hanging organisers, wall-mounted shelves, and wardrobe organisation are all key for maintaining an efficiently organised bedroom with a smaller footprint.

How can I make the most of vertical space in my small bedroom?
To take advantage of the full height of the walls in your bedroom, consider installing shelves above the bed or along the walls. You can also use tall bookcases or wardrobes with sliding or bi-fold doors.

How can I work some seating into a small bedroom without taking up too much space?
Use a small bench or a dual purpose ottoman storage box at the foot of your bed to add seating options to a smaller bedroom. Alternatively, you could create a window seat with built-in storage, or simply pick up a foldable chair that can be tucked away when it's not needed.

Designing a Small Bedroom: Our Conclusion

While you may have originally thought your options are limited in a smaller bedroom, we hope we've expressed how far from the truth that could be. With a little bit of creative thinking and a whole host of organisational systems in place, you'll turn your chaotic small bedroom into a haven you'll want to escape to after a hard day. And if you need any more tips and tricks, why not visit your local Bensons for Beds and speak to one of our in-store experts? We're always happy to lend a hand where we can!

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