Staples & Co. - The New and Exclusive Collection at Bensons for Beds

Posted by Sarah Harris - Head of Design and Development on 13th Jun 2022

Staples & Co. - The New and Exclusive Collection at Bensons for Beds

We’re excited to share with you the new Staples & Co. Collection at Bensons for Beds.

This innovative range of mattresses, divan bases, headboards, and accessories, reveals a fantastic choice of design and colour options, perfect for the contemporary bedroom.

Yet this collection is so much more than an enviable selection of exquisite bedroom furniture.

Our Staples & Co. range reveals Bensons for Beds’ commitment to more environmentally conscious products which have been sourced with the environment and its inhabitants in mind.

Tell me more!

Well, where do we begin?

Perhaps we should start by telling you about the choice of four mattresses in our Artisan Collection from the Staples & Co. range that have been created to include environmentally considerate fibres and materials? 

Natural materials featured in the mattresses include, organic British sheep’s wool, UK farm sourced organic alpaca wool, ethical silk, and organic cotton. These materials are all encased in natural fabric covers including viscose & organic cotton approved by the Better Cotton Initiative

Or would you rather know about the choice of 18 headboard styles and 26 colour & fabric textures, with designs to suit all styles and preferences?

As if this wasn’t enough, the Staples & Co. updated collection also includes new fabric choices, such as faux leathers, plush velvets, and tempting, touchable materials in natural tones & chic pastels.

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Mattresses made for a great night’s sleep

There are four fabulous mattresses to choose from in our Artisan Collection from Staples & Co range.

Although each mattress varies in spring counts & natural filling content, they share common benefits that can help to ensure comfort as you sleep. 

These benefits include a choice of three comfort ratings, the added comfort of a pillowtop feature, and last, and in absolutely no way least, each mattress also benefits from the Posture Plus Edge support system.

This clever feature is designed to extend the comfort life of the mattress and to ensure a consistent sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress.

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Artisan Grand

Artisan Grand Mattress

Artisan Grand Mattress from Staples & Co.

When it comes to the Artisan Grand, the renowned saying, the more the merrier, springs (sorry!) to mind. A total of 6000 individually wrapped springs are used to provide you with the support you need throughout the night. You’ll also enjoy the comfort provided by the organic sheep's wool, organic silk, and other carefully selected fibres and materials, such as alpaca wool and organic cotton that are used to create this luxurious mattress. Our natural fibres are carefully sourced and the majority are certified by the Global organic textile standard.

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Artisan Superior

Artisan Superior Mattress

Artisan Superior Mattress 

Like the Artisan Grand, the Artisan Superior features natural fillings such as organic sheep’s wool and organic silk. You’ll also experience the softness, support and comfort from organic cotton, flax & hemp fibres. This mattress is created using a total of 5000 individual pocket springs with our unique edge support system, again to provide exceptional support as you sleep.

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Artisan Deluxe

Artisan Deluxe Mattress

Artisan Deluxe Mattress with Staples & Co. Divan Bed Base

This luxurious mattress includes 3000 individually wrapped pocket springs and an additional 1000 mini pocket spring layer in the pillow top feature. As with all mattresses in the Artisan collection, the Artisan Deluxe mattress uses organic cotton and hemp fibres to enhance the comfort and breathability of each handcrafted mattress.

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Artisan Classic

Artisan Classic Mattress

Artisan Classic Mattress with Staples & Co. Divan Bed Base

The Artisan Classic mattress concludes the Artisan Collection of mattresses and features a total of 3000 individually wrapped pocket springs. 1000 of these springs are mini pocket springs that have been placed within the pillow top feature to enhance the comfort and support provided by the mattress.

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Staples & Co. divan bases

Staples & Co Collection

Staples & Co Collection

Once you’ve chosen your ideal mattress, you’ll of course need to team it with your perfect divan base.

Choose from:

  • Padded top divan base
  • Padded top ottoman
  • Shallow padded top divan base on a selection of legs or for a lower height option, on glides or castors

Divan bed bases with storage

Easily accessed storage is one of the benefits of choosing a divan bed base. The Staples & Co. collection offers a range of storage options, including:

  • 2 drawers - 1 large drawer on each side of the divan bed base.
  • 2 + 2 drawers - 1 smaller drawer and 1 larger drawer on each side of the divan bed base.
  • 4 drawers - 2 large drawers on each side of the divan bed base.
  • Ottoman - the bed base top lifts to provide storage beneath.

And you can of course choose the no storage option if you prefer.

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Headboards in a choice of fabulous colours and fabrics

Completing your bed with the ideal headboard may prove a little tricky - but only because you have so many to choose from.

Staples & Co. now offers 26 colour options so you can select the preferred shade for your bedroom. The collection offers an incredible 18 different styles of headboard, meaning you really are spoilt for choice. You’ll also be able to pick the perfect fabric from a variety of fabric finishes.

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Find out more about Staples & Co. and Artisan mattresses at Bensons for Beds

For up-to-the-minute style teamed with new levels of comfort, visit the Staples & Co Collection. Shop now online or give our friendly team a call on 0808 144 6160 to place an order now.

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