Storage Beds: Why Under Bed Storage is a Great Idea for Every Home

Posted by Sarah Harris - Head of Design and Development on 6th Nov 2020

Storage Beds: Why Under Bed Storage is a Great Idea for Every Home

Bedrooms seem to be getting smaller in general. And yet, we all seem to have more stuff and very little space to store it. This circle can be very tricky to square but a storage bed could provide the ideal solution you’ve been looking for.

Bedroom space remains at a premium across the country. Whether you’re city-based and living in an apartment, or have found that your new build home isn’t quite as spacious as it was before you added the furniture, storage issues can arise. And let’s not stop there! No matter how big or small our homes may be, we have an innate determination to fill the space. This stems from empty space feeling somehow wrong (1).

And it’s not just the master bedrooms which could be considered bijou. Spare rooms, box rooms and children’s rooms can often be a little on the smaller side too. This raises storage issues across the board.

What to do when presented with limited square footage in which to house your furniture? Have you ever through about using the space under the beds in your home? In this article, we explore using the otherwise ignored space underneath your bed to create an additional storage space in your bedroom.

Read on for some top tips on utilising underbed storage and keeping your small space clean, tidy, and organised. Plus, we’ll highlight our exceptional range of storage beds for kids and adults alike.

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Why are storage beds a great choice?

Virage Ottoman Upholstered Bed Frame

Virage Ottoman Upholstered Bed Frame

Storage beds and those which allow for under the bed storage are essentially dual-purpose pieces of furniture. A bed with storage options in the bed base itself can help to maximise the storage space in your bedroom.By utilising a void which would otherwise stay empty and unused, storage beds can elevate the potential of your bedroom.

Here at Bensons for Beds, we have a fantastic range of divan bed sets and ottoman beds with a variety of storage options. And so, tailoring your purchase to the needs of your household is easy.

Our storage bed frames and bed bases are not just practical, they’re designed and built to be long-lasting and durable too. And for your complete peace of mind, we even offer a five-year guarantee on all of our bed frames.

Underbed storage is subtle and stylish – no one will even know all your bits and pieces are in there! Your belongings will be safe and sound, but also far more easily accessible than if you stored them in the loft (2).

Storage beds are ideal for smaller living spaces, minimalist design concepts, and busy households alike. Get rid of the need for additional cupboards and utilise space which would otherwise go to waste instead.

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Underbed and storage bed ideas

Simply by Bensons Divan Base and Bliss Mattress

Simply by Bensons Divan Base and Bliss Mattress

So now you know why a good idea underbed storage is, let’s take a look at the different types of storage beds available. From storage beds for kids to adult-friendly storage solutions, there’s something for everyone at Bensons.

Divan beds

A divan bed is a bed that usually comes with drawers underneath the base for storage. You can choose from a number of integrated drawers so you can have the most convenient option for you and the one that works best with your space.

The majority of our divan bases come with options. We offer divan beds featuring 2 drawers (2 large drawers, 1 on either side); 4 drawers (4 large drawers, 2 on each side); and 2 + 2 drawers (4 drawers in total, 2 either side – 2 large and 2 mini with the smaller storage drawer at the headend). So, even those who need a bedside table to house their lamps and morning cuppa can maximise their storage options.

We offer both divan beds and divan bed sets which come with the mattress included in the price.

And as far as bedroom storage with wheels go, a divan bed base could be ideal. Divan beds often come with castors (aka wheels). These can be fixed to the bottom of the base which allows the storage bed to be moved around the bedroom with ease. Perfect if you’re a serial furniture re-arranger!

Divan beds are also a great option for a guest bedroom. You can store some of those occasional belongings in the base of the bed and keep your guest bedroom clutter-free at the same time.

Ottoman beds

Similar to divan beds, ottoman beds also offer built-in underbed storage. However, unlike divan beds, the storage space is accessed through the top of the bed, rather than the sides. Hydraulics help you to easily lift up the base and mattress together and store your things in the space below.

This means ottoman beds usually boast more storage space than divan beds, as you can use the entire space under the bed. However, the drawers within a divan bed’s base are preferable to some given that it can make organising the things you are storing easier.

Storage beds for kids

At Bensons, we’ve made it our mission to cater for sleepers of all ages and bedrooms of all sizes. And so, our collection of kids’ storage beds is sure to feature something for everyone.

Our kids’ mid sleeper storage beds come equipped with a treasure trove of multi-functionality that will ensure your children (big and little alike) will have everything they need in their bedrooms. From cupboards and shelves for storing toys and games to drawers for clothes and desks for homework and creativity, there’s always an option tailored to your child’s needs on offer.

And then there’s our collection of high sleeper and bunk bed storage beds to explore. Whether you’ve got a gamer in the household or would ideally like to work some clothes-hanging space into a small room, there are models that suit every scenario.

Underbed storage boxes

If you already have a good quality bed frame in your bedroom or your guest room and you’re not looking to upgrade, no problem. You could still be able to utilise the space underneath your bed for storage depending on how high it is off the floor.

Underbed storage boxes are a great way to keep your things organised, tidy, and discreet.

Underbed storage boxes do exactly what they say on the tin – they’re boxes which slip under the bed to provide additional storage for your things. They’re generally an easy-access solutions too. Providing you get your measurements correct and choose boxes that will fit, you’ll be able to slide them out and back under the bed as and when needed.

How to organise the storage under your bed

A box filled with rolled up t-shirts sits on a painted wooden floor.

Organising the storage under your bed is a must if you want it to work for everyday life (3). And so, here are our top tips for getting to grips with the new found storage space in your bedroom.

Separate your belongings

If you share a bed with a partner then it’s worth splitting the underbed storage drawers or the sides between you. This way, things won’t get mixed up and you’ll be able to keep on top of where everything lives – a place for everything and everything in its place!

Use organisers or storage boxes

Using organisers, storage boxes or separators helps to keep different items from getting mixed up. These will also help you to organise the storage space into different sections or categories. For example, you might want to have a section for winter clothes and a smaller one for winter accessories like hats, gloves, etc.

And a section for those miscellaneous items is always a bonus. Who doesn’t have a junk drawer in their home? We know there’s always going to be some items that just won’t fit into any other category and a storage bed provides the perfect opportunity to house those things all together!

Roll your clothing

You might recognise this space-saving hack from packing your suitcase for your summer holiday. But, you may not have considered using it in your home before. Instead of folding your clothes or blankets, try rolling them instead.

Not only will this help to save space in your underbed storage but it will also help to keep your items in good condition and relatively crease-free.

Use vacuum pack bags

If you’re really looking to save space, vacuum packing bags could be a good option. Removing the air from the bag with a vacuum cleaner allows you to pack a lot more into the space.

This works especially well for items that you don’t need to have regular access to, such as your seasonal wardrobe.

What to store under the bed

Now that your underbed storage is all planned out, it’s time to think about what to put in it. Well, you can put pretty much anything in it you like but we’ve come up with a few suggestions to get you started.

One thing to consider before you start loading up your storage bed is weight. Don’t be tempted to overload the drawers or the ottoman base of your storage bed. Doing so could risk damaging the bed frame itself.

Seasonal clothing

Got a huge wardrobe and not enough hanging room for all of it? We’re right there with you! A good space-saving hack that will also make it easier to find the clothes you need as the seasons change is to store them away in your storage-savvy bed.

Jumpers and coats can be stowed away during the summer months and summer dresses and shorts can be swapped out during the winter. That way you’ll have plenty of room on your rail for season-appropriate clothing at any given time.

Linens and towels

Weren’t airing cupboards handy? They were a great place to store towels and sheets but sadly for some, they haven’t made it into modern house design. And that’s where your underbed storage comes in.

Those extra towels and bedding sheets can be housed in your storage bed when not in-use to save space in your bathroom.


Got more Manolos than Carrie Bradshaw? You can’t keep them all in your hallway! Pop your babies under your bed and your underbed storage will keep them protected from dust and make sure that pairs are kept together.

Toys and books

Not just for adults, underbed storage can work well for the kiddies’ rooms too. Toys and books soon start to takeover, leaving them with little floorspace to play and leaving their bedroom looking cluttered.

So, why not store them under the bed, leaving the room looking neat and tidy?

Other tips for keeping a small bedroom organised and tidy

If the under-bed and storage bed options don’t quite cut it for you, here are some other top tips to help you keep smaller bedrooms organised and tidy.

Keep on top of the clutter by making sure you get rid of anything you don’t need in your bedroom:

  • Take old clothes to the charity shop to free up space and help someone else out
  • Find some other creative storage solutions in addition to the space underneath the bed. Try hooks on the back of doors and cupboards and shelves high up on the walls.
  • Go minimal with furniture and furnishings. In the case of a small bedroom, less is more
  • Choose multipurpose bedroom furniture. For example, try a chest of drawers that doubles as a night stand

Check out our article on bedroom decluttering tips for more helpful tips and advice.

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