The Hypnos Luxurious Earth Mattress Collection - Endorsed by the Eden Project

Posted by Pam Johnson - Head of Buying on 10th Nov 2022

The Hypnos Luxurious Earth Mattress Collection - Endorsed by the Eden Project

A banner  with the image of the Royal Warrant on the left and to its right, the Hypnos Logo accompanied by the statement, The Most Comfortable Beds in the World.

Welcome to a new era in premium pocket sprung mattresses.

We’re delighted to introduce our Hypnos Luxurious Earth Mattress Collection– endorsed by the Eden Project and available exclusively at Bensons.

As you know, we love luxury mattresses that not only offer out of this-world-comfort, but also provide superb support.

We’re also always looking for ways to include environmentally friendly materials in our mattresses. That’s why the five pocket sprung mattresses featured in the  Hypnos Luxurious Earth collection use some of the finest natural materials and fibres available, as well as sustainable and recycled fillings, to create exceptionally comfortable mattresses.

Think plump layers of hand tufted British organic wool and 100% natural latex layers offering soothing pressure relief. Add to this peace silk, and a too-tempting-not-to-touch cotton sleep surface and you’re on the way to experiencing the luxury of this brand-new mattress collection.

When you purchase a Hypnos Luxurious Earth Mattress, you’ll also get FREE recycling, and FREE assembly.

Oh, and in case all this isn’t quite enough, The Royal Household of Queen Elizabeth II has given Hypnos the Royal Seal of Approval, meaning these mattresses truly are fit for a queen. (1)

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Who are Hypnos?

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Hypnos embodies what it means to be a British, family-run business. Since the Edwardian era, five generations of the Keen family have perfected the art of creating luxury pocket sprung mattresses – by hand.

Based in Buckinghamshire, Hypnos is dedicated to delivering on their promise of crafting:

“The most comfortable beds in the world”

Quite a statement! But when you experience the quality and luxury of our exceptional exclusive-to-Bensons, five Hypnos mattresses, you’ll certainly agree.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth pocket sprung mattresses and the Royal Warrant

Buckingham Palace

When Her Majesty the Queen gives her approval to a mattress, you can be sure you’re in for a right Royal treat. But it wasn’t only our current monarch that bestowed the Royal Warrant to Hypnos mattresses, and the Keen family have been securing Royal Warrants since the reign of King George V, in 1929.

What is the Royal Warrant?

The Royal Warrant of Appointment (to give it its full title) Is:

“Granted as a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services to HM The Queen…Or HRH The Prince of Wales”

Now, it’s worth noting that the Royals don’t receive these goods for free like some snap-happy influencer, oh no, all transactions are conducted on a strictly commercial basis. In fact, if they consider the quality of the products or services to have dropped below their standards, the Royal Warrant won’t be renewed.

Knowing that Hypnos mattresses have kept the Royal Warrant from reign to reign serves to show just how comfortable these mattresses really are.

Hypnos and the environment

Hypnos prides itself on being environmentally aware and works with farmers and suppliers to source natural, ethical materials. They've worked with the Eden Project and Planet Mark to create a sustainability strategy that will minimise any impact on the environment.

Hypnos mattresses and the Eden Project

Eden Project

Eden Project has endorsed the Hypnos Luxurious Earth Collection, because of the naturally sustainable and traceable materials and fibres used in each luxury mattress. The registered charity, Eden Project, will also benefit from the sale of these superior mattresses and receives a donation from the sale of each mattress.

So, do good, and sleep well when you buy a mattress from the Luxurious Earth Collection.

What materials are used to make Luxurious Earth mattresses?

Hand gently grasping at a cotton plant

  • Unbleached cotton sleep surface – uses a chemical-free cotton that is naturally absorbent and helps to regulate temperature. Cotton is a fantastic material to include in a mattress surface as it helps to keep moisture and heat away from the body. The cotton in Hypnos mattresses is from the Better Cotton Initiative programme which ensures the cotton is responsibly sourced.
  • British organic wool certified by GOTS – this wool is sourced from farmers that meet the highest standards of animal welfare. The British organic wool is naturally temperature regulating, antibacterial, and biodegradable when no longer in use.

Sheep in a field looking at the camera

  • Natural latex – this material is naturally responsive, resilient, and fire-resistant and is tapped from rubber trees in responsibly managed plantations. Hypnos mattresses only use 100% natural latex. The latex is then fused with graphite which ensures that it is fire-resistant, in compliance with the UK fire safety regulations.
  • Himalayan Allo – also known as the Giant Himalayan Nettle, this plant is grown and harvested by indigenous people of the Himalayan rain forests. Allo grows naturally, and in abundance, in the remote rainforests and is collected by the people that live there. The plant is carefully cut at a certain part of the stem, so the soil and roots remain undisturbed and is therefore a renewable material. By embracing this type of collection, the landscapes are preserved and unharmed by intensive farming methods. The fibre is renowned for its incredible absorbency which helps to keep you cool as you sleep. Allo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Collage of a Himalayan Allo collecting community

  • Organic Kapok – Sourced from the seed of the Kapok tree, the super soft fibre is moisture-resistant, quick-drying, and naturally hypoallergenic. In the same way that cotton is extracted from around the plant seeds, Kapok can be removed from the plant without destroying stems and leaves of the plant.

a kapok seed pods bursting with soft fibres and kapok pods hanging from a sun-dappled tree

  • Lambs wool and Peace Silk – as well as British organic wool, the softer, finer lambs wool is also used in Hypnos mattresses. Luxury peace silk is also used and is considered a more ethical type of silk as it allows silkworms to naturally leave their cocoons before the silk is harvested. The combined lambs wool and peace silk layer helps to regulate temperature within the mattress.
  • ReActivePro™ pocket springs - There are pocket springs, and then there’s ReActivePro™ pocket springs. At the heart of every Hypnos Luxurious Earth mattress is a premium pocket spring system. When you take a look at our Hypnos Luxurious Earth mattress collection, you’ll notice that each mattress has a specific number of spring turns for each spring. This number shows the number of active turns in the spring – the greater the number of turns, the greater the spring’s ability to give you the individual support and comfort your body needs.
  • Triple Edge Protection – Both sides of the bed benefit from three rows of firmer springs, a metal frame and side stitching. Their purpose? To protect the mattress edge and to prevent sagging.
  • eOlus™ fibres – One of the most important things that sets Hypnos mattresses apart from the rest is that they only ever contain sustainable fibres. The eOlus™ sustainable comfort layer is made using recycled plastic – helping to reduce plastic landfill waste by using these recycled fibres in a supportive layer that disperses moisture.

And that’s not all….

Each Luxurious Earth mattress is traditionally side-stitched – by hand. This precise process prevents sagging and gives the mattress a superior tailored finish. The mattresses are also hand-tufted, with tufts of wool from British sheep. Hand-tufting keeps the mattress fillings perfectly placed and, like hand-stitching, adds to the tailored finish of the mattress.

This attention to detail and dedication to maintaining such traditional craftmanship reinforces the pure luxurious quality of this new mattress collection.

All this being said, it’s time to unveil the five Hypnos Luxurious Earth pocket spring mattresses.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 01 Mattress

A 6-turn pocket sprung mattress, the Hypnos Luxurious Earth 01 Mattress is the firmest in the collection, with a choice of extra firm or firm mattress comfort ratings.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 01 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 01 Mattress

There are three full fleeces of organic British wool and aneOlus™ sustainable comfort layer in each Hypnos Luxurious Earth 01 mattress.

The Luxurious Earth 01 mattress is available as a firm or extra firm mattress.

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Hypnos Luxurious Earth 02 Mattress

In addition to three full fleeces of organic British wool, and an eOlus™ sustainable comfort layer, the Hypnos Luxurious Earth 02 mattress features ReActivePro™ 7-turn pocket springs and Himalayan Allo to give you that “I never want to get out of this amazing bed” kind of feeling.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 02 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 02 Mattress

The Luxurious Earth 02 mattress is available in a medium firmness rating.

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Hypnos Luxurious Earth 03 Mattress

Things step up a gear (and a turn) when it comes to the 8-turn pocket sprung mattress in the Luxurious Earth Collection.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 03 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 03 Mattress

The Hypnos Luxurious Earth 03 mattress is the only mattress in the range to feature a plush pillowtop layer. Additional layers include one and a half fleeces of organic British wool, natural latex, Himalayan Allo, and of course, the eOlus™ sustainable comfort layer.

The Luxurious Earth 03 mattress is available in a medium firmness rating.

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Hypnos Luxurious Earth 04 Mattress

Just when you think things can’t possibly get any fancier, along comes 04 in the Hypnos Luxurious Earth Mattress Collection.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 04 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 04 Pocket Sprung Mattress

The penultimate mattress in this sensational series features three full fleeces of organic British wool, lambs wool, peace silk, Himalayan Allo, an eOlus™ sustainable comfort layer and ReActivePro 9-turn pocket springs.

The Luxurious Earth 04 mattress is available in a medium firmness rating.

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Hypnos Luxurious Earth 05 Mattress

Gosh, we’re just spoiling you at this point. We’re so happy to introduce the Hypnos Luxurious Earth 05 Mattress which provides the final flourish to this premium collection.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 05 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 05 Mattress

The 10-turn pocket sprung mattress boasts three fleeces of organic British wool, natural latex, lambs wool, peace silk and Himalayan Allo to bring you a mattress you won’t want to leave.

The Luxurious Earth 05 mattress is available as a zip & Link, medium/firm comfort rating.

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Free 10-year guarantee

Each Luxurious Earth mattress comes with a FREE 10-year Guarantee.

So, forget counting sheep and count all the ways your new luxury pocket sprung mattress will make you want to hop, skip, and jump into bed every single night.

The Luxurious Earth mattress collection at Bensons

Get to know the Hypnos Luxurious Earth Collection, exclusively available at Bensons, and choose the best mattress for your most comfortable night’s sleep yet. Why not make your bed, your way® and pair your new mattress with a stylish bed and headboard from our Staples & Co collection?

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Place an order online today or give us a call on 0808 144 6160 to find out more about our Luxurious Earth collection.


  1. The Royal Warrant | Hypnos Beds
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