The Pros and Cons of Mirrored Wardrobes

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer on 2nd Feb 2022

The Pros and Cons of Mirrored Wardrobes

Wardrobes are an essential feature of any bedroom, which is why choosing the right one can take some consideration. Mirrored wardrobes have been a popular choice for many years, with styles varying from those with sliding mirror wardrobe doors, to models that have mirrors attached to outward opening doors.

It may seem simple enough to choose a wardrobe with mirrors, but with so many styles, sizes, and colours available, you could need a little help to decide.

If you’re considering buying a mirror wardrobe, but not entirely convinced it’s the right choice for you, take a look at our handy list of pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros - Why are mirrored wardrobes a great choice for your bedroom?

Mirrored wardrobes with sliding doors take up less space

Should lack of room be a problem, mirrored wardrobes with sliding doors could be just the solution. Instead of opening outwards, the doors simply slide across, minimising the need for extra space in that area of the bedroom. With a wardrobe that already has mirrors attached to the doors, you can also eradicate the need for a separate, free-standing mirror in your room.

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Wardrobes with mirrors can make your small room look larger

Mirrors are fantastic for making smaller spaces appear larger. This is due to the illusion of depth created by the reflection in the mirror. As we see the reflections in the mirror, we experience the illusion of further space being created.

You can both use the mirror and wardrobe at the same time

In our recent  Instagram poll, 77% of participants* indicated they have a mirror in their bedroom, which shows the importance of a bedroom mirror to many households.

A whopping 83% of poll participants** said they prefer to get ready in the bedroom rather than the bathroom.

Add into the mix the 52% of participants*** who revealed that their partners also prefer to get ready in the bedroom, and it’s easy to see how you could find yourselves fighting for time in front of the bedroom mirror.

A large, mirrored wardrobe could be all you need to ensure you both get the time you want in front of the mirror to get ready each morning.

A mirrored wardrobe like the  Ravenna Sliding Wardrobe features two huge mirrors on the sliding doors. This allows one of you to dry your hair, apply make-up, admire your choice of outfit, and for your other half to still be able to access their clothes easily and get ready for the day too.

A mirror on a wardrobe could make it easier to select an outfit

The whole process of choosing what to wear may be made simpler by having a mirrored wardrobe. Select an outfit, try it on, and see how it looks in the wardrobe mirror without needing to move to another part of the room. It’s also easy to return the outfit to your wardrobe if it’s not quite right before choosing another one to consider in the mirror.

Mirrored wardrobes are a stylish choice

We provide mirror wardrobes in a variety of colours and styles. We have therefore made it easier for you to choose one that suits your personal preferences. The  Santana mirrored wardrobe , for example, is a more traditional design, with hinged doors and mirrored wardrobe doors at its centre. For a more contemporary take on the mirrored wardrobe, take a look at the minimalist design of the Bergen sliding door mirror wardrobe , which is part of the Bergen bedroom furniture collection. By pairing the practicality of an integrated mirror with tasteful design, mirrored wardrobes can be enjoyed as part of your bedroom’s overall style.

Cons - reasons why you may be avoiding mirrored wardrobes

You may love the idea of a mirrored wardrobe but have just a few niggling thoughts about certain aspects such as:

How would I keep my wardrobe mirrors clean?

Alster wooden three door mirrored wardrobe in white

When you purchase a wardrobe that isn’t enhanced by mirrors, chances are that you only need to give it a dust every now and then. With mirrored wardrobes you need to keep on top smears and smudges.

Anything from make-up application to kids’ sticky fingers can cause unsightly smears on your mirrors, which is why it’s useful to know how to clean them.

If you’re not a fan of cleaning, this could put you off buying a mirrored wardrobe. However, once you know how to clean mirrored wardrobes, you’ll realise it's a very simple task.

How to clean a wardrobe mirror:

  • Use a microfibre cloth to avoid leaving any strands of material behind when cleaning.
  • Use a vinegar and water solution for a smear-free finish. This is a great way to save money on cleaning products for mirrors.
  • If you’re worried that the homemade solution will leave your bedroom smelling like a chip shop, you can also use lemon juice and water. Alternatively, purchase a scented brand created specifically for cleaning mirrors.
  • Clean from the bottom up to avoid the cleaning solution dripping downwards which can create smears as you clean.
  • Finish by wiping over the mirrors with a dry cloth or newspaper for a smear-free gleam.
  • It's important to note that any metallic or paint surfaces that surround the mirror should be wiped with a soft, slightly damp cloth before being re-wiped with a soft dry cloth.

    Are mirrored wardrobes safe?

    It’s understandable to have some concerns about buying a wardrobe that has mirrors attached and you may wonder if they are safe. However, all Bensons for Beds products are designed and certified to ensure they meet all applicable UK safety standards. We are also careful to include the relevant instructions for the safe step by step assembly and installation of your new wardrobe. (1)

    Bensons for Beds also provide a  free minimum 5 year guarantee on our beds, sofa beds, mattresses, and furniture, to give you that extra confidence in our products.

    Will I have to construct the mirrored wardrobe myself?

    It can be off-putting to think about needing to construct a wardrobe yourself. Yet many of our mirrored wardrobes can be easily assembled with the assistance of just two people. However, when you select a design such as the  Lazio 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe you can benefit from free assembly courtesy of our experienced team.

    Will a mirrored wardrobe look out of place in my bedroom?

    In short, absolutely not! There's a mirrored wardrobe to suit every space. And when you choose the right design for your bedroom, it will tie in seamlessly with you space. Mirrors help to distribute light which can in turn help your bedroom feel much more spacious than it actually is.

    A popular aspect of our mirrored wardrobe selection is that in many cases you can also purchase the chest of drawers and bedside drawers to match.  The Emden collection, for example, not only includes a range of beautifully designed wardrobes featuring many mirrored variations, but it also boasts a choice of drawers in a variety of sizes. 

    You could choose a mirrored wardrobe that fits with your current bedroom style, or you may want to take advantage of being able to create an entirely new design with one of our complete bedroom furniture collections.

    Buying a mirrored wardrobe from Bensons for Beds

    If our list of pros and cons has helped you decide that a wardrobe with mirrors is exactly what you need, check out the full collection today. You can even choose to take advantage of our 0% interest free finance options and spread the cost to suit your budget.

    For more information visit our site or give our friendly team a call on 0808 144 6160 to place an order.

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    * 530 out of 688 poll participants answered yes to the question “Do you have a mirror in your bedroom?”

    ** 495 out of 599 poll participants said they prefer to get ready in the bathroom when asked, “Where do you prefer to get ready in the morning: bedroom or bathroom?”

    *** 285 out of 544 poll participants said their partners prefer to get ready in the bedroom when asked, “Where does your partner prefer to get ready in the morning?”

    (1) All Bensons for Beds wardrobes are supplied with fixings to attach the unit to the wall. This not only adds to the safety of the wardrobe but also adds stability to reduce wear and tear to joints with repeated opening and closing. In addition, this also provides increased stability on softer floor coverings such as carpets.

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