Top Features to Look for in the Best TV Beds

Posted by Lauren Jaques - Senior Buyer on 20th Feb 2023

Top Features to Look for in the Best TV Beds

Brits really like television. From the thrills of the latest true crime documentary to glitzy dance competitions, from glamorous scripted reality to slick and captivating dramas, we’ve all got our individual TV passions. But one thing we all have in common? We love to get cosy while we binge. In fact, according to our research, around 57% of us have a television in the bedroom, the ideal place to hunker down and stream a couple of quick episodes before bed.

It's no wonder then that TV beds are so popular. Blending space-saving smarts with style and practicality, these bed frames with TVs built in allow you to enjoy the indulgence of a bedroom television without the clutter of on-show electricals.

Here we run down the features to look out for and things to consider when investing in a TV bed…

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Choosing a TV Bed Frame for Convenience

Esther Ottoman TV Bedframe

Esther Ottoman TV Bedframe

Dating back to the 1960s, TV beds have come a long way in sixty years. Sleeker than their predecessors, today’s television beds are safe, convenient and can help to save on space.

TV beds reduce clutter

When decorating a bedroom what are you after? A calming space? Boudoir chic? Fuss-free comfort? We’re pretty sure it’s not dusty screens and trailing cables. With a television that disappears neatly into your bed frame, you’ll reduce digital clutter and get rid of messy dust-magnets.

Opt for a TV bed with storage

With slats that lift to reveal a spacious void, ottoman beds are a must for rooms with limited storage, maximising space in an otherwise wasted spot. So while a bed with TV built in may seem like a room hog, an ottoman TV bed could actually make the most of available space. Every single bed with TV in the Bensons for Beds range is provided with an ottoman option.

TV beds with Smart capabilities

Gone are the days of four channels and midnight close. When choosing a TV bed nowadays you’ll be looking for Smart technology that connects you to streaming services without the hassle of dongles and lengthy menu sequences. Many of our TV beds provide smart capabilities so why not take a closer look?

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TV beds for a comfortable viewing position

Whether you watch on a television set, laptop or tablet, chances are that your current bedroom television set up means an uncomfortable viewing position or the risk of eye strain. The Aura TV Bed provides a stunning 43”screen TV at your feet, giving both you and your partner a clear view from the most comfortable spot.

TV Beds With Style

Saros Ottoman TV Bed Frame With Surround Sound

Saros Ottoman TV Bed Frame With Surround Sound

Choosing the practicality and convenience of built-in tech doesn’t have to mean losing out on the bedroom style you crave. 

Consider these key questions when shopping for your new TV bed:

Is the TV bed sized for your room?

Whether it’s updating your master suite or creating the ultimate guest bedroom, there’s a TV bed to fit. All our TV beds come in three sizes so you can choose between a standard double bed with TV, a king or a super king TV bed. Additionally, the Rhea is available as a small double TV bed ideal for guest rooms.

Does the TV bed suit your decorative scheme?

Whatever your signature style be sure that your choice of TV bed blends in seamlessly. Increasingly, tech beds are design-led, fitting in with popular bedroom trends. That means that modern interiors can be complemented by sleek beds like the Saros while vintage-inspired rooms are elevated with the plush Esther ottoman TV bed.

Does the TV bed offer space for everyone?

Often there’s more to consider than just you and your partner when it comes to bed space. Does your pup like to settle in while you watch a blockbuster in bed? Do your little ones join you for Saturday morning cartoons? If so it’s worth considering a larger TV bed, king size or even super king size, giving you more room for visitors.

Is a TV bed with inbuilt lighting a worthwhile investment?

Aura Ottoman TV Bed With Surround Sound and Ambient Lighting

Aura Ottoman TV Bed With Surround Sound and Ambient Lighting

If you love that home cinema feel, consider a TV bed with built-in LED lighting, like the Aura. This bed’s headboard lighting creates the perfect ambience for a movie night. Additionally, the Aura has provides motion-sensor lighting in the storage area -a real help when looking for specific items in the depths of a king size ottoman.

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The Practicalities of Choosing a TV Bed

You know what you’re looking for when it comes to size and style but how about those features that beds with TV function should have?

TV beds should offer great sound

An in-bed television ought to have all the same features you’d want in any normal TV and that includes cinematic sound. For the best all-encompassing aural experience look for a bed with speakers in both the foot and head end. The Aura, for example features Dolby Atmos 360 surround sound technology with a foot end sound bar and headboard speakers. Meanwhile, the Saros includes five speakers for immersive sound.

Consider which connections your TV bed needs

While a Smart TV and built-in wireless Wi-Fi will minimise your need for extra cables you may wish to connect a laptop, games console or DVD player to your in-bed television. If so, our TV beds are ideal as they feature all the relevant accessible ports you may need. 

A TV bed must offer reliable stability

A television set is a heavy bit of kit and the last thing you want toppling onto your ankles while you snooze. Before you buy, take your prospective bed for a test drive. Does the mechanism feel sturdy and safe? Does it rise smoothly and close away completely out of sight? Our TV Beds offer the assurance of being sturdy beds that allow you to safely store the TVs while not in use.

Choosing a TV Bed at Bensons for Beds

If you’re set on bringing a television into the bed look no further than the concise but comprehensive range right here at Bensons for Beds. We offer attractively designed, high quality TV beds to suit all rooms and all budgets. From a basic TV bed in a small double, to a super king bed with all the bells and whistles – we’re talking surround sound, inbuilt lighting and charging ports for your phones – we’ve got something for everyone. Each TV is paired with a specific bed, to ensure the perfect match. For more details take a look at this handy comparison guide to our complete TV bed range.

Not only can we help you to choose the perfect tech-filled bed for your room, including a mattress chosen especially to suit your sleep, every single TV bed comes with the option of financing and a 40 night comfort guarantee. And because our commitment to your comfort doesn’t end when you swipe that credit card, we’ll even give you a hand with the practicalities, like recycling your old mattress.

In store, online or on the phone, our knowledgeable team is ready to help you choose the ideal bed for your needs. Just drop into your nearest showroom or give us a call on 0808 144 6160.

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