​What is 'Roll Together' on Mattresses and How to Avoid it

Posted by Sarah Harris - Head of Design and Development on 25th Jan 2023

​What is 'Roll Together' on Mattresses and How to Avoid it

If you share a bed with somebody else, you may know this story too well: the night starts as any other night, and you fall asleep on your side of the bed. There’s plenty of room for both of you to stretch out, without touching the other person. And yet, by morning, both of you are somehow in the middle of the bed: cramped, back-achey, and confused as to how you ended up in this position.

You might wake up before your partner, and notice that despite you having no room on your side, they have plenty of unused space between them and the edge of the bed. Before this starts a bed war, we’ll tell you right now – they are not the enemy - roll together is.

What is roll together, exactly? Roll together is the phenomenon where two people sharing a bed end up rolling into the centre of the mattress during their sleep. It makes for restless nights, and a less than refreshed feeling in the morning.

The good news is that it is neither you nor your partner’s fault that you wake up like this. The causes of roll together lie just beneath the surface: it’s usually caused by your mattress. And believe it or not, the issue is very easy to solve – so don’t worry, you and your bed partner can get back to enjoying peaceful, comfortable, and restful nights in no time.

What Causes Roll Together?

If you and your partner are waking up cramped in the middle of the bed more often than not, you might be starting to think that sleeping in separate beds is for the best. But nine times out of ten, the problem is much easier to solve, and you won’t have to make this change if you don’t want to.

Sleeping next to your partner is something that many couples treasure, and no one should have to sacrifice that special time just because of roll together. Plus, sleeping next to your partner can actually enhance REM sleep, according to a German sleep study.(1)

So, don’t race to get separate beds just yet. Most of the time, roll together has something to do with your bed or mattress. There are a number of reasons why either or both could be the cause of roll together:

1. You’re not sleeping on the right mattress for you or your bed

Mattresses are not a one-size-fits-all. The perfect mattress for you might be completely different to somebody else’s. Finding the right mattress will depend on the bed you have, your level of mobility, your lifestyle, your comfort preferences, your body type, and your sleep position – just to name a few factors.

Without the right support, your sleep tends to suffer. A mattress that isn’t right for you might make itself known in the form of back aches, body pains, and restless nights. If you’re experiencing roll together, this is often a sign that you’re not sleeping on the right mattress.

When your mattress is uncomfortable, you’re likely to toss and turn in the night. An excessive amount of movement every night may begin to weaken your mattress, and a weak mattress can eventually give way in the middle. You can prevent this problem by investing in a mattress that is both comfortable for you and built to last, which will save you from dealing with issues later.

When people of different sizes share a bed, there may be a tendency for the lighter person to roll toward the heavier during the night. A mattress that is designed to absorb movement and respond to pressure will counteract this effect, so make sure to look for these qualities when mattress shopping.

2. Your mattress needs replacing

Mattresses age, but not in the way nice cheeses or fine wines do. After a few years of continued use, even the highest quality mattresses will eventually need replacing.

In the core of many traditional mattresses, you’ll typically find springs, foam, or a combination of both. However, you may also have a mattress filled with eco friendly latex, natural fibres, or gel – each with their own benefits.

Over time, the weight of a person will cause the mattress to start sagging, caving, and giving way. Springs can break, and surfaces can deflate. Not only will sleeping on an old mattress increase your chances of roll together, but other issues can arise when a mattress needs replacing. Over time, they start to collect dust, microbes, and bacteria. The issue with most mattresses is that when they get dirty, you can’t wash them, as you can a mattress protector (which can, by the way, extend the life of your mattress).

Not sure how often you need to change your mattress? According to the Sleep Foundation, you should aim to replace your mattress every six to eight years.(2) For a more comprehensive guide, have a look for our  top five signs your mattress needs replacing.

3. Your bed base has broken

If your roll-together came all of a sudden, seemingly without cause – don’t rule out a broken bed base! Sometimes we don’t notice a broken bed until much later, because we might not see or hear it happen. A few broken slats, or slats that have moved out of place, can make a huge difference to how your bed feels. If your bed is a divan and it’s misused by being stood on or someone has landed on it hard, the platform top of the divan base could well be damaged. This can cause the mattress to dip in the middle and cause roll together. Make sure to remove your bedding and your mattress to check underneath and ensure this is not the problem.

4. Your bed base isn’t supportive enough

If your mattress is too heavy for your bed, it may dip in the middle, causing you and your partner to roll together. When mattress shopping, make sure the bed you have is strong enough to support the weight of your new mattress – we suggest opting for a sturdier wooden or metal bed base for a heavier mattress.

Why not buy a mattress and bed that were made for each other? Many beds and mattresses also come as sets, to make it easier than ever to find the perfect pair.

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How Does Roll Together Affect Your Sleep?

Moving around at night without meaning to is bound to affect anyone’s sleep. Particularly when you’re sharing with a partner, experiencing roll together can make it feel like you have less space in the bed, as well as potentially waking one or both of you up, and reducing everyone’s quality of rest.

Roll together makes it harder to beat the heat

Ever slept next to the human equivalent of a hot water bottle? These extra-warm people are lovely to share a bed with in winter, but on the warmer nights, you might feel a little less cuddly. It’s perfectly natural to want to sleep on the other side of the bed if sleeping close to your partner makes you feel too hot. External temperatures that are higher than your body temperature can disturb your sleep, which is not only unpleasant, but not great for your sleep health, either (3) Of course, if you’re experiencing roll together, it may be more difficult to escape your partner’s way-too-warm embrace. This conundrum can make for some very unpleasant summer nights.

Roll together cramps your style

The perfect mattress should support you in whatever sleep position feels most comfortable for you. If your mattress is causing you and your partner to roll together, you can end up in a position that feels uncomfortable or unnatural for your body. Sleeping in the wrong position may put extra pressure on your spine, which can be a cause of aches and pains in the morning (4).

Sleeping next to someone can be awkward, too, particularly when it feels like you don’t have your own space. You certainly don’t have to fall asleep in each other’s arms to enjoy sharing a bed with a partner. If your roll together is trapping you right next to your partner, things might feel too close for comfort – the sound of them breathing can seem thunderous when it’s happening next to your ear.

If you tend to move around while you get to sleep, or during the night, roll together might limit your movement, too. There’s nothing worse than wanting to move, but feeling like you can’t because you’re scared you’ll wake your partner. Roll together can make you feel trapped, which is far from calming when you’re trying to drift off into a deep sleep.

Roll together can shorten or interrupt your sleep

Most of us know how important it is to get an adequate amount of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can affect our everyday lives – from slowing us down, to making us more irritable, or even not so great at working in a team! (5) The negative impacts a lack of sleep can have on our relationships, our work, and other aspects of our lives makes it important that we do everything we can to get a full night of sleep every evening. If you and your partner experience roll together as soon as you get into bed, it can make it difficult to fall asleep, which may mean you’re both not getting enough of it.

Did you know that sleep continuity is just as important as how many hours you sleep? (6) Sleeping through the night, without interruption, is important for our memory consolidation; and interruptions to sleep can affect our memory, our decision making, and our overall mental function. (7)

Roll together can cause us to wake up in the middle of the night, and some of us may have difficulty getting back to sleep again. When we sleep, we go through a number of sleep stages, all of which are important for a healthy night’s sleep. Interrupting these sleep stages frequently can have serious adverse effects on our health and well-being. (8)

Also, an interrupted sleep just doesn’t feel good. Waking up repeatedly because you’ve rolled into the middle of the bed is bound to make you and your partner feel cranky, as well as reducing your quality of life.

Best Mattresses to Prevent Roll Together

                                             Silentnight Easycare Miracoil Mattress on a Silentnight Divan Base

Easycare Miracoil Mattress

After many years of use, even the best mattresses can sag, dip, or settle– all of which can cause roll together. But not every mattress is made the same. Some mattresses are made to maintain their shape much longer than others, which means that they’re less likely to start causing roll together early on. Higher quality mattresses usually come at a higher price point but considering that a mattress is made to last for almost a decade, it is well worth making the investment to stretch out the years of comfort and support you’ll get from your mattress. A great option to avoid sagging caused by two different weights on a mattress is a zip and link mattress like the ones featured in the Artisan mattress collection. These types of mattresses can have different tensions on either side to accommodate for weight differences when the mattress is being shared.

The filling and composition of a mattress can also help to prevent roll together. At their core, mattresses differ in how they distribute your weight. A supportive mattress that spreads you and your partner’s weight evenly, rather than letting bodies sink into the middle, is ideal for preventing roll together. Make sure to look closely at what a mattress’s core comprises before you buy a new one, as this can make all the difference between a sleep experience you and your partner will treasure, or one that will leave you feeling even more tired in the morning.

Take good care of your mattress by ensuring it is turned and flipped as per each individual mattresses instructions. By doing so you’re ensuring there isn’t continuous weight depression on certain spots of the mattress.

Some mattresses are made to be shared. At Bensons, we know how much damage roll together can cause to your sleep – that’s why we have a series of mattresses that are specifically designed to prevent it.

Miracoil mattresses versus open coil

If you’re shopping for a mattress you’ll share with someone, be aware that although they can come at a lower price point, open coil mattresses can be prone to roll together. Open coil mattresses consist of individual coil springs that are joined together with a small spiral wire. Unlike pocket sprung mattresses, where the springs act independently of one and other to offer tailored support, the springs in open coil mattresses move together, which can be the reason for uncomfortable tilting, dipping, and sinking feelings in a mattress.

A Miracoil® mattress is a continuous spring mattress designed with comfort in mind. These king size mattresses are made to absorb movement and spread weight evenly – rather than dipping under pressure. Compared to an open coil mattress, a Miracoil® mattress provides 2.3 times the number of springs and support, which makes for a much sounder sleep experience.

Silentnight Miracoil® mattresses feature two types of spring support systems, the continuous and the pocket spring designs, which were specifically designed to prevent roll-together. These mattresses offer a truly responsive surface that adapts to both you and your partner’s sleep positions. Miracoil® is designed to absorb movement, so you’re also less likely to wake your partner up if you toss and turn.

Shop Miracoil® Mattressees

Finding the right mattress for both you and your partner can be tricky. If you’re not sure how to begin, take a look at  some of our bestsellers , so you can get a sense of what people love. Alternatively, drop into any of our stores and speak to one of our experts, to help find the perfect mattress for your needs. Using sleeppro® technology, our sleep advisor colleagues can talk you and your partner through your individual pressure points and your preferred sleep positions, to help you make the best choice for both of you.

A pocket sprung mattress is an ideal no roll together mattress

Because roll together is usually caused by a lack of support, it’s important your mattress offers targeted and tailored support – for both you and your partner’s bodies – to avoid it. For support that responds to each person’s sleep position individually – a pocket sprung mattress is a fantastic choice. Pocket sprung mattresses consist of individually pocketed springs that move independently of one and other, so, however you sleep, and wherever your pressure points are, each pocket spring can respond individually, creating a support like no other.

A mattress that’s good for you and your partner can be great for the planet, too. Our Artisan Collection mattresses feature individually encased pocket springs paired with natural fibres – including organic alpaca wool, organic silk, and certified organic cotton. They’re made to provide a luxuriously soft sleep experience, with targeted support that feels great to share.

Shop Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Say Goodbye to Roll Together – For Good

Put an end to sleepless nights, and say hello to an all-new mattress and bed set from Bensons for Beds. With a range of bed sets designed with couples in mind, the perfect sleep is waiting for you and your partner in one of our stores or online. Say goodbye to roll together and take your sleep into your own hands, by shopping online today, or by giving us a call on 0808 144 6160.


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