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Galaxy Faux Leather TV Bed Frame

3.9 out of 5 stars
Galaxy Faux Leather TV Bed Frame 3.9 out of 5 based on 52 ratings.
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Ratings and Reviews

Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
Reviewer: Adam
"Rating is based on the bed, not the after sales service from bensons, that would be a 1, would be lower if negative figures where available. The delivery team though where great, friendly and professional. The bed itself is great, sturdy, well built and so easy to assemble, from unpacking to clearing up was 1 hour. Not sure what tv's people are trying to attach that are saying they can't find a TV to fit, have a Samsung 43" LED that fits just perfect, expected to have to go and buy a smaller one after reading other reviews and comments from Bensons. Great price, Great Bed, shame about the service."
Reviewer: Jon
"Excellent bed, very sturdy and well built. Brought the kingsize with a new mattress last week never slept so well. Fast delivery service would highly recommend. Also got the Samsung UE40K5500 40" smart tv that fits in perfectly"
Reviewer: Dave s
"Had ours a while, bed looks great and is very comfy. Whoever says a TVs doesn't fit I don't understand, they give you measurements to go by!!. I looked at all the measurements given, chose my favourite tv from richer sounds (32" Panasonic), went to Panasonic website, checked the DEPTH FIRST, KEY WORD DEPTH then also checked dimensions. The tv was ordered, 2 days later it arrived, in half an hour I had the tv fitted and ready to go, the bed manufacturer also give 90 degree hdmi adaptors to save stress on hdmi cables that come out the tv horizontally. Very happy with this bed, and if you read the instructions and get the correct size to you will also love it. Looks neat tucking the tv away. As we have a Bose lifestyle 5.1 system with tiny cube speakers on the walls, it is better than the system in our lounge. A 32" tv is plenty big enough as its only 5 feet from the viewing position. "
Reviewer: Natalie
"I love my new bed so much. It took me half an hour to build the frame on my own, and then my boyfriend set up the TV and the electric parts when he got home it didn't take long. The drivers were fantastic, somehow managed to get the kingsize up my spiral staircase. Good job! "
Reviewer: Yasmin
"First of all I really don't understand how people haven't been able to find a TV that fits the bed? You've got the measurements! We got a Bush 40ins smart TV, with internal wifi TV from Argos (the first place I looked). The bed is very heavy, so sturdy. We love it, no issues with it at all. "
Reviewer: adele
"I bought this TV and it fits perfect"
Reviewer: Aysha
"Got this bed In a king size, the headboard is curved and it takes up a lot of space. Secondly it was really hard finding the right tv, it took a while but eventually found a tv. Also the bed makes noise when you are tossing and turning In the night I really found this annoying. Am not happy at all with the bed and regret purchasing It. "
Reviewer: Nick
"Got this bed in a king size. First worry was if it would fit up the stairwell of the 3 storey townhouse. No problem. Second was searching for a TV. It took a while but eventually settled on a Panasonic which fit fine. Bf managed to build mainly on his own, took a couple of hours. Now it's all up and running it's great Love it ! "
Reviewer: Unhappy
"There is no tv for this bed the ones on the link bensons advise do not fit! We searched hours online with no luck, what a joke "
Reviewer: Gary
"Got this bed last week in Super King, amazingly sturdy and very good quality. Was very happy with it.

I read the reviews after I had ordered and I too was confused at how people can try 8 different TV's with no luck! That was, until I went to get a TV myself.

It isn't that the dimensions aren't easy to understand... it's just that no TV's are 55mm thick anymore! TV's went from being big thic CRT things, to slimline... it was around this time that this bed was designed. Since then, we have 4K and smart TV's, which need to be just a little thicker.

So, I found two Samsung's that did fit, but I didn't like them, they looked quite ugly. I have my heart set on one of two Sony's, one that is 57mm thick and one that is 60mm thick.

Now, here's the thing. One reviewer said he managed to get a 55.1mm TV in, and he thinks it can go to 56mm at a pinch. I am wondering if I can try the 57mm one, or even the 60mm.

I then measured the TV mechanism myself, and the try is 980mm long! Not 950mm. Now admittedly, I haven't tried mounting a TV yet - but I looked and there was no where it would snag length wise... so it looks like a bigger TV would fit.

The depth was more than 55mm too, going up to 70mm... but again, maybe I am overlooking.

I'm going to get the 60mm TV, and see if it fits. If not, I'll get the 57mm one, which I'm 99% confident will be alright."
Reviewer: Vanessa
"Ive bought a Samsung Tv UE40H6400 smart 3D LED TV. Didnt really want 3D but the Tv Fits £429 at currys. A 36 inch tv would have probably been better but as I wanted a Smart TV I was limited to 40 inch. Bed is better built with two people. Or at least one practical person. Very comfortable and looks fab"
Reviewer: matt kaz
"bought my bed the other month, no problems at the mo, perfect tv that fits it a bush 40" lcd from argos perfect and looks really good too."
Reviewer: josh
"fantastic bed, love having a tv I can hide away. Easy to put together and the firt tv I saw in currys fitted perfectly, easy to fit tv just a couple of bolts that attach just like a wall mounted tv. 10/10 bensons well done"
Reviewer: Leith
"Please guys... all those asking "can I get a TV to fit" READ THE DIMENSIONS PROVIDED BY BENSONS. Someone below claims to have tried 8 sets without success and is either not telling the truth or is completely crazy.

The key measurement is DEPTH. I have bought and installed an LG42LB700V.Under £500 from Currys (and plenty other places). Full HD, 3DTv, smart TV (connects to the internet) and for example it works off my mobile phone for net services (no dongle needed - built in to set, just share 4G signal from phone).

Yes, that's right; 42 inch - so 40 inch is not the max if you are careful with your set selection. No problem dimensions, just fits for height (you need to adjust to almost maximum height), and is fine for width.

The DEPTH is key. 55mm. The set I refer to is 55.1mm and fits no problem and I expect you would fit 56mm at a pinch as there is a small amount of give.

There are plenty of options out there. Do what I did, go to the manufacturers site, and for every model they make or have ever made, they give you the dimensions. Compare against Bensons measurements. It is really that simple and there is no need for anyone to either say they bought the wrong TV (however many times... really ?) or couldn't find one.

The bed itself is excellent. It is VERY heavy - especially the base. You can at a pinch put it up yourself as I did but it is easier with two people especially if you have to get it all up stairs. Instructions on assembly are very good - follow them and you will have no problems. Get the feeling this frame will last a good long time.

PS - many thanks to Straiton Branch (Mark) for arranging delivery to Wolverhampton (thanks Andy) for me to collect. Refreshingly good customer service and staff in both stores went out of their way to be helpful."
Reviewer: Graeme
"we have just bought this bed and are looking for a tv. we are wondering about the minimum tv height thing? is there a minimum tv height of 470mm? as we are struggling to find a 32inch tv that is this tall. or this there no minimum height. on the assembly instructions it does say tvs from 20" to 42" so I cant imagine any 20" tv being 470mm high! also has anyone found a tv with built in dvd player at less than 55mm depth? any help much appreciated! :)"
Reviewer: Ste
"Fantastic bed and excellent quality. Recommended 2 people to assemble this is not required and was up in less than an hour. Not sure why people are mentioning it being hard finding a tv and marking down on that. The dimensions are provided before purchase although the link provided above does not go to a specific model. It took me about 20mins browsing to find one right for me if it helps it was the following Panasonic LED TV Viera TX-39AS500B. Currently on offer on the following link too :"
Reviewer: Kevin Clifton
"Well one year on and 8 TV's later I still haven't found a TV that fits this bed. The Samsung link that Bensons have listed is as useful as the bed and its customer services department as it lists 70 tv's and still does not tell you which tv will fit. Come on Bensons, if these comments listed have not shamed you yet into doing something about this problem, you should not be in the retail business let alone be selling the same bed still"
Reviewer: HollieSJC
"Great bed! We were worried as read a lot of reviews about the TV being a nightmare to find but found one straight away from Currys...LG 40UB800V Smart 4k Ultra HD 40" LED TV for £450 down from £799 on 18/03/15. Fits perfect and looks awesome."
Reviewer: Daniellejoe
"Bought this bed, got a bit stressed out with reading reviews and trying to find a TV to fit. Went to Currys and measured them all, ended up with a LG 40UB800V which fits perfect. Think Bensons need to suggest some TVs that fit this bed to make finding a TV a bit easier for people. Overall very happy with the bed so far, no problems at all."
Reviewer: Kent
"Really like this bed... TV doesnt fit & mechanism doesnt work though... Customer service not very helpful"
Reviewer: Colin B
"The bed itself is absolutely great, however trying to find a TV that actually fits it is an absolute nightmare!!!! I noticed that they've actually put the max dimensions of what TV fits the bed now it till doesn't help, has anyone tried finding a Tv that's 55mm deep!!"
Reviewer: Anonymous
"You know what!! The selling technique of Benson Beds for this TV bed is absolutely poor, especially when it comes to purchasing the correct TV. They keep telling us that Samsung TVs will fit.... what they haven't told us or placed on the website is the minimum dimensions for an appropriate TV that will fit. I have found an LG 32LB650V, which I've chosen to purchase after bed has been put together to double check dimensions myself. The after care is poor, when I called their branch on a Saturday, they said ill need to contact customer services. What they did tell me, is that they are only open Monday to Friday. I found that out after calling them on a Saturday. They really need to improve on their customer service and after care service, especially after paying so much for the frame. Almost seem it wasn't worth the purchase, now I'm having to spend o much tome looking for a TV. Potential purchasers, be aware do your research before purchasing. You don't want to have these experiences."
Reviewer: Lisa
"We have purchased 3, 40inch samsung TV's from currys, NONE OF THEM FIT!!!! Due to power cable in the wrong place!

Can anyone advise to which samsung TV will fit????

Would never have purchased this bed had we known how difficult and expensive it was just to get a TV TO FIT!!!"
Reviewer: Anonymous
"I've purchased this bed and I'm having issues finding a TV that fits. Can you confirm whether the measurements provided are the maximum dimensions please? What are the minimum dimensions for TV? Are you able to provide details of any smart TVs that will fit this frame please? I've spent ages in stores and cannot find a TV that fits this bed. "
Reviewer: john
"I have been looking all over the internet for a tv to fit this bed and the tvs in the reviews arnt confirmed. I been on the Samsung website as stated above in the comments but it just gives you all the Samsung tvs and not a specific type that fits. is there an actual list of confirmed tvs that fit?"
Reviewer: chris
"Sat on this bed for 2 mins in the shop and knew i had to have it, solid build quality and tv lift mechanism works perfect, I'm not sure what the last person is talking about saying they couldn't find a tv to fit??? it fits most tvs up to 40 inch. Just buy it you won't be disappointed"
Reviewer: Cookie monster
"We ordered this bed and were really excited as we thought it was absolutely gorgeous, however thank goodness we tried to get a tv to fit the same day, we have scoured the Internet currys and had no luck. Luckily we were able to cancel our purchase within 24hrs. I'm only writing this review as a warning to others. Maybe the manufacturers coud slightly alter the design of the bracket to 7cms as that was the depth of most of the modern led tvs. We were able to purchase a tv to fit but unfortunately it costs more than the bed."
Reviewer: Lorraine
"I have bought this bed and love it. However I need to buy the tv to fit and I'm so confused. I have seen one I like and it says it is 49mm wide. However I went in store and measured it and the widest part is more than that and is more than 55mm! If I buy it and it doesn't fit I can't return it!! Please help! It is a samsung UE40H6400. "
Reviewer: owen
"Can anyone tell me if the depth of 55mm is accurate for the tv, I am awaiting delivery of this bed and I have found two televisions one is 59mm and the other is 71mm has anyone managed to fit a tv in with a greater depth than 55mm I have seen that people have managed to get a 42" tv in so was hoping there would be a bit of wiggle room on the depth


Bensons for Beds Reply:

Hi Owen,

The measurements do not allow any wiggle room. The dimensions are the exact maximum size TV that will fit.


Reviewer: Joan
"My son purchased this bed for his new home and we where advised by the sales person, that any LG or Samsung TV would fit, I purchased him a 40" Samsung TV Model UE40EH5000 and it is too deep for the bed, can any successful people confirm any Models that will fit, thank you in advance"
Reviewer: Jon
"It's faux leather so if you have kids or pets then forget it! What you need is a real leather tv bed"
Reviewer: Steve
"great bed.... Got LG 42" easy fit


the remote does not and will not work with the pods.... Look the part but useless "
Reviewer: Steve
"The bed is comfortable and quite stable so I can not grumble about this. However, the mechanism for raising the TV borke within two months of delivery and no one from Bensons will return my calls / emails to discuss getting this fixed.

Whilst I actually rate the bed quite highly, I can not recommend purchasing it due to the after sales care..."
Reviewer: emma
"great bed, looks lovely and fast delivery.....however, we werent told that there is a minimum height of 470mm for the tv and our 32" is too short! we now have to go and buy another tv so very annoyed! "
Reviewer: emma
"great bed, looks lovely and fast delivery.....however, we werent told that there is a minimum height of 470mm for the tv and our 32" is too short! we now have to go and buy another tv so very annoyed! "
Reviewer: Mohammed
"Bought this bed over a month ago, although had a few hiccups with delivery (the staff at Bensons were fantastic at dealing with this, cant fault them), the bed is very good and sturdy. Just one thing, Can anyone else find the "Bluetooth and aux input/out plus headphone output" listed above?"
Reviewer: Carly
"Bed is a 5* just not the customer service

Fantastic bed now but had issues when it arrived.

When we assembled the bed the mechanism that operates the tv part didn't work. Me and my partner found what the issue was. We called the retail shop where we brought the product to be told it was customers service we need to speak to and that they are closed all weekend so call back Monday. Which of a big company I wasn't to happy about. Called customer service on the Monday where they said it was the repair company will call me. When I finally got to speak to someone they asked so many question on loads of different parts when I informed them a wire wasn't connected that wasn't enough information. Finally got an appointment for someone to come and fix. When they arrived I showed them the issue and they changed the mechanism which also turned out to be faulty so had to be taken away again. A second appointment was made they turned up and didn't bring the right fitting so this meant a third appointment had to be made and that's when the problem was solved. It took nearly 5 weeks from date of delivery to when the bed was fixed for us to be able to fix the tv in and use it.

I don't want to put off any one from buying the product as now it is up and running it is a fantastic bed and just what we wanted. Just disappointed that the service we received for the amount of money spent"
Reviewer: Darren Hill
"Im very pleased with this TV bed. The problem with most of these from other manufacturers is they look and are very cheaply made. This frame is strong, good quality, practical and looks smart in my sons bedroom. I would definately recommend this over any TV bed I have seen."
Reviewer: Kevin
"Overall the bed is excellent. However...

Can someone please advise as to where I can purchase a wooden slat? One appears to be broken, so I'd like to know where I can purchase one from. Please advise.

- Hi Kevin,

We're glad you like your new bed, please contact us on 0844 499 0618, if your item is within its 1 year warranty we can arrange replacements.

Kind regards,

Bensons for Beds."
Reviewer: Gary
"Arrived Yesterday after impatiently waiting for only 2 weeks ;0)and I fitted on my own in 2 hours, very heavy parts especially the foot end with the TV Mechanism so be careful if looking to build on your own.

I cannot believe how solid it is! you will struggle to rock it in the slightest which is great.

In regards to people saying that they have struggled to find a TV that fits...... seriously have you been looking at CRT's?? Pretty much any LED up to 40" will fit but not plasmas (which get very hot anyway) and LCD's , Mine is a Samsung UE40F6200 and it fits with ease and gives off no heat.

All in all very impressed with the Bed and functionality.

Reviewer: Kevin
"Can I just check that the samsung UE40F8000 40" LED TV fits this bed?

I have just bought this bed but want it just check that this tv it compatible?



Bensons for Beds reply:

Hi Kevin,

If the dimensions are no bigger than the TV maximum dimensions Width 950mm x Height 580mm x Depth 55mm it will fit.

Kind Regards,

Reviewer: Richard
"Just bought this and its OK. The Panasonic E6 series of tv will fit in the lifter.
The only downside is that the mechanisms power sockets for the tv do not shut the power off to the tv when lowered.This must be a fire risk! Beware!"
Reviewer: Jacob wood
"Just wondering wear you can put the ariel for the tv and the rest of the wires ? Is there a space in the bed itself?


Bensons for Beds Reply:

Hi Jacob,

Please view the assembly instructions. You will see there is a side rail cavity that offers a convenient space for required TV wires.

Kind Regards,

Reviewer: Steve
"Are the dimensions for the tv the same for a king size bed as a double ?


Bensons for Bed Reply:

Hi Steve,

Yes they are.



Reviewer: katie
"Can anybody advise what tv make and model fits this bed, I am struggling to find one thanks

Bensons for Beds Reply:


We can confirm the majority of the Samsung TV's fit:


Reviewer: Josh
"Good bed. Been in and looked at others, bit dissapointed it doesnt come with a TV for the price as in other retailors include the TV"
Reviewer: Bruce Towler
"Absolutely amazing. I always wanted a TV bed and it is so much better than I thought it would be. The only downfall is the bed doesn't come with a TV. Excellent buy. "
Reviewer: Natalie
"Gorgeous bed, looks nice and neat in my sons bedroom and the bluetooth bedside tables are unbelievably loud with fantastic sound and bass. "
Reviewer: Scott
"This bed is brilliant. Very good quality but I would love to know what the audio section on the control is for "
Reviewer: Kevin Clifton
"Great bed but what they don't tell you is that it is impossible to buy a TV slim enough to fit it. I have spent hours on the internet searching Curry's, John Lewis and Argos trying to find a TV that will fit it but without any luck

Bensons for Beds - reply

Hi Kevin,

We are very sorry you have had problems finding a TV that fits out Galaxy TV bed frame. We can confirm a number of Samsung TV fit. Example can be found here:


Reviewer: PAUL
Reviewer: John
"good concept. nice clean cut finish and the bluetooth media pods are absolutely amazing."

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