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Free Delivery
Bed Frame 1 Year Guarantee
Self Assembly
Furniture Collection

Hip Hop Ash Ottoman Wooden Bed Frame

4.3 out of 5 stars
Hip Hop Ash Ottoman Wooden Bed Frame 4.3 out of 5 based on 34 ratings.
Now: £499.99

Estimated delivery Up to 28 working days subject to location and availability - FREE Standard all day delivery service

Learn more about this product...

Product Code: HUBHIP006

  • Solid ash and ash veneer
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Bowed sprung slats for comfort and ventilation
  • Generous under-bed storage
  • Matching bedroom furniture range available
  • 1-year guarantee, extended to 5 years when you buy a mattress from Bensons for Beds

Bedroom storage just got a Scandi style makeover with the Hip Hop ottoman storage bed. The perfect combination of Nordic good looks and practicality, it has a generous, easy-to-access storage space underneath. The under-bed storage is so discreet and well-hidden, you can use it to store your cosy winter blankets and extra bedding, so they’re ready to bring out should the weather turn a bit Scandinavian.

Order a mattress with this bed frame and receive our Free 5 year guarantee. View our range of mattresses

Complete your bedroom with matching furniture. View our Hip Hop collection

Free Delivery
Bed Frame 1 Year Guarantee
Self Assembly
Furniture Collection

Assembled Dimensions

Bed frame sizes are always described using the size of the mattress the bed frame takes; so the dimensions you'll see in the descriptions above are actually the width or length of standard UK mattress sizes. For example, a double 135cm bed frame takes a standard UK double sized mattress (135cm wide) but the frame itself can be wider. Here are the external dimensions of this bed frame:

  1. Headend Height - 99cm
  2. Length of Bed Frame - 208cm
  3. Siderail Height - 40cm
  4. Width of Bed Frame - 145cm
  5. Footend Height - 58cm
Underbed Clearance - 24cm

Mattress Size Guide

Helping you choose the correct size mattress for your new bed frame:

Bed SizeFeet & InchesInchesCentimetres
Small Single2'6" x 6'3"29.5" x 75"75 x 190cm
Single3' x 6'3"36" x 75"90 x 190cm
Small Double4' x 6'3"48" x 75"120 x 190cm
Double4'6" x 6'3"54" x 75"135 x 190cm
King5' x 6'6"60" x 78"150 x 200cm
Super King6' x 6'6"71" x 78"180 x 200cm
  • Metric and imperial sizes are not exact equivalents
  • There can be a tolerance of +/-2cm (+/-0.8ins) with all quoted measurements

Need more information on bed sizes? Unsure if your new bed will fit in your bedroom? Check out our complete Bed and Mattress Size Guide


FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £100 - all beds, mattresses and furniture items are also delivered, not just to your front door, but to any room of your choice. Don't worry, we'll take every care carrying your new bed through your home (but we also recommend that you move valuables such as vases and wall hangings out of the delivery path). You can check out our home measuring guide here for advise on how to measure your home prior to your delivery.

Please be aware that our Standard delivery times are on Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm depending on your location within the UK. You will receive a call from our Customer Services team to arrange your perferred time slot.

For divan beds, we can also professionally assemble your bed for you. For £20, We will unpack and fully assemble your new divan bed plus assemble and fit your new headboard (if purchased and delivered with your bed). We'll also clear away all unwanted packaging and recycle it to ensure you're ready for a good night's sleep:


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your delivery you can call us FREE on 0333 222 6800 or email us on



For complete assembly instructions please click here

We recommend that 2 people assemble this bed frame

Ratings and Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Reviewer: Nichola
"Brought if for extra space, after issue with a changed delivery date, customer services was very helpful. Bed arrived, great quality very thick wood and easy to assemble, all pieces present although would be helpful to print on box where instructions and fixing were as had to open every box.
Looks great and very pleased."
Reviewer: C Taylor
"Good customer service in the store.
Had to wait x4 weeks for bed as we needed a Saturday delivery.
Well worth the wait!
Two of us put it together in about 45min, absolute no drama or issues, went together really easy!
Lifts up and down great.
We've got a really thick and high mattress so it doesn't slide when the bed is lifted.
Also some reviews stated they had pillows falling down the gap... We hardly have a gap, so it's down to which mattress you get. But also we bought the igel pillows so there is no chance of these slipping as they are soooo thick.
Overall I'm really impressed.
Would 100% recommend this bed, but I think it's the choice of mattress that will make the difference anyway, we love our mattress! "
Reviewer: Lea
"I suspect you need a thick mattress, ours is 24cms thick but the pillows always fall down the gap at the headboard, so annoying!!!! "
Reviewer: Sean
"Had the bed for over a month now, and love it. Assembly took 1 and 1/2 hours between 2 people (could have been shorter if not for one error with the dowels used to attach the head and foot boards). The mattress base was pretty difficult to fit due to one of the holes on the right hand of the frame being misaligned with the one on the piston support. I've had the same problem when helping my sister build an Ottoman frame from another manufacturer, so don't know if it isn't an unavoidable risk with these. Other than that it wasn't too bad. One of the flooring frame bolts was missing from the packaging, but after a phone call to Bensons was sent a set of spares.

The bed frame itself is very nice - even with a heavy mattress the base opens up easily. The supported flooring and two central supports are a nice touch (unlike most other Ottoman frames that have boards just lying on the floor unattached or no flooring at all) and allow more freeform storage rather than compartmentalised. The head and foot boards are framed with solid wood with the sides being chipboard reinforced with what looks like 3-ply on the outside - so not quite all solid ash but still pretty well built. The feet of the central supports don't quite reach the floor as mentioned in another review, but will settle once you actually store stuff. I've had NO problems with falling pillows - the mattress I use is about 27cm deep, though so that may be a factor.

So not perfect, but a solid good quality - and good looking - product."
Reviewer: Mike
"Lovely modern bed frame. Goes well with our current bedroom furniture. Plenty of storage. I've only one comment regarding building up the framework. The method of connecting the side panels and the headboard/footboard could be better. The nuts are difficult to attach to the studs especially if you have big hands. Other than that we love it."
Reviewer: Sue harr
"I've had this bed 6 months and it's perfect . The ottoman holds so much storage and easy to pull up. It's very comfortable and looks stylish. 5he headboard is easy 5o keep clean and I have no trouble with pillows falling down the back . I recommend this bed "
Reviewer: Meg
"This is the first time I have had an ottoman bed and as we are short for storage space I thought it would be perfect. I managed to put the bed together myself in about 2 hours (female mid 30's. ) We have had this bed now for bout 2 months so I feel this review is accurate. I love the fact it is a storage bed BUT the headboard design is the worst ever as the gap at the bottom of the headboard means the pillows constantly move and end up falling down the back of the bed in the night. There is nothing you can do to stop it as the bed is as far to the wall as it will go it is just a really bad design. I have tried sticking a cushion against the wall to stop the pillows moving bit the cushion just falls down the back of the bed too. Not that many good night's sleep since we have had this bed due to this. I would like a resolution if Benson's can send an amendment this would be good but otherwise we will have a buy some wood and rectify the bad design ourselves as bed and mattress cost around £1200 so not money I normally have lying around. Any ideas Benson's?? "
Reviewer: Dougal
"First the Bed Frame
And really pleased. Looks great.
It comes in four large cardboard boxes for self assembly, bear in mind you have to dispose of the boxes as the delivery drivers won't take them.
All the parts were of good quality and it fitted together well. Only use the tools supplied as with a conventional spanner it's easy to over tighten and damage the head and foot boards.
You need to assemble the parts loosely at first and then finally tighten afterwards. This especially applies to the cylinder and mattress base assembly which need a degree of aligning . For safety reasons you really need two people to do this as the assembly is quite heavy.
The only minor issue is, and I've copied and pasted this from an earlier review as its spot on, is
" the short support legs are about 15mm (5/8") too short. Unscrewing the adjustable feet did nothing because by the time they were unscrewed enough to fill the gap, they had come free of the screw threads in the leg. I solved the problem by placing a small block of wood 15mm thick under the legs"
It took about two and half hours, on my own apart from a few cups of coffee, from unpacking to finished product.

The down side
Was the delivery. We paid a premium for a morning delivery, making the delivery cost over £40 which I think is extortionate, especially considering the attitude of the driver and his assistant.
We live in a three level town house, we told the sales staff, who said was no problem.
Yes it was. They refused to take it to the top floor. When I said the sales person said it was OK the reply was 'they always say that'. In fact they didn't take any of the boxes to the first floor. 'It'll be easier if you take it out of the boxes here ( our kitchen) and take it up' No offer to unpack and take up, not even to the first floor.
They at least took the mattress to the first floor.

The conclusion
Don't think I'll be buying from Bensons again. It reminds me of the old MFI. Everything always on offer with no true base price. I thought those days had gone. But the real decider was the delivery cost and experience which left me cursing under my breath instead of enjoying my purchase.
Go to an independent and get proper customer service.
Reviewer: P Davies
"Bought from store but wasn't told you had to build it until just about to pay. Had been and hour deciding on bed and mattress and bill produced. Delivery me, who I allowed to keep shoes on marked wall at top of stairs, also found hid with body when signing phone, damage to paint on banisters. Not difficult area as I took old be down without problems.
Contacted Bensons twice because couldn't find instructions. Did this via e-mail and as yet not received answers. Live Chat didn't seem ever to be available. Eventually found instructions which were simple and incorrect on screw information in one place. Be aware that instructions are simple as they leave it to builder to work out correct actual order of building. Would not use Bensons again as lack of after care as gave 1 week to reply in!! "
Reviewer: Karine
"The delivery was fine, although the delivery men would have preferred to know we were at the top floor with no lift and no direct parking. We asked in the shop at the time of order and they said this info was not needed. But it would have been good for the delivery team to know in advance so that they could have planned a 3rd person. I love the storage space, it is huge. I assembled the bed all by myself (a tiny 5 ft women).It took me about 5 hrs and was not all easy. At the start all was fine, but things got complicated when it came to the cylinder/piston stage and the metal bed frame. I followed the instructions but it was too hard for a 1 person job, so decided to remove all the slats, put the frame on the floor up side down and attach the cylinder to it that way. This way i could see the holes where screws had to fit in. Much easier. Them I face a big problem with the piston as I thought they did not work as they would not move. I carried on as per instructions (I found out after an online search that the cylinder instructions bit on my paper notice was wrong - wrong letter for tools and the pistons were pre-assembled up side down). So once the bed frame was fixed to the bed, I assembled the piston properly, put the slats back, then the mattress on and tried to close the bed. Big problem that I expected: it would not close. So I phoned the shop, they told me the pistons were probably fine but very hard for the first use and they needed breaking in. I had to pull very hard for the first time and then it would be fine. So I pulled with my whole 52 kg weigh, as hard as I could (they assured me if I damaged the bed because of trying to hard they would send a replacement). And after a big effort, it finally work to my great release. So I am super happy with my new bed, it was just a bit frustrating that the piston instruction was wrong and a wrong pre-assembly of the piston and that there was no indication that you had to pull extremely hard for the first use. This is the reason for grading it 4* and not 5."
Reviewer: Dave Ousby
"Bed arrived on planned delivery date,very well packed & no damage , checked all parts before assembly, set about putting it together, did the wood work parts on one night & the metal parts the next night ,I put it together on my own & found using a couple of cable ties useful to hold the metal frame while trying to bolt it all together, very pleased with the bed & had a good nights sleep!!!"
Reviewer: Carl Russell
"Very comfortable and good looking bed with a surprising amount of storage. I've had this bed for over a year now and I'm very happy with it.

Depending on the weight of your mattress it can require quite a bit of effort to lift the frame - I recommend trying in store if you're unsure.
I found assembly difficult on my own, but with two people it should be no problem."
Reviewer: paul hatton
"i have always wanted an Ottoman bed. now i have one Im very pleased with it so far. All i have to do is put it together.
I just wish that instructions were delivered with the bed.
I now have to keep running up and down stairs and looking on my computer to remind me how it all fits together
Perhaps this is Bensons tactic for getting their customers fit and healthy.

good sleeping everyone."
Reviewer: j.ketchell
"DO NOT BUY THIS BED (or Bedside tables)....cylinders do not work and they cant replace them as they don't have these in stock to replace them....poor quality and service to rectify is appalling...extremely disappointed customer"
Reviewer: Andrew Tideswell
"Took delivery of this bed this morning, so thought it a good time to write my review based on my experience overall.
Delivery left a bit to be desired, but that's another story.
The bed itself is relatively easy to assemble and the instructions are clear and concise. The frame, supports and cylinders go together very easily, but adding the base/slats is definitely a 2 man job as they don't quite align correctly and need 'pulling in' which can only be done with 2 people. At first, I thought this was a faulty design. However, after a call to Customer Services and with the help of 2 local fitters, the project was completed.
The bed feels very solid and the storage space will be more than ample for most people. The opening and closing of the bed needs some effort, but not so much as you put your back out. This all adds to the sturdy feeling of the bed.
Overall, first impressions are that I have made a good choice."
Reviewer: Peter Douthwaite
"The bed frame came in 4 cartons and was well packaged. All the parts and fixings were correct. The assembly instructions were clear and easy to understand. I laid out all the pieces and the fixings to familiarise with them. Then I assembled the bed following each step of the instruction. Fitting the bed base (Step 5) was the only time I needed a second person's help.(to avoid the base slipping and damaging the wood). The only extra tool needed (not provided in the fixing kit) was a hammer to gently knock the 8 dowels home in the ends of the side rails.
The only faults I noted were 1) the cylinders were assembled on the metal frames the wrong way around (according to the diagram (easy to switch around) and 2) the short support legs are about 15mm (5/8") too short. My floor is flat and level. Unscrewing the adjustable feet did nothing because by the time they were unscrewed enough to fill the gap, they had come free of the screw threads in the leg. I solved the problem by placing a small block of wood 15mm thick under the legs. If it wasn't for these problems I would have scored the bed frame with 5 stars.
Assembled, the bed frame looks good, and is very rigid - a well thought out design. With the mattress in place the storage opens easily. I like the fact that the items being stored are on a shelf and not on a piece of fabric resting on the floor like some of the cheaper designed ottoman frames are. With an extending duster mop it is quite easy to clean the hard floor under the bed. One extra thing I did was to stick felt pads under all the legs to make it easier to move the bed on my hard floors.
I'm happy I bought this bed!!!! "
Reviewer: Mrs Bilton
"Bought this bed about 2.5 years ago, I really like it, it's comfy enough & yes, it does need a good strong pull to lift it open which isn't a problem. The only thing I don't like about it is the covering on the wooden base of it has a horrible smell, I store my hand bags in the base but had to remove the base due to it making my bags smell, I think it might be some sort of fire resistant covering on the boards."
Reviewer: Mrs Wheeler
"Brilliant Bed very sturdy it does need a good strong pull to get it open so not suitable for someone with grip/arm weakness. However lots of room to store things if you are short on space as we were. I love it!"
Reviewer: Mr Pancholi
"Once built it is a nice strong feeling bed - it isn't solid wood as you think, it's just a vaneer top. The instruction are ok and assembling up to the slat is fine. As soon as it comes to the slats it is a nightmare. Our side rails have the screw holes misaligned by over an inch so you cannot use all the screws supplied. Also it would have been nice if they supplied caps to cover where you join the side panels to the headrest and the end of the bed as you can see the circles where the screws go through. I will be contacting to ask for another set of side rails with correctly aligned holes so the bed is finally secure."
Reviewer: Dominique Reynolds
"I am not a DIY person and shop said that it is an easy bed to put together. Arrives in 4 boxes and the online instructions were great assistance so I knew from the start what to do.

So on Saturday morning quick journey to local tip to dispose of our old base. Was now committed to putting it together. The reviews from others were very helpful in knowing where they went wrong and made sure I did not follow the same way. Thanks

Time: 2 hours 45 minutes (with a cup of coffee half way) with 2 people as needed my wife to help with the first part and give me encouragement!!!

The store were correct in that it is easy to put together. The clear instructions and all allen keys and spanner included.

Been sleeping on the bed for last 5 nights and we love it. The lifting mechanism is very easy and all that storage space is brilliant - which is what we wanted.

We looked round all the bed stores as my wife "wanted to see it in real life" rather than online. What we liked about this model is the fact that it is wood. Most of the other ottoman storage beds have faux leather or fabric.

Just wished we got this earlier instead of struggling with the old divan base that the draws were getting stuck all the time.

So if like me you hate DIY and do GSI (Get Someone In) do not be put off putting this together. The store had given me a phone number of someone that we could pay to put it together but I never needed it. "
Reviewer: Tily, from Stoke on Trent
"Very pleased with the bed and it was very easy to put up; it took my husband just over an hour doing it alone. The instructions are very easy to understand.
A very happy customer."
Reviewer: Karen, from Liverpool
"I have had this Ottoman bed for about 3/4 yrs and it is still like brand new, so when my Son moved out of my home & took his bed I decided that there is no better valued bed than another one of these. I just happened to be showing my Cousin which bed I have as I was going to get the same one again when I realised it was on sale for £399.00, so I quickly ordered it as it was a bargain considering I paid £499.00 for my other one yrs earlier, and now they are £599.00. The next time I looked they had gone back to the original price. So I am one happy buyer of this quality strongly made storage bed."
Reviewer: cathlyn bain
"got this bed delivered last week, then to find out you dropped it in price without anything mensioned. bought 2 beds from here, not impressed at all. Discount on something else or something off the 2 beds i bought would have helped."
Reviewer: Ang
"Bed delivered by friendly drivers. Really pleased with the bed, is solid and good quality. Husband assembled the bed in 1 hr 30 by himself. Happy days ;)"
Reviewer: Mark Wild
"Managed to assemble in about Two and an half hours with my partner. Putting the Pistons on the part with the slats can lead to a bout of bad language but otherwise it's all very straightforward."
Reviewer: PughPguh
"Nice quality bed. Took a few hours to put together, but mainly because I foolishly installed the sides the wrong way round and had to disassemble most of it to correct the issue - doh! I put it together on my own, which is possible, but some parts will be much easier with two people. "
Reviewer: Vicki
"It took two people around 2 hours to assemble this bed. The instructions are fairly easy to follow. The result is a lovely, solid bed with lots of storage space! I had excellent service from Bensons for Beds. Thank you!"
Reviewer: Karen Painter
"Bed took 5 hours to assemble. The Piston and Cylinder mechanism which came pre assembled was incorrectly put together, it was with the Cylinder on top and the thin silver piston on the bottom. It looked correct as per instruction manual but when we couldn't close the bed we checked the website photograph and online assembly instructions diagram which showed that the cylinder should be on the bottom with the silver piston on top. This mistake in both the manufacturing of the part and printing error has caused us a great deal of stress today."
Reviewer: Zena Bathe-Taylor
"Really pleased with the service from Bensons For Beds. The delivery men rang me to let me know how long they would be, which really helped so that I could plan the rest of my day. The bed was swiftly delivered upstairs; all boxes marked clearly. My husband assembled the bed in around 2 and a half hours, with some assistance from my Daughter in order to align the frame and hold the bed in place to screw in the pistons. Very solid bed with excellent storage for all my Daughters boots, shoes, bags and bedding and plenty of room to spare. Great bed which I hope will last a few years! "
Reviewer: Karen Harding
"Excellent service at Bensons for Beds, festival park, Stoke on Trent. Delivery good took every thing up stairs, easy to follow instructions all though the bed should take two to assemble I managed it alone (but would not advise this ! ) also had bedside table,5 draw unit and tall boy all very easy to assemble.
Even when I had a problem with one of the side panels customer services was very good and quick to resolve this. Now all is complete all looks beautiful ! Thank you "
Reviewer: Zena Bathe-Taylor
"I bought this bed for my 14 year old (lucky girl). It was delivered promptly by 2 very nice guys. We managed to assemble it in 2 hours. The only minor difficulty was attaching the base to the "pistons" but apart from that, it was very easy to put together. The bed is solid and looks great. There is also loads of room to store all the stuff you can't find room for! Really pleased with this!"
Reviewer: Britbabe72
"Best bed ever bought, silentnight mattress perfect love this bed, useful storage easy to use."
Reviewer: palmer
"Brought this bed before Christmas, at Harveys in Hounslow and Cannot fault it, the frame is solid, and a beautiful wood, and the storage is great, wish they did a single for my 3rd bedroom as would buy in a heart beat, so please consider in the future, would highly recommend if you are looking for a good solid ottoman bed, and get it while the price so good. the delivery was on time and no problem.."
Reviewer: Mrs D Slater
"Bought this bed just before Christmas and absolutely love it. Good solid frame and loads of storage space underneath with every penny."

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