10 Reasons Why Taking Your Pillow on Holiday with You is a Great Idea

Posted by Gemma Henry - Content Lead on 21st Jul 2023

10 Reasons Why Taking Your Pillow on Holiday with You is a Great Idea

Snapshots of celebrities heading off on holiday frequently feature their own pillow tightly clutched under their arms. But, is taking your pillow on holiday a realistic goal for us mere mortals? Or is likely to create further packing panic? Let’s find out.

In this guide we’ll explore the pros and cons of taking your pillow along as your trusty travel companion. We’ll also explain the logistics of transporting it and why it’s well worth the extra effort. Read on to learn more.

The importance of pillows for sleep

It makes sense to resolve the “should I take my pillow on holiday?” conundrum by explaining the impact of pillows on our sleep quality. And everyone needs to know that the right pillow is one of the key factors for anyone achieving a good night’s sleep. And we all know the positive effects of waking up feeling fully rested and restored.

Another thing to remember is that every individual sleeps differently. And back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers all have very different needs when it comes to the role of their pillow. The right pillow for your preferred sleep position is detrimental to your comfort and support needs.

Side sleepers generally need a medium-firm pillow with a generous height. This will keep their head aligned with their neck, which in turn prevents putting additional pressure on the spine.

Front sleepers require pillows that are much softer with a shallow height. The goal is to not elevate the head at an uncomfortable angle as doing so places additional pressure on the spine.

Back sleepers are best suited to a medium or medium firm pillow with a shallower height than side sleepers but a slightly thicker than that suited to a front (or stomach) sleeper. This type of pillow encourages the head to rest back gently. It also offers the ideal levels of support to keep the neck and spine aligned.

What’s more, anyone suffering from allergies will know that the wrong pillow can have a negative impact on their sleep. A pillow that aggravates your allergies could have a significant impact on the success of your holiday. Pillows that incorporate anti-allergy properties, such as theSimply by Bensons Anti-Allergy pillows, are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Pillows are also handy at helping to regulate your temperature during the night. And, while you’re on holiday in a completely different climate, this could be more key than ever. Our innovative iGel pillows have been designed to regulate your temperature while you sleep. Plus, there’s iGel pillows for side sleepers and iGel pillows for front and back sleepers. So, tailoring your pillow to your individual sleep needs is now easier than ever.

And so, if you want to catch come quality sleep so that you can get the most out of your holiday experience, taking the right pillow to secure that perfect partnership of comfort and support along for the trip could be essential.

A blue pillow sat upon a folded red blanket resting on a seat inside a plane

Are you allowed to travel with your pillow?

Some flight providers will allow you to take your pillow into the cabin. But not all do. And some will insist it must be able to fit into your carry-on luggage (1).

So, it’s always wise to check whether your airline permits pillows within the cabin ahead of your travel date.

And if not, you could always pop it in your check-in luggage. Pillows are usually super light, so to make sure yours isn’t hogging precious space in your suitcase you could vacuum pack it. Just remember, it might not be possible to vacuum pack your pillow on your return trip which poses a new dilemma.

But even though a pillow may take up a large proportion of your suitcase, it’s one of the more important items for your holiday. Just one bad night’s sleep can impact an entire day. And with holidays usually limited to a week or a fortnight, one day is a considerable percentage of your precious time away.

The top 10 reasons to take your pillow on holiday

Here are the key reasons we at Bensons feel that taking your pillow on holiday is a great idea.

1. Proper support

Getting the correct support levels for your preferred sleep position is extremely important. So, if you don’t want to experience the inevitable aches and pains that follow a night without proper sleep support, make sure your pillow is the first thing you allocate space in your suitcase.

2. Allergies

As we’ve mentioned, allergies can disturb your sleep at the best of times. But do you really want your allergies causing havoc while on your holiday? If you have a hypoallergenic pillow that contributes to you getting a disturbance-free night’s sleep – why wouldn't you take it with you!?

3. Temperature control

Whether you’re a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper, temperature regulation can be important for many of us. So, why subject yourself to a less restful slumber than you’d have at home while on holiday? The simple solution is to take your temperature control pillow along for the trip.

4. Secure your comfort

Comfort is subjective. We each have our own preferences and yours is not guaranteed to align with those offered by your holiday accommodation. If you want to ensure that you wake well-rested while you’re on holiday, be sure to pack your pillow.

5. Get the rest you need to enjoy each and every day

Rest is integral to productivity and positivity. If you want to ensure that you make the most of your holiday and wake in the right mindset to seize the moment, you’re going to want to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. And one of the best ways you can achieve that is with your own pillow.

6. Holiday pillows are hit and miss

Some people have no qualms where the pillows provided by holiday accommodations are concerned. Others choose to suffer in silence. This is where a little self-honesty is essential. If you genuinely get along with the pillows provided while on holiday, save yourself the space in your suitcase.

But, if you’re a silent sufferer, you alone hold the power to rectify the injustice. And all you have to do is pack your pillow alongside your other holiday essentials.

7. Extra cushioning for breakables

Pillows are provide the ideal cushioning for breakables when packing your suitcase. Whether it’s expensive fragrances or a special gift for a friend or relative you’re visiting during your holiday, your pillow can embrace dual functionality! It adds an additional layer of protection during transit and will help ensure your sleep quality is optimal while you’re away too.

8. Personal prep for mandatory holiday photoshoots

We all know that waking well-rested makes for a much better photo op. So, if you want to ensure that the majority of your holiday snaps make it to the album, taking your pillow with you is a great idea. Grant yourself a great night’s sleep and the winning photos should fall into place.

9. Hygiene

When it comes to our personal sleep space, we all have different hygiene routines. And whatever those routines entail, they’re personal to you. When we travel to a hotel or another type of holiday accommodation, we tend to lean on the hygiene routines of others. If that tends to make falling asleep a tricky task, it makes sense to take your own pillow with you.

10. Ideal for holiday road trips

Taking your own pillow on holiday also comes with the perk of being able to enjoy it’s benefits on any planned or impromptu road trips while you’re away. Picture this: driving through nothingness after nothingness for hours on end. A nap is never far away when a road trip isn’t delivering premium views. This is exactly where bringing your trusted pillow on holiday is worth its weight in gold. Simply snuggle up and get some shut eye for the journey. Or at least until it’s your turn to take the wheel anyway.

The cons of taking your pillow on holiday

As you’d expect, there are some downsides to taking your pillow on holiday. Read on to discover more:

  • Not all airlines allow pillows in the cabin. Given the space that pillows take up when not compacted, you won’t automatically be allowed to take them onboard every flight. This leads us onto the next point.
  • Less room for other travel essentials. Despite pillows being super important for higher quality sleep, when it comes to whether to pack those new sliders or your pillow when you go on holiday, 9 times out of 10 the sliders will win.
  • Extra luggage. Your pillow is an additional luggage consideration. So, it’s an extra component to negotiate transit-wise. And if travelling with children, free hands are essential. So, you may choose to forego your own comfort in favour of the safety of your little ones. Fair enough.

And as far as we’re concerned, that’s it for the downsides. So, let’s look at how we can resolve them so that you can take your pillow on holiday and benefit from the perks!

Top tips for travelling with your pillow

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of taking your pillow on holiday with you, here are some top tips to help transporting this sleep essential a little easier.

  • Enquire before your departure date. Take the time to ask your airline whether pillows are permitted on board before you fly. This will prevent you worrying about it when you get to the airport.
  • Vacuum bags. Packing your pillow in a vacuum bag drastically reduces its size.
  • Be prepared. A spare pillow protector that can be easily washed as and when needed is a great idea as it’ll give you peace of mind that whatever happens, your sleep solution is sorted.
  • Personalise your pillow. Something as simple as a brightly coloured pillowcase will set your pillow apart from the accommodation issued ones. This will remind you to pack it when returning home at the end of your holiday.


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