Bedroom Pinterest Ideas from Bensons

Posted by Rachel Marshall - Brand Manager on 14th Jul 2023

Bedroom Pinterest Ideas from Bensons

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help turn your bedroom into a real-life Pinterest board, we’re on hand to help.

If you’ve got big dreams of turning your Pinterest bedroom ideas board into a reality, you’re in luck. We’ve collected a bunch of Bensons bedroom Pinterest posts to help reignite your inspiration. From the bohemian to the glitz and glam and beyond, we’ll guide you through exactly what you need to know to achieve each look.

Scroll on to find your favourite bedroom design ideas and get your sleep space looking just like a Pinterest board in no time at all. And remember, eclecticism is still on-trend. So, if you feel like mixing and matching design elements from each of our ideas, you’ll be able to create a bedroom design idea all your own.

Bedroom design ideas: our top picks from the Bensons Pinterest page

When it comes to bedroom design ideas, we’ve all got our personal preferences. From our favourite colours and furniture materials to the ambience we want to create, everything about turning your bedroom into a real-life Pinterest board is a personal process.

So, to give you some bedroom design ideas – be it in part or fully – we’ve rounded up a bunch of our most popular Pinterest posts. We’ve also explained exactly how to achieve each look too. Read on to learn more.

Bedroom design ideas: Bohemian Pinterest board

Bohemian bedroom pinterest board idea with an olive green feature wall, natural wooden flooring and furniture and a plant in a natural woven basket planter below a window through which you can see trees outside the room

To achieve a boho bedroom you need to focus on natural materials wherever possible. And a neutral, earthy colour palette with the occasional pop of colour from a plant or a statement piece of décor will go a long way towards achieving your bohemian bedroom ideas too.

What’s more, this Edgemont Ottoman Wooden Bed Frame comes with built in storage too. So, you’ll be able to integrate function and style seamlessly with this piece. The ottoman storage space is generous which you’ll be able to maintain those zen boho vibes as you’ll now have somewhere to store all that unneeded clutter. The Edgemont Ottoman is currently available in double or king size. And the natural oak finish is very in-keeping with the bohemian bedroom aesthetic.

Other elements of this bedroom design idea you can choose to embrace include the olive-green feature wall and the textured rug. Both classic design elements associated with bohemian design. Other elements that are a must in every bohemian bedroom include house plants, macrame, and soft furnishings.

The key to pulling off a bohemian bedroom is pairing plants with that neutral, earthy colour palette we discussed earlier. And you can never have too many plants if you’re trying to achieve a boho vision ( 1)!

Another tip is to mix and match textures and patterns ( 2). Bohemian bedrooms embrace juxtaposing materials and natural fibres including woollen blankets, natural fibre rugs and wicker baskets (just to give you an idea).

And complete the look with a bedside table. With bohemian bedroom design, there are very few rules. This gives you the freedom to match your wood tones to the bed frame or choose an alternative finish to enhance your design concept. The free-standing bedside tables are eye-catching albeit not quite as storage savvy as the Ezra bedside table. This design is free-standing but also features a handy drawer to help keep your bedroom organised.

Bedroom design ideas: Neutral Pinterest board

Pinterest neutral bedroom ideas. A very minimalist bedroom design with grey upholstered furniture, natural wooden floors and neutral-coloured accessories.

Neutral bedrooms are calming which is the ideal design idea for a sleep space. Rather than over-stimulating the senses as you’re trying to wind down, they instil a sense of quiet, peace, serenity.

And this Starla Ottoman TV Bed Frame adds a real focal point to an otherwise very neutral space. Not only does this bed frame boast a substantial hidden storage space below your sleep surface, it also conceals your TV when it’s not in use too. Talk about minimalizing the clutter! Your TV descends into the protective footrest of the bed as you please and, as with all our TV beds, it comes with a smart TV included in the price.

To achieve a neutral bedroom design, you there are plenty of options to consider. A clean, crisp white palette will give you a neutral-meets-minimalism feel. And creams, earthy browns or soothing grey tones are all taken from the neutral palette too. They can help to ground you and help prepare your mind and body for sleep ( 3).

You can even complete this look with the matching woven grey bedside tables. By choosing a single accent colour from the neutral palette and repeating it throughout your bedroom design, you’ll achieve a sense of cohesiveness too.

The plush, woven upholstery featured on both the Starla bed frame and the matching bedside tables will help to soften your sleep space too. Create that inviting, calming, neutral bedroom you’ve been planning on Pinterest with ease.

Bedroom design ideas: Glam Pinterest board

Glam pinterest board bedroom idea with green and gold feature wall paper, and emerald green upholstered bed with a hotel height headboard and lots of gold accents throughout the bedroom.

And when it comes to glamorous bedroom design ideas, nothing quite tops the combination of green and gold. Glam bedrooms are defined by their air of sophistication. Mirrored accessories, plush headboards featuring intricate detailing, fluffy rugs strewn across the floor, and statement wallpaper can all achieve that hotel-like appeal ( 4).

So, if you’re looking to add some glam design elements to your bedroom, you’re in luck. First off, we recommend the Esther Ottoman TV Bed Frame. It’s emerald green, it’s very grand and it promises to keep your space streamlined with all that extra storage hiding below the mattress. What’s more, it comes with an in-built hidey-hole to keep your TV out of sight when it’s not in use. Plus, we’ll throw in a smart TV for free too.

Another way to invite those glam elements into your bedroom design is to embrace the gold. Gold is glam and glam is gold. The two go hand in hand. So, be sure to introduce and repeat gold or rose gold accents throughout your space. An elaborate light fitting, a gold mirror, one or two gold photo frames either wall-mounted or accessorising the surfaces in your bedroom – there are so many ways to embrace glamorous bedroom design we’ll leave the décor to you.

Remember to be bold with wallpaper. Repetitive, simple yet striking patterned wallpaper will further add to those feelings of luxury. And if you can incorporate some warm metallic tones here too (be it rose gold or yellow gold), you’ll be on to a winning and cohesive design execution.

And then complete the look with a bedside table that oozes glitz and glam too. With glamorous bedroom design, you don’t always have to play be the rules either. This means you can juxtapose your bedside tables with your bed frame should you desire. For us, the Camillo bedside tables in black simply ooze luxury. With their gold legs, handles and accents, they should tie in perfectly with your glam Pinterest board bedroom design.

Bedroom design ideas: Romantic Pinterest board

Romantic bedroom design ideas pinterest board with pink walls, pale grey upholstered bed frame, a fluffy rug and pouf, and some white roses on the bedside table.

To add an air of romance to your sleep space, try to embrace your feminine side. Florals, shades of pink and soft, tactile textures all work together well when designing a romantic bedroom.

If you want to recreate this look from the Bensons Pinterest board at home, we’d recommend the Snooze Star bed frame in opulence mink or Darwin silver. The winged headboard will give you a sense of being snuggled as you drift off and the opulence mink upholstery will further add to the romantic undertones of your bedroom while the Darwin silver upholstery will subtly contrast a pink backdrop to give your bedroom a focal point.

To achieve that romantic bedroom design brief, rich velvet fabrics and a colour palette of pinks, greys and silver are ideal. Add a soft and tactile throw in a similar shade to create texture. And a glass chandelier is the ideal centrepiece to a romantic bedroom escape ( 5).

When it comes to paint colours or wallpapers, you can be as flamboyant as you like. Add a feature wall of intricate floral wallpaper or mix shades of pink, grey and cream to achieve a really cohesive design.

And don’t forget to soften hard flooring or break up carpet floors with a simple, yet elegant rug. Creams, greys and pale pinks will all further add to that romantic bedroom design aesthetic ( 6).

Finally add some functional, stylish bedside tables. If we had to pick just one piece that would perfectly compliment the romantic bedroom design brief, it’d be the Bexley 1-drawer bedside table. With its geometric-inspired matte-white design and luxury gold features, this bedside table is sure to elevate your romantic boudoir with minimal effort.

Bedroom design ideas: Contemporary Pinterest board

Minimalist, monochrome, contemporary bedroom ideas pinterest board with black and white furniture and decor.

And finally, if you’re striving to create a clean, minimalist and contemporary sleep space that is sure to ensure sleep comes easy, stick to a monochrome colour palette. Black and white is always on-trend and clean lines create a contemporary feel that plenty of people are striving to achieve.

For this design brief, we’ve chosen the Suzie metal bed frame as pictured in our Pinterest post and above. Simple, monochrome and with the plush grey upholstered headboard, this option fuses comfort with the contemporary design aesthetic. The Suzie bed frame is available in sizes spanning small-double, double, and king size.

Now, to complete a contemporary bedroom design stick to black and white accessories. Shades of grey are also welcome as they will help to bridge the gap between the contrasting monochromes. And don’t be afraid to play with textures. Mixing textures in your sleep space adds another dimension to the room ( 7).

Finish your contemporary bedroom design off with some monochrome tables. The Alster 3 drawer bedside cabinet in white is a great option. Another to consider is the Lorenzo 3 drawer bedside table in alpine white/metallic grey. Either of these models would fit perfectly with the contemporary bedroom aesthetic.

Final thoughts

If you have seen one of our posts on Pinterest and would like to know how to achieve a specific bedroom design idea, get in touch via Instagram or Facebook. Or, why not pop into your local Bensons store. We’re always happy to hear from you. Or, if you’re looking for more Pinterest bedroom design ideas, follow us on Pinterest to stay up to date with the latest from us.


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